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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 58

Mark’s p.o.v

I hung up the phone and turned to Harry and Doctor Roberts.

“this boy doesn’t know when to shut up” I said.

“don’t worry he will soon learn for this mistake” Doctor Roberts said.

“what?” Harry said looking around, Doctor Roberts smirked dragging the knife slightly up Harry’s arm, he screamed out in pain as blood started to drip from his arm and onto the table.

“is this all your going to do to him?” I asked.

“of course not this is just the beginning” Doctor Roberts smirked before cutting across Harry’s stomach who once again shouted in pain.

Niall’s p.o.v

We decided that in the morning we would be flying to Ireland, once again Liam booked our tickets which were for 10 o clock meaning we had to leave at about 8 what a fun morning.

“so what’s our plan for when we arrive in Ireland?” I asked.

“get Harry” Louis said.

“I know but remember last time.” Zoe said.

“yeah I know Harry and I almost didn’t make it back we were almost trapped” I said.

“to be honest I think we should just go and whatever happens, happens” Louis said.

Harry’s p.o.v
The straps on my arms were loosened and I was dragged off the table and down a corridor, the walls were empty and plain white with some lights on the celling, I continued to be pulled until Mark dragged me through some metal doors where I was chucked into a cell.

The cell it’s self wasn’t very big and was very cold and plain there was nothing in the cell just myself on the floor with my back against the cold stone wall, the room was quite big and it was completely empty I was the only person in it I guess this was the room Louis and Niall spent most of their time and I could only imagine what it was like when they were in here. I pressed my back against the wall but my head was resting against the bars next to me.

I looked down at my arm to see it slowly stop bleeding, it wasn’t exactly a deep cut but it was very long and quite painful along with my stomach I lifted my shirt up to see a lot of blood, I pulled it down and shut my eyes trying to forget what I just experience where I ended up falling asleep against the bars in a lot of pain.

Mark’s p.o.v

“so what else do you have planed for the boy?” I asked resting my arms on the table in the middle of the room.

“more torture or course but I still have some DNA from when we experimented years ago and I did a few experiments on the boy just after I took him when he was passed out and he’s pretty strong, I have a few more tests to try on him before I can experiment on him.” Dr Roberts said.

“what about the other two boys?” I asked.

“well I will be catching up with lost time of course” he said.

“torture again?” I asked.

“of course to teach them a lesson for running off and of course testing to see how well my experiment worked maybe even experiment some more stuff I have been working on” he said.

“sounds like a brilliant plan” I said.

Louis p.o.v

“god I’m so tired” I said rubbing my eyes.

“you slept the whole plane journey” Liam said.

“and I’m still tired” I said.

“Zoe are you going to drive again?” Niall asked.

“yeah, wow déjà vu apart from Louis and Harry being switched” Zoe said.

“yeah it’s weird” Liam said.

“well until he is passed out over us three then it won’t be déjà vu for me” I said.

The car journey was slow but we arrived at the place that I often dreaded. “well this place is just as creepy as always” I said.

“we shouldn’t be here yet it seems too planned” Zayn said.

“what do you mean?” I asked.
“like it feels wrong like they suspect us to be here now if you know what I mean won’t they expect us to come as soon as possible so won’t they be prepared with people to stop us” Zayn said.

“I know but in the end we can’t put it off I mean remember what Louis was like last time” Niall said.

“yeah the longer we put it off the more danger Harry is in” I agreed.

“well we should have some plan” Liam said.

“well this is mine” I said getting out of the car and walking towards the doors, the boys followed me and I walked into the main lobby of the facility.

“well I’m here aren’t you going to at least tempt to get me?” I shouted but Liam grabbed me and covered my mouth which I quickly got out of.

“Ah Louis, Niall it’s about time you two showed up I was expecting you last night” Mark said.

“Mark!” Niall shouted.

“no wonder I hate you so much!” I spat.

“oh shut it won’t you Tomlinson” he spat.

“so it’s 5 against one seems fair” I said.

“you really believe I’m alone you’re an idiot” Mark said before 7 security gaurds came two tried to take me which I fought against which I ended up being knocked straight out.

I woke up to shouting I stood up and looked around me to see I was in a familiar cell.

“Louis” I looked over to see Harry sitting up.

“where’s Niall!” I shouted.

“they didn’t bring him in they took him straight in there” he said.

“no” I said I looked around and kicked the old bars hoping the would be weak with being old.

“stop that you fucking hybrid” someone shouted from the bottom.

“well you can shut the fuck up” I said.

“do you want me to torture you before they do because I won’t make it simple!” he shouted again.

“Louis stop” Harry whispered.

“no, well try it and let’s see how this turns out” I challenged.



It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

TMBeast TMBeast

Yeah loving it hehehe