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Bitch Please - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction - Comments


:O I'm so sorry I didn't realize D: Aww gurl thank you so much! I'm so sorry I've made you feel sad
Ahahaha that was the fun bit :D Thanks again x
No worries gurl! Ahaha thank YOU cutie!!

you have no idea how my heart ached literally reading this , I really loved your writing . It was cute that's why I felt sad
but I also couldn't stop smiling reading the dancing thing and the ring , really you are good (Y)
I hope what ever made you sad to vanish soon ^_^ hope you the best .
And thanx for writing this ,you are so cute ^_^


Eeeek thank you so so much for reading! It means a lot to me! I'm being lazy these days but as soon as holidays come on I will update xx

I just started And finished those 9 chap. yesterday and I'm waiting for moooooore
pretty please update !!


I'm not sure, I just updated this new chapter suddenly because I had free time on my hands. I'll probably try updating on the weekend because I'll have no school. Sozzy!! D:
Awww LOL I'm sorry to be killing youuu!! <3

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360

Around when do you think you may update? I am like dying!! ( it took me like 5 mins to figure out how to spell dying cause I wanna spell it dieing lol I'm an idiot )

Morganhood12 Morganhood12

Sure I'll try !!! <3


Omg I kept all of you people waiting for a century? I'm so sorry!!! FORGIVE ME, I'll try and update ASAP!!! I just have tunz of school D: <3

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360


Update update update please!!!!!!!!!

Morganhood12 Morganhood12

why aren't u updating this story anymoreeee


You're welcome <3

LOL xDDDDD Thaaaank uuuuu <3

Well i love you for loving me for loving your story xD it keeps me laughing haha
Haha thats exactly where I got that name from!!! Unique, huh? xD Floo Powder was a favourite thing of mine:P

And OMG I was sooo shocked when you commented on my story I was like.. ermergerd !!! And I love you for loving my story :P xDDDD
lol i love this story already xD
lol Fleur Delacour xD i remember that from Harry Potter haha and Floo Powder , i remember that too ! omg i didnt even start reading let me start lol

Yes. Yes it does

Yes because this is a Harry Potter fan fic on a Harry Styles page.
Hahaha lol no, I'm using the name 'Fleur Delacour'-- which of course, is the name of the girl that goes to the Triwizard Championship in HP4-- for the girl who plays Fleur Delacour in this story... Does that even make sense?