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Same Love (Larry Stylinson)

Chapter Twenty-Four

Harry's P.O.V

"Harold," my mother calls through the door, "the Serpa's are leaving can you come down and say goodbye."

I want to scream at my mother and tell her to leave me alone and that I don't want to talk to the person that is the reason that me and Louis broke up. I know it's my fault for kissing him and not stopping him. I still love Louis, but I still love Nathan. I hate mixed feelings so much, I just wish there was something to show me who I should be with. Right now I feel like I'm in that classic love triangle where I'm in love two people and in the end I will go with the wrong person then when I try to go after with the other guy he will be in love with someone else then I will end up dying alone with ten cats. I don't want to end up like that, maybe I should give up on love. Yeah maybe that will be best, what am I kidding I need a significant other, but I don't know who I want to be with.

"Coming." I yelled back.

I walked to my bathroom and splashed some cold water in my face then I patted my face dry with a towel. I looked in the mirror, eh, you really can't tell that I was crying. That's a good thing. I walked out of my room and down the stair, my parents were already hugging everyone telling them bye, Nathan was awkwardly standing to the side. He looked up at me and gave me an apologetic look, I send him a smile to show him it was okay. He walked up to me and gave me a hug.

"I'm sorry for ruining things for you." He whispered in my ear.

"It's okay, it was my fault too." I whispered back. I squeezed him tighter before I let go of him.

"I hope to see you before you leave again." Nathan said.

"How about tomorrow, maybe go out for coffee?" I asked, he gave me a questionable then he smiled.

"Yeah I would like that."

"Alright." I said smiling then I turned my attention towards his parents I shook Jay's hand and then I gave Elizabeth a hug.

Then they were off, I told my parents I was going to my room for the rest of the night. I walked upstairs to my room I locked my room. I slipped on my pjs and laid down in bed. I honestly thought I was going to be sad for the rest of the night, but surprisingly I'm not. I really think I'm in love with Louis, but how can I be in love if I'm not sad about this. This is confusing I can't keep thinking about this because I will overthink everything I like usual. So I cleared my mind of all thoughts then I fell into a deep sleep.

Louis' P.O.V
"So you're telling me you're famous?" Lauren slurred.

"Yes, how do you not know who I am? I'm in the most famous boyband out there." I said after downing another shot.

"Well, if you can tell I'm kind of drunk and you are a little blurry." She said while giggling in between every few words.

"That's true." I said.

I have only had like maybe five, six or maybe seven shots and my mind is already thinking on doing weird things. I'm swaying around in my chair, actually I can't tell if I'm either imagining me swaying or if I am. I don't think I should be drinking anymore.

"Lou." I heard someone say.

I turn around to see El behind me with a guy. I turn around to see her with a guy.

"I'm going home. Are you leaving now or what?" She asked. "I'll leave in a while don't worry about me." I said.

"Alright, just be care. Please."

"I will be fine. I'm 21 years old."

"Okay, bye Louis." She said before she linked arms with the guy she was with and went out of the club doors.

"Who was that?" Lauren asked.

"Roommate." I answered simply.

"Oh, good." She said creeping closer to me.


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Sooo no sequel?!?!

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but cute they get back together
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*virtually hands a piece of cake to you* here you go
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