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Speak Now.

002 - She Was Always The One

I slid into the backseat of Louis and Eleanor's rented town car, the three of us having decided to do something distracting. The plane was ready to take off as we drove back in the direction of a shopping mall. "How do we somehow manage to get through this every time?" Eleanor moped, being the least one used to the guys leaving.

"Skype, distractions and visits," I shrugged.

"Lots of shopping and dancing," Danielle laughed.

"Skinny twat," I joked. The three of us managed to get along great, making it that much easier for us to share the pain.

I felt my phone vibrate in my shorts pockets and glanced at the screen. Zayn. 'I miss you already ): xx' I rolled my eyes, but secretly loved his text.

'We'll make it through baby :) xx'

"Zayn's quite the romantic, yeah?"

"Oh definitely." I smiled, thinking of our morning.

"Ewwww!" The two girls laughed beside me.

"Don't go acting like you didn't get any!" I countered, laughing as the blood rushed to their faces.

The limo pulled over just in time, and I smiled at the stores before me. "This is going to be quite the adventure ladies," I clapped my hands, laughing.

+Zayn's POV+
I stared down at my phone, waiting for a response that didn't come. "Phones off," a flight attendant glared at me. I nodded and slipped it into my pocket.

"Alright, enough lover boy," Harry said, clapping me on the shoulder.

"We've got plenty of babes to choose from over here, yeah Nialler?"

"Mmmm yaaah," Nialler answered with his mouth full of food.

"And you taken lads can do plenty with webcams and such, piss off and smile mate. We're living the dream," Harry said, a smile plastered on his face.

"You're right mate," I smiled, "America here we come."

The flight to LA was 10 and a half hours, spent talking about shows, management rules and guessing how many celebrities Harry would shag in these three months. That and a game of real life fruit ninja and management was about to launch us off the damn plane.

“One Direction lands in LA, terminal 10 at 2:34” Harry read aloud from his cell phone. “Bloody hell, how do these girls figure this out? It’s a little scary,” The curly haired fuck shuddered.

“Sit back boys, we’re about to land,” Paul scolded us, and we did what we were told.

The way the fans knew our every move scared me, but the feeling I get when we're on stage makes it worth it. That sounded cliche, but it was true. Singing was something I’d done as a kid, but making my dreams happen wasn’t something I’d ever imagined.

The plane landed smoothly and we were rushed through the security at the Los Angeles International Airport as fans squealed, tried to take my hat, and snapped their pictures. ‘Just smile for the pictures. They love it.’ Adelaide’s voice rang in my head. I gave the security man a look and stopped for a picture with a fan. “Ohmygosh, Zayn! Thank you! Are you and Aide still together? I love her!” The fan mentioning her only made me miss her more.

“Yeah, yeah we are babe,” I smiled at her, and kept walking.

“That was crazy,” Harry huffed, falling back on the bed behind him.

“I bloody hate traveling,” Niall commented. I nodded with him.

“I’m going to my room. I gotta tell Aide I got him safely,” I announced to the boys. Niall cracked the belt he had in his hands.

“WHIPPED!” Niall, Louis and Harry all yelled at me.

“Oi piss off! Louis already Skyped El!” I laughed, “Thought no one would catch ya, yeah?” With that, I took my laptop bag and headed down the hall to my own room. As I waited for my computer to set up, I kicked off my shoes and pulled my hoodie off so I was only wearing a white undershirt. Like she knew I was here, Adelaide’s Skype picture flashed on my screen. With a smile, I clicked on the green “answer” button and waited for the picture to load.

“Hi babe.” She greeted me. Her hair was in a bun, and she was wearing my black Obey shirt; her favorite. I smiled at her, she probably already knew what I was thinking.

“Hey Aide. Miss you already,” I said honestly.

“Me too babe, me too...” She trailed off, looking sad.

“No, don’t do that babe, smile. How was your day?” I asked, in hopes of changing her mood.

“Pues,” she laughed, obviously catching her Spanish, “I went shopping with the girls, and I bought some new clothes, things for the flat and a few movies. Y tu babe? How was the flight?” I laughed. It was adorable to me, the way she let her Spanish slip into her English. It had been a while since she moved from the States, but for some reason, her Spanish stuck.

“I wanna see babe, show me,” I felt the grin on my face. “The flight was alright.. Someone asked me about you at the airport.”

+Adelaide’s POV+

“Really? Those are my favorite babe,” I answered as I grabbed the shopping bags from beside the bed. Dating Zayn was hard; there were fans that wanted us to get married, and others who wanted me to suffer Satan’s wrath. I pulled the Bed, Bath and Beyond bag first. “Theres some towels for the restroom and a new salt and pepper shaker! They’re Mickey and Minnie babe!” Zayn laughed, shaking his head at my Disney obsession.

“What else did ya get babe?” He asked me, genuinely interested.

I pulled the TopShop bag and pulled out a brand new hi-low dress and a blazer.

“I like the dress. Salmon always looks good on you babe,” he answered.

“You always know what to say Zayn,” I laughed. “How’s LA?”

“I mean, the hotels alright?” Zayn said sarcastically. “We haven’t seen much,” he sighed. “But I saw some pamphlet, and there’s a Disneyland here,” Zayn’s smile started to widen up, and I already knew what he was thinking.

Being a Disney Nerd, I knew there was one, but I didn’t want to say anything in fear that he’d drop everything just to take me. “I don’t need t- “

“No, no I’m bringing you! I don’t care what you say Aide!” He interrupted me. “And we’re wearing matching shirts okay?”

“You’re a nerd,” I yawned.

“I’m your nerd,” he countered, a smile still plastered onto his face. Times like these I wondered how I lucked out with him.

“You’re lame.” I rolled my eyes jokingly. “What time is it over there anyway? It’s only 9:30 here,” I asked, glancing at the clock.

“It’s 2:30 here,” Zayn yawned. “Fuck.. That means.. 5 hours of sleep.. If I log off now...” I tried my best to hide the disappointment. After having him to myself for 6 months, it was hard to get used to not being with him.

“Goodnite babe. Sleep tight.” I recited the same words I always did before bed.

“Gracias. Sleep with the angels, amor,” he tried his best at Spanish, which only made my smile bigger.

“Alrite babe, I’ll talk to you soon, okay? Te amo, babe.”

“Te amo more.” Zayn smiled and I waved goodbye before clicking “disconnect.” I sighed and closed my laptop screen as I sat in the dark. The flat wasn’t the same with Zayn’s empty drawers and neat floors. He wasn’t snoring in the bed beside me or hogging all the blankets; the things that made me miss him most. I wondered what he was thinking, lying in a new bed without me beside him.

+Zayn’s POV+

The bed without Adelaide felt foreign, weird. It was lame, but I stole a bottle of her perfume. I sprayed the pillow once, before laying my head to rest. Our home in Bradford was so far away from the Marriott in Los Angeles. Still, I found comfort in the fact that she’d be flying out in two weeks. Adelaide, Dani, and El would all visit us in the studio and attend an awards show with us.

Meeting her was the best thing that happened to me in the town of Bradford. Hating on her was something that occurred daily. I mocked her new haircuts, her trouble with English, her “poopy colored eyes” all while trying to deny the feelings I’d had for her when I was younger. She hated me too, or I’d thought so. It seemed that way, until I auditioned for X-Factor. My family had thrown a huge celebration because the judges had let me through. My oldest sister brought her to the party. As I prepared my first insult, my sister shushed me. Adelaide just took my face in her hands and gave me a whopping kiss. “Maybe that’ll shut you up, Malik!” Behind me, my family all cheered; all well aware of the plan that Aide and my sister had thought up. “You’re a twat,” I’d mumbled at her, before kissing her again. She was there through the formation of One Direction, attended every live show, made friends with Danielle before even Liam had, after we finished third she was there to greet me. Third was great, she told me. The winners never really won anything. I told her she was lying; turns out she wasn’t. If mums knew best, Adelaide might as well have been my mother. The girl knew me in and out. up and down.


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This is great! You should keep writing. Don't let anything get to ya(: xx
So far so good.
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