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The Guardian (Harry Styles)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I sat up in my bed and groaned. I looked at my digital click on the night stand beside my bed.
6:00 A.M
I got up and took a warm shower letting the water stream down my body. I lathered myself in my favorite strawberry scented body wash and rinsed out my hair and turned the shower off. I stepped out of the warm shower and into my ice cold bathroom. I wrapped my white fluffy towel around my dripping wet body and walked to my room.
What to wear?
Ahhhhh! Perfect! I pulled my white skinny jeans out of my closet along with my grey lacy shirt and my jean jacket. This was a brand new outfit I bought the other day while shopping with my best friend Becca. She's a shopaholic!
After I was fully clothed, I walked back to my bathroom and blow dried my long brown hair. I decided that I wanted to curl it today instead of wearing it in my normal wavy style.
I lightly painted my foundation all over my face and applied some blush, eyeliner, and a little bit of mascara. I liked my face looking more natural than it looking like a crayon raped my face, which is how most of the girls in my school prefer to look like. It disgusts me.
I walk down the stairs of my already empty house and grabbed my car keys off of the counter in my kitchen and head out the door.
My parents were both very successful lawyers. It was good because we had good money but it was also bad because I rarely saw them. Yeah, sure. They provide for me financially but not exactly emotionally.
I open the door to my white Volkswagen Beetle and start the engine. I back out of my driveway and start making my way to Holmes Chapel High School. (Totally a made up high school..I think?)
I pull into the parking lot and park in the first space I see. I grabbed my backpack from the back seat of my car and headed toward my favorite place in the whole wide world.
Note the sarcasm....
I had first period English so I grabbed what I needed out of my locker and headed toward the classroom.
I flung the door open and strutted inside and took my seat in the middle of the classroom. I was one of the first people in there. This was a normal every day occurrence. The classroom slowly started to fill with students and soon the bell rang signaling that class has now started. Mr. Green was always late to class so as usual, our classroom was as loud as ever. I didn't really have anybody to talk to in this class so I sat quietly in my seat.
It's not that I'm a loner, but I'm defiantly not popular. I guess you could call me about average. I only had one best friend and of course that was Becca. I had a few other friends also but none of them were as close to me as Becca was. We've known each other since we were kids. She probably knows more about me than I know about myself and vise versa. We promised each other that we'd each be each others Maid Of Honor at our weddings. She's absolutely gorgeous to. She has long brown wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes where as mine were hazel. Her skin was tan with a tint of olive color. She was effortlessly beautiful and I was just average.
I was snapped out of my thoughts just as Mr.Green walked in and started calling off the register.
"Corinna Evans?" Mr.Green called my name.
"Here!" I shouted maybe a little to loudly. People started to laugh and snicker at me.
Yeah. I'm and Awkward Potato...
A/N: Sorry it's so short!! It's just the introduction so bear with me!! The good stuff has yet to come!! Tell me what ya think!!



i likt i cant wait to see what there date will be like update again :)
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