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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 25: See You Soon

It was three o'clock in the morning and no one in the airport had the energy to do more than walk around like a zombie. The boys had no problem getting through security without being noticed because most, if not all, of the kids and teenagers were asleep. Security had let Kaylani, Alanis, and Jake follow the boys into a private waiting room after a lot of convincing on Paul's behalf. He knew they would want to spend their last minutes in California together because it would be a while before they saw each other again.

There was a private jet waiting for the boys to fly them back to London so they could prepare for their tour. They had a long, luxurious break, but now it was time to face reality and get back to work. They wouldn't consider it work though because they enjoyed what they do too much, but the thought of having to leave Kaylani and Alanis was what made it like a job. The boys would all admit that they grew a soft spot for the two, as well as Jake, and they would make sure they found a way to hang out again.

Alanis was currently sitting in Liam's lap as he held her close and cracked jokes with her, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. Al wasn't the type to cry and she was definitely not going to dwell on the fact that the boys were leaving because she knew it wasn't goodbye forever. She wanted to enjoy the time she had left with him before she could see him again. They had planned on having Skype dates and texting each other at almost every break Liam could get.

Harry and Kaylani were sitting in the circle of friends as well with Kaylani sitting in Harry's lap while his arms were wrapped tightly around her torso. His chin rested on her shoulder as he breathed in her vanilla scent. It had become his favorite scent and he knew he would miss smelling it when she wasn't around. Kaylani was trying to remain calm and in a good mood as she thought of what was waiting to happen. Harry and the boys would be leaving and she wouldn't see them for months, but she knew the minute she could wrap her arms around Harry again would be worth the wait.

Paul stood up from his seat and looked at all the boys to make sure he had their attention before speaking. "It's time to go; the jet's ready." The boys all looked at each other with sad smiles on their faces before grabbing their things and making their rounds to the three friends to say goodbye.

They each said goodbye to Jake first since he was the least emotional. They gave him a simple hand clap and promised that they would hang out again before moving on to Alanis.

Each boy gave her a hug and promised to call her when they landed as well as every day they got the chance. They would miss her spitfire attitude and her witty comebacks. It wouldn't be the same without her around. When Alanis reached Liam he hugged her the longest as well as planting a long kiss on her ruby red lips. Her head was held firmly inbetween his hands as he rested his forehead against hers. "We'll see each other soon. Don't forget about our date on Monday." Alanis nodded her head against his before smiling and leaning in once again. She would definitely miss the boys but she knew when they were reunited it would all be worth it.

Kaylani was the last to say goodbye to everyone. Each boy gave her a long hug and whispered words of wisdom and encouragement in her ear. They each told her to stay strong, call them if she needed to talk or missed them, and to never forget that they loved her. Even after a simple two weeks the boys each felt as if they had gained a little sister. They each had a deep desire to keep her happy and they each wanted to simply wisk her away with them and hold her hostage forever. They didn't want to see her fall back into a depression and they certainly didn't want to leave her. Her carefree attitude, sneaky pranks, and witty comebacks had been a great addition to their crazy antics and they would all miss her greatly.

When Kaylani reached Harry she could feel tears pricking at her eyes. The smile she wore as she said goodbye to each of the boys instantly fell the minute she realized he was actually leaving. He could see the water in her eyes and it tore at his heartstrings so he instantly pulled her into his embrace. He felt her arms wrap around his body as sobs slowly wracked through her body. She couldn't help the sobs that escaped her, she had lost her last boyfriend and the idea of losing this one too was clouding her brain.

"I promise we'll see each other soon, princess. I'll call you every morning and every night and I'll text you whenever I can." Harry couldn't stand the thought of Kaylani falling back into a depression and him not being there to comfort her. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and never let go. She fit in his arms perfectly, like they were missing puzzle pieces. "This isn't goodbye..."

"It's see you later." Kaylani had managed to calm down a bit and she knew she was being overly emotional, but she was always an extremely sensitive person. She wiped her face with the back of her hands before chuckling slightly at how ridiculous she probably looked. "I'm an emotional wreck right now." Harry allowed a faint smile to appear on his face. Kaylani was something else. Even after crying she was able to make a joke and instantly lighten the mood a little.

"I hate to do this but we really gotta go Harry." Paul had helped load all the luggage onto the plane as well as making sure all the boys were on the plane before coming back out to get Harry. He decided to give Harry and Kaylani a few extra minutes because the boys had filled him in on what was going on and he knew she would need it. When he saw Harry nod he walked back to the gate to keep a watchful eye on them, but at enough distance so that he couldn't hear what they were saying.

"I'll see you soon, princess." Harry squeezed Kaylani and kissed her lovingly before placing a kiss on her head and inhaling her scent one last time.

"I'll see you soon." Kaylani let a sad smile cross her features before finally releasing her hold on Harry. He reluctantly did the same before turning around and walking to meet Paul at the gate. Turning around one final time he blew Kaylani a kiss before walking through the gate and getting on the plane. The boys were officially heading back to London and wouldn't be seeing Kaylani, Alanis, or Jake for at least a few months. It was bittersweet but they didn't regret their time in California at all.

"Come on babe. We'll stay with you at yours and tomorrow we can have a Disney movie day." Jake and Alanis knew that was exactly what Kaylani would need to get back to her normal self. Kaylani nodded and followed the two back to her car before starting it up and heading home.


Kaylani woke up around twelve the next day so she decided to make lunch for Jake and Alanis. As she headed down the stairs she looked through her text messages and noticed she had a few from Harry.

We landed safe and sound. Wish you could be here, I know how badly you want to see London. I promise to take you one day. xxx


Good morning princess. :) xx


Yes, I memorized the time difference. I want to be your first good morning and your last good night. <3 the boys say hellooooo! xxx


Kaylani couldn't help but let a smile cross her features. Harry was truly amazing and she knew that she would be able to make it through their long distance relationship because he meant too much to her. She thumbed a response before putting her phone in her back pocket and getting to work on their lunch.

Ten minutes later Kaylani had three sandwhiches made as well as three bags of chips ready. She was about to head upstairs and wake up her best friends when she saw them casually stroll into the kitchen.

"Ooh, you made lunch! Yay!" Jake instantly lit up at the sight of food. Because they slept in they all missed breakfast but they didn't really mind.

"Why don't we eat these in the theater room? We should start our Disney movie day!" Alanis was excited to start their Disney movie day. It was something they did whenever they needed some serious cheering up or just wanted to get their mind off of things. The three of them would sing along to every song and they would even recite some lines from certain movies. They only watched the classics like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story. It was something they had done since they were younger and they would do it until they were old and could barely walk.

Once the three of them were settled in the theater room they put in Cinderella and sat back to enjoy the movie. They had seen every Disney movie almost a hundred times but they would never get tired of it.

Throughout the entire movie Jake had been continuously checking his phone and he was slightly antsy. Kaylani could barely concentrate on the movie will all the ruckus he was causing so she eventually paused it. "Why are you so antsy and why do you keep checking your phone?" She knew something was bothering him because he almost never tore his eyes off the screen when they had Disney movie days. It had to be important for him to not pay attention.

"Sorry. I just have a lot on my mind. My mom wants me home though, so I'll see you girlies later. I love you both!" Jake was acting very sketchy and Alanis could sense that something was up so she decided to walk him to the door.

"Kaylani, I'll walk him to the door. Can you make another bowl of popcorn and this time add chocolate?" Alanis wanted to talk to privately so she used her puppy dog face on Kaylani. Just like usual, it worked so she walked Jake down the stairs and towards the front.

"What's really wrong Jake?" Alanis could see the look in his eyes. He was partially freaking out and she had no idea why. Everything was fine yesterday and now all of a sudden he was being sketchy.

"I can't... I just really need to go right now. I'll explain everything later, I promise." Jake didn't know how to explain what was going on. He didn't exactly know what was going on himself. He was still freaking out over everything he had found out and he had no idea how to handle it all. If Alanis and Kaylani found out, he knew they would take forever to forgive him. He wanted to tell them the minute he found out, but he didn't want to ruin their last days with the boys.

He had a pleading look in his eye so Alanis decided to let it go. "Fine, but I won't forget this. Go home and relax Jake, you look like you could use it."

They gave each other a hug before Jake grabbed the door handle and twisted it open. He was about to step outside when he noticed someone was blocking his path. Looking up into the eyes of the person, he immediately sucked in a breath. He muttered under his breath the minute he heard Alanis gasp for air as well. "Fuck my life."


Kaylani noticed Alanis had been downstairs for a fairly long time so she decided to walk downstairs and see what was taking so long. "Did you get lost or something?" Kaylani had screamed down the hallway and laughed at the thought because Alanis getting lost wasn't anything new. She was about to turn the corner to the door when she heard voices talking lowly.

"You shouldn't be here." It was Jake's voice and he sounded pissed off as well as shocked. Kaylani couldn't figure out who he could possibly be talking to but she decided to eavesdrop a little and see.

"You knew?!" Alanis screamed loud enough to make Kaylani cringe from her spot around the corner. She could easily hear the panic and hurt in Alanis's voice.

"It's not like that Al." Jake let out a large sigh and sounded like he was pleading with her. Kaylani was utterly confused.

"I can't... How... What the hell is going on?" Alanis was raising her voice with every word. She seemed at a loss for words which was unusual for her. She usually had something to say for almost everything. Whoever was at the door must have been a complete shock.

"I'll explain later, I promise. Please, just let me get him out of here before Kay comes down and sees him. We need to sort this out first." Jake sounded like he didn't know what do in this situation and he was usually a problem solver.

"Is anyone going to let me talk?" A third voice spoke up this time and Kaylani instantly froze the minute she heard it. It couldn't possibly be who she thought it was. It was impossible. There was no way he was standing on her doorstep. She thought it was just her mind playing tricks on her, but could she have been wrong? Deciding she had heard enough, Kaylani maneuvered around the corner of the hallway and sucked in a deep breath the minute she locked eyes with the figure standing in her doorway. It was like all of the air was knocked out of her and her world stopped spinning. She could feel herself starting to get dizzy as she tried to process the sight before her.

"Kaylani..." The sound of him calling her name only made her more sure of what was going on. She couldn't comprehend anything and she could feel herself slowly slipping into a darkness. Her vision was starting to cloud with black spots as she stumbled backwards. She let her left hand reach out to grasp the wall behind her but before she could lean against it she felt her body slowly start to fall backwards.

"Kaylani!" Jake was at her side in seconds. Kaylani had never fainted before but he knew she was on the verge of it now. This was all too much to take in and he didn't want her to find out like this. He knew it would take too much out of her.

Kaylani couldn't take her eyes off of the figure before her. She could make out every feature perfectly and it only made this whole thing harder. She was only able to mutter one word before the darkness completely consumed her, leaving her to deal with the problems of reality once she woke up from her unexpected state of unconsciousness... "Ryan."



Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the epic plot twist you have all been waiting for! :D

Please let me know what you think! I would greatly appreciate your thoughts, especially on this chapter because it took a long time to write and it is the halfway point of The Happiest Place on Earth!

I'm so sorry it took me this long to update! I was on Spring Break this week but I was at Disneyland for most of it, and also Monday was my birthday so I've been really busy! :((

As of this week my schedule is increasingly busier because we start after school rehearsals for the musical and I have AP tests in a month! :( But I hope you guys can bear with me through all of the madness because I promise the upcoming chapters will be worth it! :)

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