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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 22: Live While We're Young

The group was walking through Disneyland simply enjoying their time when they abruptly stopped walking. Kaylani and Alanis exchanged a confused look before turning their attention back to the boys in front of them. Their eyes were wide like they were a bunch of five-year-olds who just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

"What's wrong?" Alanis could see the worried look on their faces. She had no idea what was wrong though because they were just walking casually and nothing happened during that time.

"We just noticed there's a huge group of girls following us. We love our fans, but we don't want to ruin our time here with you."

The two girls gave them a sympathetic smile. They would all need to think of a plan if they wanted to enjoy their day. After a few seconds of silence, Kaylani smiled largely and pulled her phone out.

"Hey, I have a favor to ask... we're being followed by a ton of fans... the back way... faster than that... 3 minutes I guess?... perfect... love you too!" As soon as Kaylani hung up the phone the boys smiled at her. They had only caught her side of the conversation, but they knew what she was planning.

"On three. One..." Niall started the countdown. He was grinning by simply thinking about what the were going to do.

"Two..." Louis was getting into position. He knew they would have fun with what they were about to do.

"THREE!" As soon as Harry screamed the word, the group took off running. They loved the fans but in all honesty they wanted to spend their last day with their friends, enjoying the time they had left.

The group ran through the crowds as fast as they could. It was still packed with people so they knew they wouldn't be able to get through the crowds as fast as they would be able to on another day. Every once in awhile they would turn around and see a group of girls running after them, but they ignored it and continued to run while trying to keep up with each other. As soon as they saw the gate in their view, they noticed security started to laugh while opening the gate just enough for them to run through it. Once they were all through the gate it was closed immediately and the group dropped to the floor laughing at their little game.

“You know, you're not supposed to run in the parks," Wade mocked. "You guys are nuts. Come on. Get off the floor and follow me unless you want to be released into the wild and chased like a bunch of animals again.” Wade couldn't help but laugh at the groups semantics.

They had finally gotten off the floor and started to follow him when Liam randomly started singing Live While We’re Young. The rest of the group looked at him confused before each boy started to sing their part as it came up.

“Wait!” Kaylani had grabbed her Canon EOS out of her bag and handed it to Wade. She wanted to remember this because when the boys were gone she knew she would be able to look back on this and laugh. She wanted to document everything that went on with the boys because she had honestly had more fun in the past few weeks than she has since Ryan. “Wade! Can you record this? I want to remember this all.”

Wade smiled in agreement before taking her camera off of her and walking backwards so he could record the group of teenagers. As soon as he did, the group started the song over as each boy once again sang their parts as it came up. The rest of the group joined in on the chorus as they danced around and simply enjoyed themselves. Kaylani and Alanis exchanged a glance before jumping on Liam and Harry’s backs as they carried them around while continuing to sing. You could clearly see the large smiles on everyone’s faces as they danced recklessly and didn’t care what anyone thought. Once the song was over they all stopped walking because they were doubled over in laughter and couldn’t walk due to their stomachs hurting. They were literally laughing so hard that they cried, and Louis actually fell to the floor laughing.

“That was hilarious!.” Wade was laughing at the group before handing Kaylani her camera back. By the time they were done with the song they had reached the back entrance to California Adventure and decided it was time to continue their afternoon. They each said their goodbyes to Wade before walking through the gate and entering California Adventure.

“While we’ve had a ton of fun with you lot, I want to take Kay on the ferris wheel so we’ll catch up with you guys later. Bye!” Harry had decided he wanted to take Kaylani away from the group for a little while. He wanted to be able to spend some alone time with her since the boys would be leaving to London soon and he wanted to make the most of the time they did have together. Before any of the boys could protest, the two were already walking away and headed towards the back of the line for the ferris wheel.

As the couple was standing in line waiting, Kaylani looked around at the people in line around them. She turned her head to the left when she noticed the silhouette of a boy that looked extremely familiar. To top off her suspicions, he was wearing a sweatshirt that was all too familiar to her. She couldn’t remember who she had seen wearing it, but she knew she had seen it many times before. The boy was wearing sunglasses and had his hood on as well, and as soon as he noticed Kaylani looking at him, he turned around rapidly. Kaylani scrunched her eyebrows up in confusion before deciding to leave it alone - she didn’t want to ruin the time she had with Harry. Just as she turned around, she noticed they were already at the front of the line and it was their turn to get into a car.

Harry smiled at her before letting her step into the car with him following directly after. As soon as the two were in the car, the worker shut the door behind them. Once the ride started up again, Harry pulled Kaylani so that she was sitting in between his legs with her head leaning against his chest. They were being relatively quiet and simply enjoying the serene setting around them. Kaylani decided it was the perfect view to take pictures so she pulled her Canon EOS out of her bag before starting to snap pictures of the park below them. Harry did the same with his iPhone before deciding he wanted pictures with Kaylani.

“How about we take some pictures of the two of us instead of the scenery, babe.” Harry was chuckling slightly at the fact that the two of them were taking more pictures of the area around them than they actually were of the two of them. Pictures of the scenery wouldn’t do much good for either of them if they were trying to remember this trip to the best of their abilities.

Kaylani chuckled in agreement before taking her camera and flipping it around so she could snap pictures of the two of them. They took silly photos, some of them just smiling, some of them making random faces, some of them making random signs with their hands, one of Harry kissing Kaylani’s cheek, one of Kaylani kissing harry’s cheek, a few of them kissing, and a few of them just smiling. They both took turns with who took the picture as well because Harry had longer arms so he was able to get more of the scenery into the picture behind them.

In the middle of them taking pictures, Kaylani’s phone had gone off and her ringtone just so happened to be Kiss You. Harry chuckled while she pulled her phone out of her purse and realized it was only a text message from Jake saying hi. She decided she would answer it later so she put her phone back in her purse when she heard Kiss You starting to play. She looked at Harry and smirked when she realized he was playing the song off of his phone. He started to sing the song to her when he noticed a smile was playing at her lips. As he continued to sing the song, Kaylani couldn’t help herself so she joined in on a few parts. Eventually they were both singing obnoxiously loud and were dancing around like a pair of monkeys. They didn’t care if people thought they were crazy, not that anyone could really see them, because all they really cared about was how much fun they were having. When the song was over they both broke into fits of laughter before noticing their ride on the ferris wheel was over.

The couple stepped out of the ferris wheel and decided to go find the rest of the group so they called Liam and found out they were waiting in line for Toy Story Arcade. The couple decided to join them, so they walked over to the line while walking with their hands intertwined and swaying back and forth.

As the rest of the group was looking out to see if the two came to join them, they spotted them walking towards them, smiling contently at each other. Harry had just said something which caused Kaylani to laugh and you could see from the look on her face that she was genuinely happy. The smile that she wore on her face instantly made Harry match it, before scooping her up in his arms and spinning her around in a circle. The rest of the group was smiling at the thought of how happy the two were before making eye contact with them both. They smiled at them before making there way over to where they stood about halfway in the line. They were standing in an area where the line was empty to the right of them and there was a break in the chain so that Harry and Kaylani could easily hop over and join them.

“Nice of you to join us.” Zayn was smiling largely at his best friends. They hadn’t seen Harry that happy around a girl in a long time, and they knew Kaylani hadn’t been that happy in a long time either. Kaylani flashed him a warm smile before leaning her head on Harry’s chest once again. He had his arms wrapped loosely around her waist while his chin was leaning against the top of her head after pressing a delicate kiss on top of her hair.

“I want a rematch of our last game!” Louis was smirking while his arms were crossed on his chest. He was not planning on losing to Kaylani this time.

Kaylani got a devious look in her eye. She knew that this was going to be fun and she only hoped he would put up more of a fight this time. “You’re on Boo Bear.” She emphasized his dreaded nickname before winking and breaking into a fit of giggles. The rest of the group simply ‘oohed’ before joining in her laughter. It was definitely going to be a fun day.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the 25 subscribers, 9.0 rating, and over 5700 reads! :D I'm beyond amazed. I honestly love you guys so much. <3

I'm sorry for not updating these past few days! I was going to update a couple days ago, but my laptop shut off on me literally RIGHT when I was about to finish the last few sentences, and it caused me to lose everything I wrote. :( I got frustrated so I just went to bed.

Then today and yesterday I stayed home from school because I've been getting more sick so I just layed down all day and did nothing.

ONLY THREE MORE CHAPTERS BEFORE THE BIG REVEAL! :D Any guesses on what my plot twist will be? ;)


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You are not the worst auther ever. You are one of the best I have found on here. I was reading one story on here almost a year ago and they haven't updated in a year. I think they are still really good even if they haven't update because I know people have lives other then writing a fan fiction. Take your time on writing because normally when it's longer to write a song they are one of the best chapters ever even if they are short. The size of the chapter doesn't matter it's the contexts that's in the story that will get to people. That stands out and make people want to read and makes them love the story that talited authers like you have and can make. Never stop believe in yourself you are doing great. Update when you can. I love the story just the way you have it. Hope to see a update soon. :-)

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