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Give Me Music

Give Me...My Notebook

I should have guessed. How could I be so dumb not to realise that these guys would be with smizing guy? It was pretttttty obvious.

Smizing guy or Zaynie-Poo (though I'm quite sure that these aren't his proper names) was drenched from the rain, the leather jacket he wore hardly did anything against the rain that was pouring down. His white top stuck to him... you could start to see the outline of those ridiculously good looking abs th-ANNALISE. CONTROL YOURSELF.

While I had this internal argument within my thoughts, I realise something severely important: He had my notebook.

"YOU LITTLE NOTEBOOK THIEF," I marched up towards him and pounded him in the chest, "How dare you steal my notebook, that was not your property you little arse!"

He raised an eyebrow as I continued, "Where is it? I WANT IT BACK! YOU CAN'T JUST STEAL IT, IT'S MINE. YOU ABSOLUTE BUM." Okay, my insults aren't the best but that's all I could think of.

He walked to the table to the boys where they were seriously confused. Niall asked with a confused expression, "Wait do you guys know each other?"

Louis rolled his eyes. "Nah Niall, they just decided...Well Annalise just randomly decided to have a screaming match at Zaynie."

Niall furrowed his eyebrows in thought. "Wait, so they do know each other?"

Harry, Liam and Louis sighed. "Yes, they probably do, you smart blonde!"

Smizing boy turned around, still not saying a word, after delving into his backpack that he had plonked onto the table.

I saw in his hand there was my notebook.

I quickly snatched it out his hand before he could take it back. "Thank you very much, even though
I shouldn't say that considering the fact that you STOLE it."

He finally spoke, looking into my eyes. "I didn't steal it. After you bumped into me, you dropped all your stuff and I picked this up however before I could give it back, you ran away."

I blushed and looked away from his eyes. "Oh."

He smirked while holding out his hand, "By the way, I'm Zayn."

Zayn... I guess that's where the name 'Zaynie Poo' came from.

"I'm Annalise."

I took his hand as I glanced up into his eyes which always seemed change from a golden hazel to a darker brown.

"Ah-hem," Liam coughed.

I bit my lip before facing the group of boys who were all very very very confused over what was happening.

"Soo, what's up?" I gave a weak smile, trying to distract the boys' from asking what had happened between me and Zayn.

"Urm, well you and Zaynie seems to still be holding hands, that could be what's up," Harry laughed along with the other boys.

I flushed and took back my hand. I hadn't realised that, it felt natural but now my hand felt cold and lonely by itself.

This isn't awkward at all. Yes, the sarcasm is very much intended.

Suddenly, bright lights dazzled my eyes with lots of people starting to crowd around us and firing questions like:
Who's the new girl?
Are one of you going out with her?
Will you be willing to do an exclusive with us?

I heard Louis swear under his breath and Liam started to gather all of us muttering the words, "I knew we should have told Paul, we've going to be in so much trouble."

Zayn put his arm around my protectively from the hordes of people trying to get a photo and the loud screaming and shouting of questions, the arms of others trying to grab our clothes along with our attention.

I tighten my hold Zayn and put my head into his chest. It was so scary. People just screaming and pushing into us. I felt so claustrophobic, I was about to puke. My vision started to blur, I didn't know where I was going. The last thing I remember was Zayn was heaving my into his arms.


"It's okay love, you're safe now," I could hear Zayn whisper into my ears while stroking my hair.

My senses started to come back. He smelt like vanilla and spices mixed together to make one heavenly aroma. I pulled begrudging myself off Zayn and looked around, we seemed in a car with the boys sat in.

I rubbed my head, "What happened?"

"You were in and out of consciousness so I'm not sure if you remember much," Zayn replied.

"It's always hard when the first time they attack on you." Liam said to me with a comforting smile.
Louis sighed with a dreamy look."Ahh, I remember the first time like it was yesterday."

The memories of bright lights and the questions being thrown at, what was that? I remembered one distinct word: One Direction.

I gasped and looked at all the boys.

Harry gave me a worried expression. "Lise are you okay?"

They were...

The boys winced. Louis patted my shoulder, "Yep, Lisey, we get it."

My brain went into overdrive, they are one direction. I'm in the car with one direction, the world famous and loved boyband. Oh god. The boyband I, so very much, despised.

"LET ME OUT OFF HERE!" I started to scream and hit the windows. The car doors were locked.

"Urm, Annalise?"

I turned at the sound of Niall's innocent voice, "WHAT?"

He bit his lip. "Sorry, but are you okay?"

"JUST LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE," I carried on hitting the windows.

Liam slowly nodded and turned the car door locks off.

I quickly opened the doors so fast I fell onto the concrete floor on the street. I grabbed my schoolbag and ran.


woop woop updated twice in one day ^_^


I am literally dying because you will not continue with this story!!!!!!!!
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22
I'm dying here!!! Please update soon!!!!
haaha thanks:) Sorry about the lateness, it's just that my laptop broke so all of my stories had disappeared but I'm powering through it :)
Your story is great so far so update soon please:)
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22