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Bitch Please - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction


Chapter for this song:

Mike Will Made It ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - 23


Harry’s POV:

“Hey Liam, is it normal if a girl paralyses when she sees us?”I curiously asked Liam, while peeling the skin of my banana.

He frowned before opening his mouth to speak, “No they usually cry or scream…”

I nodded and bit the top of the banana with my canine teeth aggressively.

“Why’d you ask?” Niall came in and took a seat beside Liam

“Remember Mile—Topaz and Fleur?” I asked—more like said—tinting my voice in a ‘duh’ tone. Imagine if I had said Miley-Girl in front of them.

“Oh them! Fleur is pretty!”Niall said and instantly fell into some trance; two big red patches on his cheeks were noticeable on his face.

Wow? Thank goodness he’s started to actually be interested in girls instead of food.

“Did you ask her for number?” Liam interrupted his zoning out

Niall’s lost smile dropped instantly and was replaced by a shocking eye-widen

“Shit, I didn’t!” He said and punched his knee

I raised my eyebrows and mentally sneered. Gosh, what is the point of liking someone and not taking their number?

“It’s okay mate, she’s a fan you’ll probably meet her later” I said to lighten—well attempted to lighten his sour mood

He nodded and snatched a bar of chocolate from the glass coffee table before stalking off somewhere.

“So…” I say to Liam, trying to ignite up a conversation between us, but he was too busy tapping away on his phone.

After a few moments he looked up and spoke, “So how’d you like Topaz?” He gave a weird brow wriggle

Oh please, me and a fan? I don’t think so. Well, to be honest, Topaz is pretty and all, but I don’t exactly date fans. I mean, I’m just not the type of person who goes for that. Anyways, Selena is better than everyone.

“Please” I huffed “she’s only a fan”

If Selena was mine, my life would be complete.

“Oh yeah? You wouldn’t keep her eyes off her, AND you wiped her tear”

Oh um true. Not sure why I did that.

I coughed and uncomfortably chafed my brand new Converse shoes’ soles with each other.

“Go on and continue smitten’ with Sophia” I said with an indignant scoff

“Maybe I’ll do that” He said with a smirk, and with that, he started tapping away on his phone—again.

I don’t like Sophia Smith, Liam’s new girlfriend. Yeah she’s nice, but she looks too mature for her age. I sometimes have the feelings she’s dating Liam for his money. And now I’m really bored. Zayn and Louis are hardly seen anymore due to them spending their free time with Perrie and Eleanor.

I miss those days when Louis and I were called Larry Stylinson, man, we were like best brothers.

The atmosphere in the room was dull and boring, all I could really do was stare at Liam tapping on his phone; but that’d look creepy. I think I’ll talk to Sel—

“Harry” Liam suddenly said, shattering me away from my thoughts

I raised my brows for a brief second in a ‘what’s up’ sort of way

“We have an interview to attend”

That’s what made me sigh deeply; another 1 year session of being poked with nosy questions. No joke, I hate when hosts confidently ask the most awkward questions without giving the slightest shit about the situation.

But I chose to live this life as Harry Styles from One Direction, so I might as well get with it.

Topaz’s POV:

“Hey Fleur” I suddenly say as I look up from my laptop screen, a Cornetto ice-cream in my dominant hand

“What” she groans in response

“I’ve got it. The final plan; to kidnap Harry Edward Milward Styles” I say dramatically, pausing every sentence

“You forgot Twist between ‘Milward’ and ‘Styles’. And no, we aren’t kidnapping Harry, full on final” Fleur simply settled, unknown to the fact that I actually had a valid plan that would work %100. I even made a power point.

“Floo, come onnn!” I trailed the ‘on’ in an annoying plead way “I have a plan that works! Come here and see for yourself!”

Fleur grunted and hesitantly made her way over like a fat chicken waddling… or should I say slim chicken.

I handed her my laptop and sassily crossed my arms with an eyebrow cocked up, waiting for her shocked and pleased expression. This was plan 4 on my How to Kidnap Harry list.

A few moments later she burst out laughing leaving me confused.

“Seriously! You-you think Harry will pity on you? That day he didn’t even come and help you when you were unconscious, missy! I was the one carrying your fat ass with Paul! Oh my—“she unpleasantly and un-lady-likely snorted with laughter, unable to finish the sentence. Not that I need to know the rest anyways.

I glared at the laughing Fleur. You wait until my plan works. Whore, nah I’m just kidding you ain’t no whore.

“I have other ways” I cut off the hysterical laughing Fleur, who looked like a bunny on drugs.

“Right” she threw a sass remark and walked back to her hidey-hole with her laptop

Suddenly, a light bulb fused in my mind. Topaz, you are officially amazing, no, no; AMAZAYN!

I finished the last bite of my Cornetto and quickly put on my J’s shoes and ran up to Fleur’s hidey-hole.

“Fleur, you’re coming with me” I stated seriously before yanking her off her seat, and dragging her outside to my car.


Soz I havent updated much!!! Oooh this is meant to be an effing cliffhanger if you havent noticed. I'm going to write questions so that you dont say 'update'

1. What do you think Topaz is about to do?


2. What do you reckon will happen at Harry's interview?


3. What line in the song '23' by Mike Will Made It, relates to this chapter? (Hint: I finished the last bite of my Cornetto and quickly put on my J’s shoes and ran up to Fleur’s hidey-hole)

I changed the hashtag for this fan fiction. Again. #sorrynotsorry

Me: #HazzasGurl
Bitch Please: #BitchPleaseFF

Also pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase read this fan fiction by HarrysCupcakegirlx
Because she and that fan fiction is awesome. The storyline is unused thats why its soo cooooool!! Make sure nobody steals her story!!

And if you are reading this then: HIIIIIII! <3 U

Guys please keep commenting and voting!!



:O I'm so sorry I didn't realize D: Aww gurl thank you so much! I'm so sorry I've made you feel sad
Ahahaha that was the fun bit :D Thanks again x
No worries gurl! Ahaha thank YOU cutie!!

you have no idea how my heart ached literally reading this , I really loved your writing . It was cute that's why I felt sad
but I also couldn't stop smiling reading the dancing thing and the ring , really you are good (Y)
I hope what ever made you sad to vanish soon ^_^ hope you the best .
And thanx for writing this ,you are so cute ^_^


Eeeek thank you so so much for reading! It means a lot to me! I'm being lazy these days but as soon as holidays come on I will update xx

I just started And finished those 9 chap. yesterday and I'm waiting for moooooore
pretty please update !!