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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 5: So Wrong, Yet So Right.

Harry and Kaylani had pulled away from the kiss and were looking into each other’s eyes. Harry wouldn’t change the moment for anything. It felt right, and from what he could see in Kaylani’s eyes, she felt the same. The look quickly disappeared as a blank look overtook her face.

“Kaylani?” Harry was trying to get her attention, but she seemed to be zoning out. He couldn’t help but wear a smile as he called her name. She was perfect. After a few minutes, he noticed her eyes had gotten glossy. Worry suddenly took over. “Kaylani, what’s wrong?”

“I – I can’t do this. I’m sorry.” Kaylani felt her chest tighten as a tear fell down her cheek. She quickly pulled herself off of the piano bench and ran away from the room. She felt like she had a hole in her heart.

Harry listened as he heard Kaylani pound through the hallway until he heard a door slam, causing him to wince and snap out of his daze.

“What the hell happened?” Alanis came running into the room. She looked furious and her hands were in fists at her side.

“I – I don’t know. One minute we were singing together and we kissed, the next she looked like she zoned out and then she started crying so she stormed off.” Harry started to worry. As he explained to Alanis what happened, he noticed her facial expression fall.

“Shit.” Alanis let out a breath of air before closing her eyes. She pressed the tips of her fingers to her temples as she took a deep breath. “Harry, go hang out with the boys. I need to talk to Kaylani.”

“Al, what’s going on?” Harry could feel his worries taking over. He just wanted to make sure Kaylani was okay.

“Kaylani will tell you if she wants to. It’s not my place to speak.” With that, Alanis turned and walked out of the room before stopping in front of Kaylani’s door.

When she reached Kaylani’s door she gently knocked on it and called out to her best friend. “Kay? It’s Al. Please open the door.” Alanis listened intently as she heard feet shuffling before the door was opened just enough for her to walk in. After closing and re-locking the door behind her she walked over to the bed where her best friend was sitting. Her knees were tucked under her chin and her arms were around her legs, holding them in place. “It happened again didn’t it?” Alanis looked at Kaylani with the most sympathetic look. She rubbed a hand gently up and down her back. She knew exactly what happened, and she knew that if she couldn’t get through to Kaylani, she might slip into a depression again.

“I feel like I’m betraying him. I kissed Harry and it felt so right. It was amazing. But then when he pulled away it hit me. I felt my chest tighten. I feel like I have a whole in my heart and it’s only getting bigger. It’s like a black hole... it’s consuming me.” Kaylani was choking back sobs.

“Kaylani. You know that all he ever wanted was to see you happy. He hated seeing you cry, especially if it were over him. If he were here and saw that you were like this, he would probably be cracking a joke that only you would laugh at.” Kaylani chucked slightly. She knew Alanis had a point. All he ever wanted was her happiness.

No matter how much she felt like she should regret kissing Harry; she didn’t. It just felt right, and it made her feel like her head was spinning. She was perfectly fine until she saw a look in his eyes that was all too familiar. It hit her like a ton of bricks and that’s when she broke down.

The sun was shining down on in all the right places and the waves gently crashed against the shore. She sat on a towel absorbing the sun, causing her to glow. The boy sitting next to her was staring at her lovingly. He admired the way her long brown hair was flowing in the wind and the way her tan skin looked like she was sitting in the sun for hours when in reality they had only been sitting for about 30 minutes. He loved the way her chocolate brown orbs had a sudden light to them when she sang or played an instrument. Everything about her seemed perfect to him.

“Stop staring. It’s creepy.” Her eyes were closed when she spoke but she could feel his eyes on her the entire time. She opened her eyes and looked to the boy sitting next to her. His bright blue eyes had a glimmer to them. They were brighter than normal, and she felt herself getting lost in them.

“I’m not staring babe. I’m admiring.” He met her gaze and winked before pulling her closer to him. He pulled his face close enough to hers that her hair was brushing against his cheek. “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. Everything about you is effortlessly perfect and completely enchanting.” He paused before speaking again. Everything about this moment was perfect and he knew it was the right time to say the words he had been dying to say for months now. “I’m in love with you.”

She could feel his hot breath brushing against her neck, sending chills down her spine. The heat rose to her cheeks as they turned a light shade of pink. When he said those words, she felt her heart warm. The couple had been dating for about 6 months but they were waiting until the perfect time to say the words that could change their relationship forever. She turned her head so that she was looking directly into his clear blue eyes. They were the same shade of blue as the ocean in the Bahamas. She felt like she could dive into them right then and there and just swim for hours. They had a glimmer to them that she would soon fall in love with. They radiated love, and admiration. She felt a smile playing at her lips as he stared at her waiting for her response. “And I’m in love with you.”

When those words escaped her mouth the grin on the boy’s face grew. He placed one hand around her waist while the other cradled the back of her neck. He pulled her closer and pressed his lips to hers. It was a gentle, but longing kiss. It was unlike any other kiss the two have shared. This one was filled with pure love. In that moment, the two had never been happier.

“You’re beautiful Kaylani. I love you.” He knew he would never get tired of saying those three words. He would remind her every day and every night how much he loved her and how beautiful she was. She was his world now.

“I love you too Ryan.” She would never grow tired of hearing those three words being said to her, just as she would never grow tired of saying them. She knew people would think they were just another young couple in love, but she didn’t care. Everything about their relationship was perfect. That was the moment she realized he would always have her heart.



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