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best thing ever (niall horan love story

chapter eleven

Niall's POV
i was laying on my bed crying my hand hurt like hell because i punched the door i heard someone open
the door i looked up and saw louis "eleanor told me what happened" he said coming over to me "she told amy
that you punchedthe wall she was surprised oh and by the way we are meeting with justin bieber for dinner"louis said
"do i have to go" i said "yes and amy is comming"
louis POV
everyone was getting ready to go out "okay everyone in the car" liam yelled everyone
raced down the stairs when amy came down niall was starng at her i bumbed him then he stopped
Nialls POV
i raced down stars then i heard amy i stared at her she looked beautiful but louis bumbd me so i stopped
we hopped in the car i sat next to zayn and louis and amy was sitting with eleanor
Amy's POV we got in the car then 10minutes later e arrived at the resteraunt justin bieber was there
i sat down then eleanor was on my left justin was on my right then louis harry niall liam zayn then perrie
i was talking to elanor when i felt someone looking at me
so i turned around and saw justin staring at me
"hi im Amy wells" i said "im justin" he said "but i know you know me" he said the waitress came and asked what we
wanted and we told her while liam was talking to us i felt justin put his hand on my leg i brushed it off
and he smiled
he kept touching my leg and moving up i quikley got up and and looked at elenor saying to come she nodded
we walked to the bathroom
"whats wrong" she said "justin kept touching my leg and moving up" said getting teary
"dont tell anyone ok" i said she ndded "ok i will goback out" she said
"im gonna go get another drink
we walked out i walked other to the water fountain then someone touched my bum i turned aroud and slapped
them it was justin "leave me alone"i said "
why should i you the most beautifulist women ive seen"he said getting
closer "get away from her" i heard perrie yell he backed off and we walked back to the table thanks i mouthed to her
we did'nt say anything
i felt justin touch me again "stop it" i yelled getting teary everyone looked "why should i he
whispered but everone heard i walked off to the bathrroom i felt someone grab my arm "why did you yell back there
you knw you wont me" justin said moving closer i moved back bu i was on the wall he put both his
armson the wall so i could'nt escape "leave me alone" i said "no" he started kissing my neck "help"i yelled he hit
me in the jaw "leave her alone you bastard" i heard someone yell justin turned around and punched the guy i noticed
it was niall "NIALL" i yelled crying he callapsed "you dont tell me what to do you ashole go back to
ireland and be a leprechaun" justin said niall got up he looked really angry he punched him they strted fightingeverone
came and stopped them "leave her alone " niall said again as justin came closer "fine i will find a pretty bitch
why did i even like amy she is a ugly fat bitch who slees with everyone" he said i started crying i fell to the
ground the girls came over to me and hugge me niall didnt look happy
"she is not that she is the most beautifulest girl i have ever met and i would be so happ to have her again"
niall said justin got out of harry and liams grip and cameover to me and hit me niall raced over to me and held me
"im sorry" i said but i blacked out


@Niall's Bitch
supergirl66 supergirl66
i will try im a bit busywith school but will try
supergirl66 supergirl66
Omg pleas3deeeeee make another
Kittzycatk Kittzycatk
Awwwww such a sweet ending I loved this story and when I can't find another good story to read this is where I will come I loved it xxxx
sorry ive been busy i will update soon
supergirl66 supergirl66