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Same Love (Larry Stylinson)

Chapter Thirteen

Two weeks, it's been two weeks since Harry and I came out. This has been the best two weeks of my life, I can finally hold his hand in public and kiss him. Me and Harry couldn't be any happier, honestly I think I have smiled so much that my cheeks got a workout. I haven't talked to Eleanor much since we got back to London last week. I wonder how she is doing, I have grown fond of that girl. That's why today on our day off I'm going to go visit her, while Harry visits his mum.

I would love to visit Anne too, but I haven't heard from Eleanor and I want to see how she is doing. I pulled up in front of Eleanor's flat.

I walked up and knocked on her door, there was no answer. I looked back and saw that her car was there. I knocked on the door, still no answer. Why isn't she answering? She might be taking a shower, but I don't want to wait out here forever. I was about to leave when I remembered, I have a key to her house. I dig into my pocket and pulled out my keys, I slid the key into the lock and opened the door. I listened and didn't hear the shower running. I walked to her bedroom, she wasn't there. I checked the living room, kitchen, and balcony. There was still no sign of her. I realized I didn't check the bathroom yet, I tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked.

"Eleanor open the door."

No answer.

"Eleanor, it's Louis open the door." I said as I started jiggling the door knob.

"Sorry to do this to your door. But,"

I stepped back and took a running start towards the door. I dropped my shoulder and rammed right into the door. It flung open, I couldn't believe what I saw, she was lying in the floor with a bottle of pills by her head.

I ran to her side and checked for a pulse, her heart is still beating. I pulled out my phone and called the ambulance and minutes later I heard the sirens close I ran and opened the door, the house was swarmed with firemen and paramedic.

They pulled her out on a gurney, I followed them out and ran to the ambulance.

"I'm sorry you can't come with us."

"Please let me go! She's my girlfriend!" I exclaimed.

"Alright get in quick." He said as he closed the door behind me.

"How is she doctor?" I asked nervously.

"She doesn't look so good, she is touching and going, we just have to hope for the best." He said.

I put my head in my hands, why would she do this? I thought the directioners would leave her alone after they found out that we weren't actually dating.

"Can I go in and see her."

"Yeah you won't get anything from her, but I can see how much you care for her." He said, he walked me down the hall and to a room.

I walked in and what I saw was indescribable, she looks so different. She looks so broken and like she dead already. Her heart is still beating, but barely. I walked over to the chair by her and sat down. I tucked the hair behind her ear, she looks so pale. I took her hand in mine and kissed the top of her hand.

"Please pull through this, I need you in my life. Eleanor, don't leave me."


Sooo no sequel?!?!

Loveylove Loveylove
but cute they get back together
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Awwww shucks!!! Thanks for the cake! :3
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*virtually hands a piece of cake to you* here you go
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*virtually hands a piece of cake to you* here you go
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