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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 6: Best Friends

"Harry? What happened? We heard a door slam then Alanis ran out and didn't explain anything." Zayn was looking Harry in the eyes, confusion evident in his own.

"I honestly have no idea." Harry was clueless. He didn't know if Kaylani was mad that he kissed her, or if she thought he was a bad kisser, or what. He was completely, and utterly confused. He walked the rest of the way into the room and fell onto the couch. He brought his hands up and rubbed his face while letting out a sigh.

Meanwhile in Kaylani's room Alanis was trying to get through to her best friend like she had to do only a few weeks ago.

Al knew exactly what she needed to do to help Kay. There was only one person besides herself that could get through to Kaylani. If he wasn't there to help her when they first heard the news, Kaylani probably wouldn't be here right now. She slipped into a depression after she lost Ryan and between Alanis and him, they helped her get out of it with only seconds to spare.

"C'mon babe. We need to go pay someone a visit." Kaylani didn't disagree. She knew exactly where they were going, and she wanted to see him. She hadn't seen him in a while because after everything happened, he left to take a break and try to clear his head.

The two girls walked to the theater room, but only Alanis entered. "Hey guys, you can chill here. Kaylani and I have something to do. We'll be back in about an hour."

The five boys looked at her skeptically. They didn't know what was going on, but they knew they wanted to help. "Alanis, what's going on?" Niall was the first to speak up.

Alanis looked behind her and saw Kaylani sitting on the top of the stairs as she waited for her. She lowered her voice and stepped inside the door just enough that Kay wouldn't be able to hear her, but the boys would. "Like I told Harry, it's not my place to speak, but I'll explain the basics when we get back. Kaylani will tell you the rest if and when she's ready too. Please just trust me." The boys could see Alanis was begging them. They didn't want to argue because whatever it was, they could tell it was urgent. They simply nodded their heads before watching Alanis walk out leaving them to look for something to do while they waited for them to return.


Someone was knocking on the door as the teenage boy ran down the stairs. "I'm coming!" When he reached the door he turned the handle and was met by two very familiar faces. He smiled when he saw them but quickly let it drop when he noticed the look on their faces. Kaylani was staring at the ground, just like she did the first time he helped her. He looked at Alanis who gave him a small smile. He instantly knew what was going on. Alanis gave him a look that said 'it's happening again' so without asking questions, the boy stepped to the side. "Come on in."

"I'm sorry to bug you like this Jake, but it's happening again. I really need your help." Kaylani had already walked straight to the living room and sat down. The other two slowly made their way to join her.

"Al, it's fine. How did it happen this time?" Jake was looking at Kaylani with a solemn expression. He knew she was still hurting. He was too, but he learned to deal with it because he knew the last thing Ryan would want was for him to continue to mourn. It was really difficult for him, however, because Ryan was his twin and when he died, he felt part of himself die too.

"It's a long story." Alanis knew Jake would want to know, so she simply sighed and told him the entire story. From seeing Kay trying to be happy, to meeting One Direction, to her kissing Harry, to her slipping back into the darkness.

"Kaylani. You need to look at me babes." Jake was now sitting on his knees in front of his best friend. Alanis and Kaylani were his best friends. He and Kay became best friends when she started dating Ryan and then that's how he met Alanis. The four of them just got along really well and they were all instantly inseperable. Plus it was easy for him to hang out with them without Ryan getting jealous because of the fact that he was gay.

When Kaylani lifted her head slowly, he could see her eyes were glossy. He gave her a sympathetic smile before speaking. "Kaylani, you have nothing to feel bad about. All of us know that the last thing Ryan would want is for us to keep moping over his death. You kissed Harry and that's okay. It's okay for you to like him. You loved Ryan, we all know you did and we know you'll always love him because of how your relationship ended. You need to take care of yourself babe. And from the way your eye lighted up slightly when I mentioned his name, I can tell he's going to be good for you. Please, just don't do this to Alanis and me again. We almost lost you last time. We wouldn't be able to live without you."

Kaylani let Jake's words sink in before slowly nodding her head. She knew he was right. The main reason why he could always get through to her was because he was Ryan's twin. Everything about him reminded her of Ryan, besides their sexuality. So when Jake looked at her with pleading eyes, she felt like it was Ryan looking at her just like he always used to when she would break down. She loved that about Jake. She knew he would always be there for her. She would always be there for him and Alanis too.

Jake got up from his kneeling position on the floor and cuddled up next to Kaylani on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and let her rest her head against his shoulder. He brought his lips to the top of her head and kissed it. He let them linger there for a while, just embracing the moment. He heard a phone make a click noise as did Kaylani which caused them to both look at Alanis.

"Sorry, it was too cute to not take a picture." This caused Kaylani to smile which made Alanis and Jake both smile. Kaylani loved her best friends more than anything.

"Well don't just stand there. Come sit with us. We can sit here and relax for another 15 minutes, but then you two are taking me back to your place where I get to meet the fabulous boys of One Direction." Jake had a devious look in his eye. Alanis simply threw her head back in laughter and then joined the two on the couch.

The three sat there for the next 15 minutes just laughing at old memories while Alanis uploaded the picture to Twitter along with the caption:

@AlanisLove: @Kaybabe & @JakeScott are too cute. <3

The three decided it was time to head back over to Kaylani's house so they all stood up from the couch and piled in to the car.


Harry was looking at Kaylani's and Alanis's Twitters when he saw the picture. He instantly felt anger building up in him. Is this why she got up and ran away when he kissed her? Because she had a boyfriend? She didn't mention it earlier when she was flirting with him.

He was quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the door to the theater room being opened and in walked an overly-happy Kaylani and Alanis followed by the Jake guy from the Twitter picture. He simply scoffed before returning to his phone and acting like they weren't in the room. The other boys saw the picture as well but they weren't the ones who liked her, so they weren't so quick to judge.

Alanis cleared her throat causing all the guys to look up at her. All of them except for Harry.

"Guys, this is our other best friend Jake. Jake, you obviously know who they are." Alanis laughed while Jake smirked. The boys saw the way he was looking at them and instantly felt uncomfortable. He looked at them like he was going to slap them.

"It's such an honor to meet you guys. I'm a huge fan." Jake's eyes softened as he let out a laugh when he saw the boys visibly soften. He noticed the only one not looking at him was Harry. He didn't read too much into it before he spoke again. "But I do have one thing to say... If you boys hurt these two girls, I will not hesitate to cut off your balls and shove them down your throats. That goes esepecially for you Liam and Harry since I know you fancy these beauties."

All the boys looked at him with confusion evident on their faces. Liam spoke up, a smile playing at his lips. "I'm guessing Alanis told you?" He knew he liked her, and he knew she liked him. They kind of made it obvious. "But wait, that doesn't explain... aren't you pissed off at Harry?" Jake simply laughed, he had a feeling he knew what Liam was talking about.

"You think... me and Kaylani?" He couldn't formulate a sentence between his laughs. He wasn't the only one laughing, Kaylani and Alanis were too. The boys were still confused though so they just exchanged glances that said 'what the hell is going on?' "I don't know where you got that idea but I'm not dating Kaylani. She's my best friend and I'm gay."

The boys of One Direction let out a sigh of relief. They thought that Jake was going to start a fight with Harry over trying to get Kaylani. Harry felt his anger fade away slightly, but that still didn't explain the picture. "Wait, then what about the picture Alanis posted of you two? You looked pretty cozy." He said the last part a bit snappy, but he couldn't help it. He had to admit he was jealous.

Jake and Alanis exchanged a look before looking at Kaylani. She knew this was coming. The only way to explain the picture was to explain why they went to Jakes house in the first place and the only way that would make sense was to start from the beginning. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes before speaking. "It's fine guys. I should probably tell them now anyway... it's better to just get it all out in the open now."

Kaylani looked at her two remaining best friends and gave them a weak smile. They nodded in response and walked over to the couches and took a seat. Instead of joining everyone on the couches, Kaylani leaned up against the wall and slid down it, letting out another sigh. This was going to be hard on her, but she knew she needed to tell the guys before something bad happened. And she knew that no matter what, Alanis and Jake would be there for her.

She looked up and looked each boy in the eyes. In Zayn's eyes she could see curiousity and worry. In Liam's she could see worry and sympathy. In Louis's she could see curiousity and anxiousness. In Niall's she could see sympathy and reassurance. Lastly, she looked into Harry's. She looked into his eyes longer than anyone else's because she was the most afraid of his reaction. In his eyes she could see anger, curiousity, worry, anxiousness, and nervousness all mixed together. She took another deep breath before collecting her thoughts and formulating a sentence.

"It all started a year ago..."



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