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Chapter !

"And that was the new hit single from Little Mix, Wings, live from Radio-Stereo 101.5! Thank you lady's!" said the interviewer. He was awfully cheery for 7:30 in the morning. I, after a long fight with my bed, am heading to school. I am an average girl in school. I have a couple of friends, but that's all they are. Friends.

"Okay lady's. Seems that you all have some news?" the interviewer said.

"Why yes, John. We plan on holding a contest for a fifth member of little mix! All you have to do is upload a video of you singing to YouTube, with the title as 'Little Mix's fifth member'. And if you don't want it to be public, then you can send the video to our managers email. It is 'little_mix5@gmail.com'. No caps, and an underscore between little and mix. Feel free to send it in by 24 September. Please send it before the deadline. Good luck!" Leigh-Anne and Jesy exclaim.

"I think our time is up, but thanks for visiting. That was Little Mix everybody! Next we have an old, but golden song by the Plain White Tees. Here's 'Hey there Delilah' folks!" said the cheery dude.

It was weird, cause my middle name was Delilah. My name, is Mary-Jane Osborn though. Ha! Just kidding. You thought I wasn't kidding? My name, for real, is Alex Delilah Marylyn. Yes a weird name. But a unique one.

Anyway, according to the deadline, I had four days. I wasn't a fan, but, I wanted too do something new. Lets see how this will work out.


So skip college. I don't wanna get into that drama, but to start you off, everyone was talking about the contest. The girls were fangirling; the boys were scoffing. Rachel, the popular one, you could say, was talking nonstop about it. I had enough of it.

Anyway, here I am. At work. Unlike most kids at Rosemary, I needed a job. I was an orphan, up until a few years ago. I was raised by my foster parents, who were an average family. They didn't like different, which summed me up. I just couldn't take the normality any more, and I don't think they could take it with me anymore. So I took my life in my own hands, and moved out at eighteen.

It has been 2 years. I was now a very mature 20 year old. Scratch that. A 20 year old, not very mature, to be honest.

My job is a bad one. I am a waitress. A fucking waitress.

I wait on people, sometimes getting tips, sometimes a nasty look. Sometimes manhandled, sometimes bullied or taunted. It was near my time, to sing. What I mean is, that I usually take the checkerboard-tiled stage to sing a song. It was what I looked forward to everyday, because I usually get to sing against other people. And sometimes, I actually win. The diner has this contest for all, 20th of each month. That was today. I try to win the extra bucks, for my circumstances, of course. But! I assure you I am not a sore loser.

Anyone can participate. Employees, customers and everyone else. You could give in your real name, stage name or fake name. I give my nameas Delilah, it was more girlier.

I already signed up, and started to to finish two more tables, before going to tune my guitar. I finish up and throw the dish towel into the bin for later washing (not my job). I was removing my apron, when Rachel just mushrooms (pops up outta no where) into me, and of course spills steaming tea down my shirt. Like direct skin contact. That just fucking burns.

"Whoopsies! Sorry 'bout that, girl. But, to be honest, it's a nice look on you. But that must burn! Here, why don't you cool off?" she said, smearing her pastry into my hair and face.

I am not taking her shit.

"Why, thank you! That's just what I wanted, a nice tea down my shirt and a cake on my face! But you didn't have to waste all that money on me, now? Oh, but for your consideration, I'll give you a great big hug!" I said, giving the bitch a hug, rubbing all the burning tea and cake onto her.

She gasped. She ran to the nearest napkin dispenser, to look at the damage I've done. She looked more horrible than me, since I smudged her makeup as well. I smirked at the work I have done, as I turn to get this shirt off, and to wash out the cake. I was whipped around by a manicured hand.

"How dare you, YOU BITCH?!?!" said Rachel, sinking her nails into my arm. I felt it pierce my skin.

"The same way you did, YOU SLUT!" I said, jerking away my arm from her. It was thoroughly bleeding now.

My boss, came out. He took a look at us and said, "Ladies, ladies! Please tone it down. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience madam, please accept my apology. As for you, Alex, I am cutting your salary short to pay for the tea and pastry that you clearly did not eat."

He looked me up and down, before dismissing me. All eyes were on me, and I could feel the smirk burning on Rachel's face.

I made my way out to the back, where all my things were. I grabbed my things, guitar and all, and went out the back way. I was on the brink of tears. I would come back at the end, to sing and maybe even congratulate the winner. Right now, though, I needed a break from reality.

But I just had to become blind with anger, and run into another person. Again, of course, I get a hot drink (though not as hot as the tea) down my front. Just when it was drying up.

"Dammit," I muttered.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry! I mean- I- Uh," the guy stuttered.

"You know what? Just forget it! Have a nice night!" I said, trying to make it not sound sarcastic. I hurried off, just walking past him and his group of friends without even looking back at them or their faces.

God, I pray to you to let me go home without anything else!





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Thanks for that. It's extremely reassuring!

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Haha of course I'll be reading!!

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Glad that someone agrees and that someone's reading!


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