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I Should've Kissed You

​Chapter Fifty-Two

I was home alone, Diamond was in school, my parents were out in a romantic walk in London and Harry was talking business with the dance crew, Lily was at school, I was alone…

I got up from the couch, still recovering from the physical therapy of this morning, I look at the clock, and it read 1pm.

I had the therapy at 10am, since then I was lying on the couch resting. I decide to see what my mum left me for lunch, a salad. Well someone is thinking I’m gaining weight, am I or not? All I do is eat now, well, there is nothing else I can do…

I quickly ate my salad and then went upstairs to my room. My room was a mess so I immediately decided to clean my room since I had nothing else to do. The room was almost shining now, not really, but for me, it was extremely clean. I was putting my old stuff in a box when I notice the box of the Summer of 2OO9­. I smiled and opened it to see again what I had in there.

I took some sheets of paper and opened them, it was music, the ones Harry and I composed. I remember when I was into music, more than dance, I know its hard to believe, but when I was in middle school I did musical theater, I started as a dancer but then once I was a backup singer for the main role and I had to step in as the main role, I felt really happy singing. I thought of dropping my dance but then, every time I tried to sing, even for fun, I was made fun of. I wasn’t a very popular kid back then. I was the girl that loved dancing and apparently singing. In my school in LA or you surfed or you tanned, there was no singing, only if your family was famous. That’s just how it was. So I stopped singing and dedicated to dance and totally forgot all about singing. Until Harry came along and well he reminded me how much I loved the spotlight and how much music described me. Dance now wasn’t an option, then might as well have my second passion in my control.

I quickly go to Diamonds room and take Niall’s spare guitar and start strumming. The memories of the summer flood my mind. Harry strumming for me, the lyrics pop up in my mind and before I knew it I was singing. Singing the song that made me fall for Harry. A smile grew on my face as I perfected the song. I wanted to finish it and make it perfect.

I added some of our present problems and cute moments, about our relationship, not once though mentioning his name. I knew the music business, even though I didn’t wanna be a part of it, I’m not even close to ready for that, nor I think I ever will it’s a mysterious business.

A few hours passed and I smiled at the complete version of our story in a music sheet. I take the guitar downstairs to the living room and some food to eat. As I finish my sandwich and glass of orange juice I go back to the guitar and play it one last time.

I finish the last measure and smile like an idiot.

“You should record that!” someone said behind me.

“OH MY GOD,” I shout “You scared the crap out of me!” I said,

“It’s just me!” He laughed “hey is that my guitar?” he asked.

“Yeah, sorry I took it, I just wanted to play around with some notes” I said to him.

“It’s okay” he smiled and sat next to me.

“What was that you were playing?” he asked.

“Oh it was nothing Niall,” I said,

“It sounded pretty good” Niall complemented me.

“I was just playing around” I repeat.

“Just tell me the story behind it,” He insisted.

“It’s the story of Harry and I” I said really quickly and blushed.

“That’s adorable, you guys should get married already!” he joked seriously. If that’s even a thing..

“Niall!” I laughed, “I still have time!”

“I know I know, Hope I was just kidding” Niall said,

“You should sing it to him…and to the boys…and to Simon…and—“

“what are you trying to say?” I asked suspiciously.

“Well you know that the boys, we are currently at a meeting and we were discussing how we need an opening act, and, its only the first week of February… and we thought.. about, well you” he said.

“Me?! Where did that idea coming from?” I asked surprised.
“You have an amazing voice, and you have talent, how many songs have you written?” Niall asked.

“About three” I said.

“Counting that one?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, but Niall, its not gunna happen, I cant sing to your crowd, are you kidding me?” I said.

“First you just need to sing to Simon, and if you are our opening act, you will sing some popular songs too so the crowd can join in, its just 30 minutes of the show, just come with me?” Niall said.

“Niall I, I cant!” I panicked.

“Just come to the meeting, please, please, please” Niall pleaded like a baby.

“Urgh, fine, but I don’t promise anything” I said defeated.

We walk downstairs into Niall’s car, I didn’t know what I was doing, I couldn’t sing, I wasn’t good enough… not even that, was I giving up on dance? I couldn’t it was the other half of me. But the injury. I was confused, there was no other way to put it. Niall started to drive and soon enough we were at Simons company in a meeting room with a recording studio.

“Hello lovely, we haven’t met before, have we?” Simon said greeting me.

“I’m afraid not, I’m Hope Smith” I said shaking his hand.

“Simon Cowell as you might know” he shook my hand back and winked.

“Now the boys have a very interesting proposition for you, but of course you have to be comfortable with it sweetie” Simon said taking some papers from a folder. The papers contained the boys’s touring dates and flight plans, also the concert layouts. Simon went on and on and finally it came to me.

“The boys need an opening act” Simon said.

“So they’ve told me” I faked a smile.

“And they’ve told you that you have talent, and we need an opening act that we trust, unfortunately our other opening act couldn’t make it for personal reasons. So, you’re here, so I can hear you sing. If I like what I hear, we can get ourselves a deal. Now you brought your music right?” he asked. I nodded and took my music out “great, and I’ve picked a song everyone is likely to know, ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen.” He stated.

I nodded understandingly. He pointed to the recording room. I nervously walked there, the soundtrack for call me maybe was playing as I sang, he checked out my vocals and nodded. I was at the end of the last verse. The music stopped and I breathed, nervously. Simon didn’t give any comments, gosh I felt like I was in an X-Factor audition or something!

“Niall,” I called.

“Yeah?” he said back.

“Guitar” I simply say.

He quickly grabs his guitar and hands it to me. I carefully start strumming after a measure of strumming I found myself singing my original song. No I didn’t sing the one about Harry, I sung one about LA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvMs5yKBS1g

(AUTHORS NOTE, JUST A SONG ABOUT LA THAT I REALLY ENJOY, all credits to Anna Margaret! :) okii back to the storyyy)

Everyone was silent. I felt nervous, I didn’t know what to think of this, maybe I was gunna wake up from a dream.

“Sweetie, why don’t you got wait outside” Simon said.

“U-Uh, yeah” I said leaving the room. I breathed hard, the first big breath I had taken since forever. My phone buzzed, I quickly opened the text.

From: Hazza <3
You were amazing, and I loved the part that you couldn’t stop staring at me when you were singing ;)

I laugh and blush, it was true, my eyes were on him. I stared too much at the text that I didn’t even answered it, but before I knew it, I was being called in my Simon.

“We’ve made a decision” Simon said.

I walk in as he closes the door behind me.




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