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Give Me Music

Give Me...Starbucks

Chapter 4

It’s been a week without music. It feels so strange. But I can’t speak out against my parents. I did it once and look at where that got me.

The worst part is I’ve lost my notebook. I would have been better if I could have written in my notebook but I can’t find it. I checked school and everywhere even where the smizing guy was. Wait... no. He wouldn’t of...

I pondered over my thoughts while pushing the glass doors to Starbucks, my favourite place to be if I can’t play my music. I wrote a song about it but it’s in my notebook. Damn it!

I smelt the freshly grinded coffee beans. A venti hazelnut latte should wake me up for school. I woke up at 5am and couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to be in that house any longer, knowing that my instruments were so close yet I couldn’t play them.

I walked to the counter, why wasn’t there any other customers. Then I saw the time. 6am. Oh, that’s why. I had 2 hours till the school actually opened and around 5 hours till my Chemistry lesson started.

“Can I have one Venti hazelnut latte and one of those croissants please?” I gave a half hearted smile to the obviously tired barista behind the counter. I gave him the money and waited for my order.

What can I do? I can’t call Meena or Jay. I recently haven’t been talking to them much. My music had a bigger impact than I expected. They don’t know what my parents are like. They’ll think I’m making a huge fuss out of nothing. But they don’t know they just don’t.

“One Venti Hazelnut latte with a croissant for Annalise.” I took my order and turned.


I shouted, “Oh shit!”

I had managed to collide into two boys and splashed them with my hot coffee.

“Oh fuck.” The two boys chorused together then they looked at each and laughed.

“I’m so sorry! I’ve been recently bumping into a lot of people and he was so rude but he was pretty gorgeous but that doesn’t matter if you have an ugly personality! I mean, I think he even took my notebook! HE JUST STOLE IT.” I babbled on, grabbing tissues and throwing it at them

“Is that a sexual innuendo for something?” The brown haired one in a grey cardigan cocked his head while the other one sniggered. I blushed.

“Boo bear, I don’t think so. Look, you’re making the poor girl blush.”

I blushed more. I peered at them, they looked familiar, and something was bugging me. Both of them were tall and had distinctive looks: One with tangled curly hair and green eyes and the other with blue eyes and straight hair. I hated that nagging feeling that makes you think you’ve forgotten something.

“You guys look so familiar.”

They both smiled, looking around for a moment as if they trying to look for someone, they both then shook their heads and flashed me some smiles. “It’s always nice to meet a fan.”

“What?” I raised an eyebrow.

The curly haired furrowed his eyebrows. “Wait you don’t know who we are?”

“Have we met before? Oh, was it at Meena’s 16th? Or maybe Jay’s 17th?” I tried thinking of where I haad seen them before.

They both grinned at each other. “Probably, I mean, we are pretty popular around this area.”

“Oh.” Then I looked at their clothing, “Crap, sorry about your clothes by the way! I can pay the bill for dry cleaning.”

“It’s okay love, I’m sure we pay for dry cleaning.” The straight haired one beamed, looking like he was trying not to laugh.

I bit my lip, “You sure cause I ca-”

The curly haired one laughed, “We said it’s okay babe.”

I immediately raised my eyebrows, “Babe?”

“Yes I am.” He laughed, “But you can call me Harry or Haz.”

“I call him Hazza! But I like you. I give you permission to call him Hazza as well.” The blue eyed one spoke up grinning.

I couldn’t stop myself from giving him at least a small smile. This boy had an aura which would just make you start smiling. I think that was the first smile I gave in ages. “Hi, I’m Annalise but you can call me Lise.”

“HAI LISEY. I’M LOUIS AKA SASSMASTER FROM DONCASTER,” he said jumping on Harry’s back.

I laughed. “Hello Mr Sassmaster.”

He screeched. “Did you hear that Hazza? SOMEBODY FINALLY CALLED ME BY MY TRUE NAME.”

Harry rolled his eyes, smirking. “Do you want anything to drink you two?”

“I’m fine, I still have half of my latte left.” I waved my coffee cup.

“Can I have a cup of tea please Haz?” Louis grinned sweetly at him.

“Of course you can my boobear,” Harry winked cheekily at Louis before walking off to the counter.

Louis pulled me to a booth.

“So Annalise, what’s up?”

“Urm, well, I’ve just met two strangers in Starbucks who are crazy yet I’m still talking to them.”

“Hey! I’m not crazy. A stranger maybe. But not crazy!” He argued.

“But a stranger by definition and I quote: ‘a person or thing that is unknown or with whom one is unacquainted’ according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.”

“Whoa, how did you know that?”

I shrugged.

We kept arguing about strangers and craziness till Harry came back with trays of lots of cups.

He grinned sheepishly. “It’s not all for me!” He then turned to Louis. “Liam, Zayn and Niall are on their way.

Louis looked at me with an evil glint in his eyes.

“What’s happening?” I asked cautiously.

He chuckled. “You’ll love them.”

More people? Meeting two strangers was enough for me. This is a lot of excitement for someone who has only two friends and she’s not even talking to them. “No, it’s okay. I feel as if I’m intruding.”

I started to get up but then Harry pulled my arm and his green eyes widened. “C’mon love, you’re not intruding. It’s nice having a girl around and I also bought you another venti hazelnut latte!”

“How did you know?” I asked, slightly shocked

He shrugged, passing me a coffee.“I just asked the guy at the counter. C’mon I insist.”

I was touched, to say the least.

Louis pointed to my seat. “The SASSMASTER commands you to sit!”

I laughed, taking a seat. “Okay then Mr Sassmaster, I guess I must sit now.”

He nodded with pride, taking his cup of tea. “Fuck! It’s hot and I burnt my mouth.”

“Awh, poor boobear.” Harry put his arm around Louis who snuggled in.

Are they?

I widened my eyes, it all made sense. “Urm are you two? You know, together? I’m not like homophobic or anything if that’s what you are thinking. My friend is gay just so you know that like... I was just wondering since you two seem like you kinda are. You both have cute pet names for each other and yeah. Just wondering. You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to.”

Louis and Hazza burst out laughing. I also heard laughing behind me. There were two boys: One blonde and another brown haired.

Louis spluttered through his laughs, “We’re not gay!”

“We’re just best friends!” Harry boomed through his deep laughter.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Shut up. I was just wondering, I mean, you can’t blame me.”

They slowly started to compose themselves and the two boys behind us came over, still laughing.

“HAHAH. LOUIS AND HARRY! GAY? Aye, I always laugh whenever I hear that.”The blonde haired one was nearly rolling on the floor from his laughter; I could hear the Irish accent.

The brown haired one, who finally stopped laughing, spoke. “Sorry about this, it’s just that Louis has a long term girlfriend and Hazza is kind of a ‘ladies man’. I’m Liam and that’s Niall.”

I waved, thankful that he stopped laughing. “I’m Annalise but you can call me Lise.”

“Hey Lise, it’s always nice to meet a fan.” He smiled.

What? Harry said that aswell.

“What do you mean, a fan?”

Harry widened his eyes, “Urm Niall, Liam. I need to talk to you.”

They went up to the counter and started whispering even though the store was empty, I only heard a few words.

Harry: ...spilt coffee

Liam: What...


Harry: Niall shush! ... like... Lise.

Liam: ... really?

Niall: ...pretty.

Louis then interrupted my listened in conversation. “Are you okay love? I didn’t mean to laugh that much but it’s always strange to hear that...even though we get told that a lot.”


“But you were so cute when you tried to ask.” He grinned, pinching my cheeks.

“Shut up. Anyway...” I changed the topic, to avoid further embarrassment. “So you have a girlfriend?”

He blushed.

“Awh!” This time I pinched his cheeks. “That’s so cute!”

He muttered, rubbing his cheeks, “That hurts.”

Harry, Liam and Niall back came over.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to laugh that much. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you a lot with my laughing.” Niall said, looking at his feet, he seemed as if he was trying to recite it.

Awh. He looked like a puppy dog in the rain. I hugged him. His hugs were really really nice, they made you feel all comfy and warm inside.

“It’s okay,” I smiled.

“Hey! Why does he get a hug?” Harry pouted. “I told him to say that!”

“Hey! I did so I get the hug!” Liam proudly said, puffing out his chest.

“But you have a girlfriend!” Harry whined.

“Just cause it’s a hug doesn’t mean that she’s instantly my girlfriend. You still in lower school or something? I just want a friend!” Liam argued.

“A friend? Who’s in lower school now?” Harry pointed out.

“Haha! I’ve already got a hug from Lise!” Niall mocked.

Louis shrieked, “The Sassmaster demands one!”


As I watched the scene of hot guys fighting over a hug from me (whoa, never thought that would happen) unfold, realisation dawned upon me.

“I KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW!” I shouted.

They all froze.

Harry smiled cockily, “I knew she would not not know or at least not never remember.”

Liam hit him on the head, “How on earth does that make sense?”

“I understand you my Hazza!” Louis put his hand on his chest dramatically

Niall started chuckling.

They all looked at me expectantly.

“You’re the guys from outside Nandos!”

They all furrowed their eyebrows and started laughing.

“Lise, are you sure that’s all we are?” Harry slowly asked as if I was five year old.

I cocked my head to the side. “What do you mean?”

He sighed. “Don’t worry.”

Don’t worry about what? That’s going to annoy me. But I didn’t ask anymore since we had only just met and I didn’t want to intrude like I did with the gay thing.

“I was meant to ask, where’s Zaynie Poo?” Louis asked Liam and Niall.

Wow. Zaynie Poo. What a name.

Niall looked at his phone. “He texted me a few minutes ago that he should be here soon.”

Louis started waving frantically. “I found him!”

After Niall had finished that sentence, the door opened and I turned around to see ... Smizing guy.


An extra long chapter for you guys!


I am literally dying because you will not continue with this story!!!!!!!!
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22
I'm dying here!!! Please update soon!!!!
haaha thanks:) Sorry about the lateness, it's just that my laptop broke so all of my stories had disappeared but I'm powering through it :)
Your story is great so far so update soon please:)
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22