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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Seventeen ღ

~Diamonds POV~

All my friends were here we were all having lunch, though the one direction lads weren’t around.. maybe they didn’t want to be seen so they wouldn’t be a distraction or something, but they were also my best friends I was a little disappointed… at least the girls were here, even though all of them were being mobbed by girls that wanted pictures with them, but Perrie was also missing… I guess she’s in Little Mix so she would also get mobbed like that..

“Di” Jennie said as she took me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah” I say right away.

“How are things with…you know” she said sounding very obvious.

“Well we were having this moment this afternoon and they Hollie came in and kinda ruined it..” I say but she interrupted me.

“That girl needs to get her timing right” Jennie says with a laugh.

“Yeah” I laugh too.

“Tell me moreee” Jennie said. We had to we just had too, the second later we were singing ‘Tell me more’ from grease.

All the people’s eyes were on us. We just burst out laughing and after a while they stop looking.

“You were saying” Jennie was persistent.

“Well then Hollie left and he came back and then we talked and we kinda..we kinda told each other how we were feeling…” I say embarrassed.

“OMG that’s soooo cute” she said with a huge grin on her face.

“and he gave me this dress” I say trying to change topic.

“was that the really expensive one?!” Jennie asks, I nod “I thought Hope gave you as a surprise”

“Nope, she was too busy flirting with Harry” I say so she would stop talking about me and Niall.

“Yeah they’re cute,” Jennie said. She paused but then spoke again “if he bought you that dress, he really cares” she said in a sincere voice, she was right…

“I know.. but Jenn, he’s 19, he will change his mind soon he will go for someone famous so it won’t be hard…”

“Well—” Jennie was talking but she was interrupted.

“I’d like to say a few words” my sister Hope starts, “When I turned sixteen I didn’t have an older sister to embarrass me, but little sis you have me” there she goes… “I hated you, I sincerely hated the guts out of you when we met, and I’m pretty sure you hated me, we had just met and we felt that we were being replaced a mom for you and a dad for me,” she was making me cry “but when we realized when things got rough at home, when my mom and your dad started fighting and things got ugly for us, I realized, you were five and I was 7 you were young and because my father passed away I was more mature and I could deal with a lot, I realized how much you were hurting and how much you needed my help, and so I opened up to you and now look at us, you are living with me, we aren’t just sisters, we, we are best friends and we’ll always be here for each other” tears were going down my face “and if you ever need anything I’m here for you always no matter how long you take to tell me” I run up to her and hug her tight my friends were all ‘Owwwh’ or clapping. “I bored you enough, now we have a little surprise for everyone, and for you baby sister” Hope says.

When Hope finished her amazing and emotional speech The curtains of the stage opened and a beat I was familiar with started playing. All you could hear was screams and some boys sigh but enjoyed it. One Direction was having a concert on my sweet sixteen, dreams come true, they sand WMYB and then sang ‘Kiss You’ Niall looked like he was singing only to me, the other people didn’t realize because they thought ‘its cause she’s the birthday girl’ there was more in that gaze, he wanted me.

“Now this is for the lovely girls we love” Harry said announcing the next song. ‘Little Things’ that song made me cry, because with all the bullying I was getting I felt like I was never good enough, but they made me believe that I was perfect and was worth it. I was in front close to the stage

It was Zayn singing
“Your hand fits in min” Zayn took Perrie’s hand and brought her on stage.
“Like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind
It was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots
With the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me”
He sang to her.

Next was Liam; he did the same thing and brought Danielle up.

At the chorus Dani and Perrie just stayed there, they looked kind of uncomfortable but so cute at the same time.

El came next with Louis.

Harry carefully brought Hope up when it was his turn and held her close they looked into each other’s eyes with such love and care.

It was finally Nialls turn, my favorite part of the song.
You'll never love yourself
Half as much as I love you
You'll never treat yourself right, darlin'
But I want you to,”
as I thought he didn’t call anyone up, even though deep inside I wanted him to call me…
“If I let you know, I'm here for you,” Niall took me by surprise be pulled me up no matter what I wanted he didn’t hesitate.
“Maybe you'll love yourself,
Like I love you
I was standing on stage Niall was holding me by my waist and kept singing until they finished the song.

And all your little things” the boys sang.

Harry kissed Hope at the end. El and Louis kissed so did Dani and Liam and Perrie and Zayn. Everyone was looking at Niall and I, expecting a kiss. We just looked at our feet. Then great… Jennie shouted “KISS HER NIALL” I thought he would ignore it, but the second later, my lips and Niall’s lips met and we were kissing in front of everybody. We then get off stage.

“Jenn!” I say “why?!”

“you needed that push!”

“sure” I say I was looking around for him. We were currently all dancing.

“Niall” I say under my breath I had spotted him.

“Go” Jennie said.

“Niall” I say I was gunna talk to him but the music changed and it was a slow.

“Dance with me” he asked. i just nodded and danced with him. I was about to talk when he cut me “let me explain” he said “I just had to” he says “show the world how much I care” Niall took a deep breath “truth is… I love you Diamond..”

“you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to tell me those three words” I say truthfully.

“Well, I do, I love you” he said.

“well then just call me yours” I say into his shoulder.

“well then Diamond you are all mine

We danced the whole night long. It felt good for him to call me his. It felt right.


here is seventeen, i hope you like it!
p.s i havent updated as soon cuz im really busy with a school musical i'm gunna have and started to have soccer practices again. so max every two days i will get a chapter in. xxxx


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