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Miss Movin' On


Hadley and Avery are twins who happen to be Connor Franta's little sisters.The girls are best friends with Adam Barto and Tyler Oakley.They are both Directioners.Avery is just getting over a bad breakup and Hadley watched the guy she loves or thought she did fall in love with someone else.To help perk them up the guys from O2L,Tyler,and Adam decided to take the girls on a trip.The girls both become indepented and become Miss Movin' On.


Adam Crisslinchester a.k.a "Abnormaly Adam"

Adam Crisslinchester a.k.a "Abnormaly Adam"

He is a youtuber and a fanboy.He is considered "The Fandom Lord" for Directioners.He is best friends with both Hadley and Avery.Youtuber and uni student.20

Hadley and Avery Franta

Hadley and Avery Franta

Connor Franta's little twin sisters.Both girls are directioners and heppen to be best friends with other youtubers.They have their own youtube channel but no one knows about it besides a couple of people.18

O2L(Our Second Life)

O2L(Our Second Life)

American Youtubers.Best friends.Connor Franta,Ricky Dillon,Kian Lawley,JC Caylen,Trevor Moran,and Sam Pottroff.

One Direction

One Direction

We all know who they are,what they do,and their ages

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley

American Youtuber.Meet the girls when they went to vidcon with their brother last year and is now one of their best friends.He is also a directioner.Professional fanboy.Has meet One Direction before.24


  1. The Last Day

  2. Uhhmmm, You forgot us?

    Yes, Avery, I'll just pay the cab driver in AMERICAN dollars.

  3. How about...NO

  4. You'll Never Guess Who I Met Today!

  5. A/N


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