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Speak Now.

001 - Text Me When You Get Home Safely

“Mmmm... Babe, wake up,” I felt Zayn mutter against my collarbone, sending shivers down my spine. My eyes fluttered open slowly, only to be met with his own brown ones. My lips curl into a smile as I look at the beautiful boy before me.

“All mine,” I mutter.

“Yes babe, all yours,” he laughs, snuggling closer to me, the sheets further entangling between our bodies.

“Why do you have to go?” I sigh, resting my head on his chest, tracing the outlines of his many tattoos.

“You can come with me. Please come with me, Adelaide.” Zayn ran his finger along my arm, goosebumps appearing as he did so.

“Mmmm... I’ll think about it,” I say, looking up at him, as his eyes beg for me to go. Zayn may be ⅕ of One Direction, but there’s nothing he hates more than the fame. The ringing in his ears after a show, the fans tearing apart his clothes, the crazy rumors.

“You keep me sane, Ad. I love you.”

“I love you too babe, I do. I’m thinking waffles this morning, help me?” While spending the morming in bed with my boyfriend seemed beyond amazing, it wasn’t what I wanted to do on his last few hours here.

“Are you cooking dressed like that?” He asked, an eyebrow cocked as he smirked. I looked at him and winked. There was something about me in his clothes that drove him wild, and today was going to be all about him.

“Today is all about whatever you want babe,” I muttered, my voice still a little groggy.
“In that case...” Zayn rolled over so he hovered a few inches above me, his arms pinning mine down above my head. I rolled my eyes jokingly at him.

“After breakfast? I know you’re hungryyyyyy,” I laughed. On cue, his stomach rumbled, causing me to erupt in a fit of giggles. “Waffles it is,” I laughed, sneaking around him.

The flat we shared was small and cozy, it was perfect for the two of us. While he made the millions, I still had my own job and made the house bill; one of the only reasons our flat was small. If it were up to him, Zayn would have us living in a mansion, the size of a small African country. “One big enough for my princess,” he liked to say. Still, for my own sake, I only decided to move in with him on the condition that I paid our rent every month. Despite him being the multi millionaire, I wasn’t brought up to be a moocher. I walked to the pantry, ready to start the waffles but I groaned. “Babe, we don’t have waffle stuff... I’m making pancakes,” I yelled back to Zayn, who was focused on whatever was playing on the tele at that moment.

“That’s fine baby,” he said, not bothering to look up from the tele. I whipped up the batter quickly, and was pouring the batter into the pan when I felt Zayn’s strong arms wrap around my waist, his lips leaving small kisses on my neck. I giggled slightly, and put the batter down. Turning to face him, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“You make me incredibly happy, Zayn.” Our noses met and I just stared straight into his eyes, smiling. He turned his head, placing his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his torso, our kiss getting heavier; and then the smell of something burning stopped me. “PANCAKES.” We both yelled at the same time. This, only made us laugh even harder. I flipped the burned pancake and turned to face him.

“No more kissing in the kitchen! I’ll burn the house down you dummie,” I scolded, jokingly. He narrowed his eyes at me, and just brought me closer to him. I reveled in his embrace, always happy to be near him.

“I don’t wanna leave.” The sadness in his voice reflected my own feelings.

“I don’t want you to leave either, Zayn.” I ran a hand through my hair, and it hit me. For the next three months, Zayn would be leaving to the States, for promos and recording of their new album. In that instant, the mood shifted between him and; the tears starting to form in my eyes.

"Hey, hey look at me," Zayn cupped my chin in his hand, forcing me to look up at him. "It's okay babe. It won't be forever, and I'll be back before you know it..." He stopped and thought for a while. "You know what? It's going to be hell without you. Skype isn't going to help. Seeing you isn't gonna be the same as holding you in my arms, but we'll get through it. And if it gets too hard, tell me, because you'll be on a plane faster than the words come out of your mouth, prince -" I cut him off with a hard kiss. I pulled away, only to be met with a dumbfounded gaze. "What was that for?"

"You're hot when you're honest," I shrugged, laughing. "Now help me with breakfast."

"And I'll miss your cooking," Zayn groaned, before erupting in a loud burp.

"Cochino," I rolled my eyes at him, my Spanish slipping again.

"And your sexy as fuck Spanish," he continued.

"We're gonna be here all morning, babe, if you continue," I winked at him, standing from the table to clear the dishes. The clock on the stove read 10:23; only 3 more hours before we had to leave to the airport.

"And I'm going to miss my flight if you keep doing that," Zayn groaned. Finding it fun to tease him, I continued.

"Do what Zayn?" I asked, trying my hard to act oblivious. "this?" I asked, winking again.

"Adelaide Marie Skinner," Zayn smirked, his smirk driving me wild.

"Yes? Zayn Javaad Malik?"

"You're all mine!" Zayn laughed, pushing his chair to the side in order to run after me. I ran away from him, screaming and giggling like a 12 year old opposed to a 21 year old.

In one swift movement, Zayn caught me, his arms wrapped around my waist and his lips finding their way to mine. I laughed hard at the unexpected kiss, but my lips moved in sync with his. "I think we have time for a little fun before the airport, don't you think?" Zayn asked, already walking toward our bedroom.

As the taxi drove past our neighborhood, en route to the airport, my thoughts drifted to this morning.

"I spent the most amazing few hours with you," Zayn half smirked, reaching for my hand.

"As did I, Mr. Malik," I smiled over at him, squeezing his hand. The cab seemed to be nearing the airport; the faint noise of screaming all too familiar in the distance. "Are the boys there?" I asked, a poor attempt at a distraction.

Zayn shrugged his shoulders and squeezed my hand in an attempt to block out the sound. "You keep my sanity in this insane world, you know that right?" I just nodded my head, and scooted closer to him; so I was resting my head on his chest. I wrapped my arms around his torso as the cab sped around the fans, trying hard to get to the back of the airport, away from the piercing screams. When the car finally stopped, a man in a suit opened the door for us, another already holding Zayn's bags. The boys' private jet was already there, waiting for them and I couldn't help but laugh.


"You live a ridiculous life." I shrugged.

"Oh come off, Adelaide. We're just like boys that go to your school," Harry's cheeky ass winked, mocking the line that management had them repeat over and over in interviews.

"Ayy fuck off," I laughed, leaning over to hug my boyfriend's band mate.

"Watch your mouth, A," Liam scolded me, laughing. "We'll take good care of your man." He smiled, squeezing my shoulders. I rolled my eyes at his comment.

"Where's the Irish fuck?" Zayn asked, seemingly comfortable around his friends now.

"Went for a pint, dry plane ride, apparently." Louis answered, stepping out of a town car.

"Oh you fancy, huh?" I laughed, as Louis struck a sassy pose and helped Eleanor out of the car. Instantly, relief flushed over me. I wasn’t going to be alone these three months, because Danielle and El would help me cope, and we’d have a damn good time doing so.

“5 minutes,” the boys’ babysitter, Paul, said sternly before turning towards the plane. The group of us stayed there, silent for a moment.

“Well, don’t worry about us, lads. Go on, have a fun time,” Danielle mustered the courage to talk to the guys; or more specifically Zayn, Liam and Louis. “And you, don’t go slagging 400 more girls,” Danielle said sternly.

“I can’t promise anything, Dani,” Harry laughed, his curls bouncing along.

“Alright, boys, say your final goodbyes,” Paul instructed the band.

Zayn turned to me and took my hands in his own. Looking into my green eyes he started, “I promise this isn’t goodbye. I’ll miss you though, and I love you, so much.” Zayn pressed his forehead to mine, and I tiptoed to kiss his lips.

“I love you too Zayn. I’ll always love you.” We stayed silent, in the same stance for a few seconds. “Now, go catch your plane before Paul kills me,” I mustered a smile, despite my sadness.


This is great! You should keep writing. Don't let anything get to ya(: xx
So far so good.
JayQuin94 JayQuin94