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best thing ever (niall horan love story

chapter ten

Niall's POV
why did i do that i just callased on the couch and started crying the boys said "dont worry you can fix thingswith
her as they walked out
Amy's pov
i walked down stairs at the middle of the night i heard silent crying it was niall i was really upset
"Ni whats wrong" "imm soo soo sorry amy "he said "its ok niall i shouldnt of stoped i said
go over to him "but why did you leave me there" i asked him
"i was angry because you wont tell
me what hapened" he said "i dont wont to tell anone" i said remebering what max said "why because you dont trust
me" he said yelling i got really angry "
I did not tell you because he siad he will kill you and if you wont trust
me then maybe we shoul'dntt be together" i said storming up to my room crying "wait amy" 'no niall just leave me alone
i said closing my bedroom door i slid down the door crying i heard knocking on the door
"go away" i said crying
"amy its Ele" elaenor said i got up and opened the door "i heard what happened" she said hugging me i went
over and sat down "i was only doing it to protect him""is he ok" i asked she looked down then at me "he is
really upset he punched the wall" she said i widened my eyes "it seems that he dosent trust me" i said


@Niall's Bitch
supergirl66 supergirl66
i will try im a bit busywith school but will try
supergirl66 supergirl66
Omg pleas3deeeeee make another
Kittzycatk Kittzycatk
Awwwww such a sweet ending I loved this story and when I can't find another good story to read this is where I will come I loved it xxxx
sorry ive been busy i will update soon
supergirl66 supergirl66