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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 21: Kiss You

"It's your second to last day here in Cali, so what are you going to do today?" Kaylani and Alanis were curious as to what the boys would be doing today. They knew they would be going back to London in two days and they wanted to spend as much time with them as they could. They had become great friends over the last two weeks and they knew it would be hard to say goodbye, especially since Kaylani and Harry and Liam and Alanis were dating, but they would find a way to stay in touch.

"We're going to Disneyland!" Louis screamed off the top of his lungs. Kaylani and Alanis simply laughed in response. The boys had pretty much become addicted to going to Disneyland over the course of the two weeks they were there. "They asked us to perform and we said yes because they said if we did we would be able to see the suite inside the castle since we're performing from the balcony. Oh, and you two are joining us, no questions asked!" Louis knew they wouldn't say no to a trip to Disneyland but he felt the need to force them to go anyway.

"Sounds like a plan! What time to do you guys have to be there?" It was already noon and the girls would need to grab their bags to put all their stuff in it as well as make sure they had their passes ready to go.

"In about half an hour so go grab your stuff!" Louis was beyond excited to go back to Disneyland so he pushed the girls in the direction they needed to go before running back to the boys. "Okay, so is everything set up for our little plan?" The boys nodded their heads in response. They had given up on trying to prank Kaylani, so they figured they would just embarass her instead. They knew she hated being the center of attention (unless she was performing) so they planned on pulling her out on the balcony during their performance and embarassing her.

About ten minutes later, Alanis and Kaylani walked back into the room with their bags all packed and ready to go. They double checked that they had their passes before grabbing the car keys and driving off to Disneyland with the boys in the back seat. Alanis had called shot gun so Liam and Harry were cuddling with each other to make them jealous, but it wasn't working. The girls simply found it hilarious and kept laughing at them. By the time they parked the car and started to get out, Louis had already jumped out and was running in circles around the car telling them to hurry up and get out of the car.

"Louis calm down!" Zayn knew that Niall shouldn't have given Louis coffee earlier that morning because he was now running all over the place.

Once again, Wade had met up with the group to escort them through the back of the park so they could go to the castle and begin to prepare for their performance. The boys had filled him in on their little plan and he thought it was the perfect idea because he had never been able to get Kaylani back for the countless number of times she had pranked him.

"Alright kids. The suite is just up those stairs. I'll be watching your performance from down below and when you're done I'll come back to get you. Have fun!" Wade gave the group a small wave before walking into the crowd of people that stood anxiously by the castle. Disneyland had taken the liberty of announcing that One Direction would be performing a short set and their ticket sales immediately went up. The park was definitely packed today.

The boys had done a few vocal warm ups before finally getting in position to walk out onto the balcony. They had insisted that Kaylani and Alanis stay with them during their performance so they happily agreed and watched from behind the scenes. They sang Live While We're Young, Heart Attack, and Rock Me before transitioning into Kiss You. As soon as the intro to Kiss You started to play Harry and Liam ran to Kaylani and Alanis and pulled them out to the balcony with them. The girls were freaking out because they knew people would see them and they didn't want to be the center of attention. The boys had started to sing and all five of them were singing to and dancing with the girls. Their plan was working out perfectly because you could see how red Kaylani's face was getting.

The first time the boys sang "let me kiss you" Liam kissed Alanis on the cheek while Harry kissed Kaylani on the cheek. The second time they sang it, Louis kissed Alanis while Niall kissed Kaylani and the third time Zayn kissed Alanis while Louis kissed Kaylani. At the end of the song the boys were cracking up while Kaylani and Alanis ran back into the hidden area they were sitting at before. They were totally embarassed and had no idea what to do.

"Give it up for our two lovely lady friends Kaylani and Alanis!" Niall had screamed into the microphone while looking back at the two girls who were still blushing furiously. "They're a little shy, but this was our revenge on them. If you guys didn't know, Kaylani, Alanis, and our other friend, Jake, pranked us the other day and posted it on YouTube. We managed to prank Al and Jake back, but Kaylani wouldn't fall for any of them so we figured we would embarass her instead. Mission accomplished boys!" Niall and the other boys high fived each other before turning their attention back to the crowd.

"Thanks for coming out today guys! It was lovely to be here in California and to be able to perform at Disneyland! We love you and have a great day!" Zayn said goodbye to the crowd and they all did one giant bow and waved before walking to meet up with Kaylani and Alanis.

"I hate you boys so much right now." Kaylani had her head buried in her hands. She was beyond embarassed that the boys had pulled her out with them while they were singing.

"I agree! Come on Kay, let's go ride without the boys." Alanis linked arms with her best friend before turning around to storm off into the park.

"No! Al, come back here!" Liam ran after Alanis and wrapped his arms around her stomach. He nuzzled his face in her neck and planted a kiss there. "I want to ride the rides with my beautiful girlfriend so I can hold her and cuddle with her." Alanis couldn't help but smile at the way Liam spoke to her. He was always so sweet to her and she knew she couldn't resist his charm. She let go of Kaylani's arm and turned around so she was face to face with him before planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

"You have no self-control what so ever Al! You suck!" Kaylani rolled her eyes at her best friend before turning to walk away again. Before she could walk three steps, she felt two arms wrap around her torso and pull her into their chest. She immediately knew it was Harry by the smell of his after shave.

"I agree with Liam. I want to ride with you, and cuddle with you, and put my arm around you, because you're my beautiful girlfriend and I want to be able to flaunt you to the world." Harry planted a kiss on Kaylani's head before turning her around so she was facing him. He was smirking but it quickly faded when he saw the serious look on her face. She looked furious.

"I'm just joking babe, wipe that expression off your face. It's not very attractive." It was now Kaylani's turn to smirk as she noticed Harry drop his jaw slightly shocked. He looked scared when she stared at him before, but she was only doing it to mess with him. She leaned up and pressed her lips gently to his before grabbing his hand and pulling him so they could go ride some rides.

The rest of the boys quickly joined the two as they walked off to go find a ride to enjoy. As they were walking out of the castle Kaylani felt like someone was watching her so she quickly turned around to see if she was just imagining things. It felt like someone was burning holes into her back. When she turned around she thought she saw a familiar face staring at her but she couldn't believe it was who she thought so she shook her head in disbelief before looking once more. When she looked again the figure was gone, but she could clearly see their silouhette walking through the crowd in the same sweatshirt she had become all too familiar with.

Harry noticed Kaylani had froze in her spot when he turned to see why, he noticed she was simply staring at the crowd of people. "Kaylani, are you okay?" When he spoke he snapped her out of her thoughts and she shot him a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"I just thought I saw someone familiar, but it couldn't have been them. Let's go enjoy the park." Kaylani had started to walk ahead again but she couldn't shake the feeling from her gut. All she could think was that it couldn't have possibly been who she thought it was. That would be impossible. She decided to just let it go and enjoy the time she had with Harry and the boys since they would be leaving soon so she put the thought to the back of her mind before joining in a conversation with everyone else. She wouldn't let her mind play tricks on her anymore.


This was just a little preview to the drama that is coming up in 4 more chapters! :D Do any of you think you can guess what's going to happen? ;) Who do you think she saw? :O

I am so sorry for not updating this week! I had finals on Wednesday and Thursday, but I also got sick on Wednesday and I just got over it today. I didn't update earlier today because I went to Disneyland with my best friend and we got to meet Joel Courtney from Super 8! I've talked to him on Twitter before so it was cool to finally meet him in person. :)

I will try and update again tomorrow!

Follow me on Twitter @kimdossett! :) (I have the picture of me and Joel on there as well if you want to see it.)


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