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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 15: On A Night Like This

Harry and Kaylani had been walking around, riding rides, playing games all day long and it was already 8:20 pm. He had booked Club 33 from 8:30pm to 10:30pm so they could watch the fireworks from there where they would be all alone. They were walking up the stairs that led to the double doors when they started to hear people screaming Harry's name. The duo turned around quickly when they saw a group of girls starting to run towards them. They sprinted up the rest of the stairs closed the double doors as quickly as they could.

"Woah, slow down there kiddos. What's got you two all riled up?" They were face to face with the same waiter as before. He was laughing at the sight of the flustered teenagers. Neither teenager answered him however, but he figured it out when he heard Harry talking on his phone.

"Hey Wade, it's Harry. Fans found out that we're at Club 33 and they're currently keeping watch at the staircase. Can you help us please?" Harry didn't want tonight to turn out into them making a run for it. He loved his fans, but he wanted some personal time.

"Well that answers my question. Ms. Duran if you follow me, your dress awaits." The waiter held his hand out for Kaylani to take it and she gladly did so. When she turned around to see if Harry was still leaning up against the door, she noticed he was walking in an opposite direction with another waiter.

She walked into the women's restroom where she found her dress and shoes lying on a circular couch in the middle of the room. She changed as quickly as she could before fixing her hair and makeup then making her way out to find Harry. When she walked out of the restroom she found Harry leaning against the bar in a black tuxedo. She smiled to herself when she realized how handsome she looked. She made her way over to where he was standing and snuck up on him then whispered in his ear, "you look sexy Mr. Styles."

Harry winked at Kaylani once he saw what she was wearing. She looked super sexy. "So do you Ms. Duran."

The pair laughed at their statements before walking back to the table they sat at earlier in the day. Food was already waiting for them to dig in, so they did so immediately. While Kaylani was chewing she took a minute to glance around the room. This time there were more red roses around the room, music was playing softly in the background, and the shades were open so they could see the commotion going around downstairs in the park.

When they finished eating their food, they shared dessert once again before Harry stood up and offered his hand to Kaylani. "Would you like to dance?" Kaylani smiled largely then took his hand and stood up.

The music in the room had become a lot louder and she noticed it was playing I Will Not Take My Love Away by Matt Wertz. It was one of her favorite songs and it was a slow, intimate song. Harry was holding one of her hands while his other was on the small of her back. Kaylani rested her head on Harry's shoulder now that she was closer to his height in her heels. Everything was perfect. The song, the dim light, the smell of roses, the intimacy of it all was perfect. When that song was over it switched to She Is Love (Acoustic) by Parachute.

Harry couldn't be happier with the way things were turning out. It was a perfect night and this was only making it better. He was smiling inwardly at how perfect everything was until he felt water on his neck. He looked down when he saw Kaylani was silently crying into his neck and on his shoulder.

"Shh, shh. Kaylani, what's wrong?" He could tell she was fighting to keep back the tears, but he didn't know why she was crying. Was everything moving too fast? Was he pushing her too much?

"Ryan sang this song to me one night while Jake played guitar. It just reminds me of him is all. These tears are both sad and happy. Happy because this is perfect and is the best first date I've ever been on, but sad because I just miss Ryan. I don't want to dwell on it or ruin the night though because I know he's probably mad at me for ruining this perfect moment when I'm actually happy for once. All he's ever wanted was for me to be happy. You make me happy Harry." Kaylani had wiped her tears and smiled at Harry. He still looked slightly worried and she wanted to slap herself for ruining such a perfect night, so she leaned her head up and kissed him lightly. "Thank you Harry. For everything."

"I told you I would do whatever it took to make you happy, Kaylani. This is only one part of that." Harry brought one of his hands up and stroked her cheek lightly, wiping away any remaining tears. He continued to gaze into her eyes as he spoke, "We should go now. The fireworks are starting soon."

Harry had told Kaylani yesterday that they would have time to watch the fireworks today and he wanted her to see them from the best spot. Wade had showed him the spot in a picture and worked it out so they would be able to have access to it. He made his way to a staircase in the back of the room that led to the rooftop. Once they reached the rooftop Kaylani noticed there were candles placed everywhere and music was playing softly up here as well. They walked to the edge of the rooftop before leaning against the railing and watching the fireworks, wrapped up in each others arms.

The waiter from earlier had followed the pair onto the rooftop with Kaylani's camera in his hands, per request of Harry. He was sent up to take pictures of the couple so that she could always look back on it and smile when she was feeling down. It was a picture perfect moment and the waiter, Dylan, took the picture at the perfect time. In the picture you could see the silhouette of a girl wrapped up in the arms of a boy as they watched the fireworks that erupted before them. In this specific picture, the firework just so happened to be red and in the shape of a heart. The heart was formatted perfectly around the couple, making it look like it was photoshopped. When the fireworks finished erupting the waiter turned around and went back into the restaurant so he could put Kaylani's camera back in her bag.

Harry also took this cue to ask the question that has been playing over and over in his head all day. He took both of Kaylani's hands in his then turned to face her. The song had just switched to On A Night Like This by Dave Barnes, which was perfect for what Harry was about to do. When Kaylani met his gaze he opened his mouth and spoke the following words with confidence. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Kaylani was shocked that Harry had asked this. They had only known each other for a little over a week. She would love to be his girlfriend but she couldn't help but wonder if they were moving too fast. All she could do was stare at Harry while he waited nervously for her response. When she didn't answer for a few moments, he felt his heart drop slightly. He started to think the worse, until he saw Kaylani smile.

"I would love to." Harry felt himself smiling larger than he has in a while, as did Kaylani. When she said she would be his girlfriend he picked her up off of the floor and spun her around. When she had two feet planted on the ground again, he kissed her. The kiss lasted about a minute until Harry felt Kaylani shaking from the cold.

"We should go back inside, you're freezing cold. You can change back into what you were wearing earlier and Wade said he'll drop off your clothes and heels at your house when he leaves from work." Kaylani nodded her head while still smiling before they decended the staircase and walked into the room, hand in hand. The waiter from earlier winked at Harry before turning around and going back to wiping down the bar counter.

The couple changed back into their other clothes before meeting by the entrance to Club 33. Kaylani was now wearing her Minnie Mouse jumper that Wade bought for her yesterday, and she noticed Harry was wearing a matching Mickey Mouse one. She smiled at him while he simply winked back then grabbed her hand and interlocked their fingers. Kaylani heard a camera make a clicking noise when she realized the waiter took a picture of them. She noticed it was her camera.

"Harry asked me to take pictures of you tonight, so I did. There's some really good ones of you two on the rooftop." The waiter winked at the couple and smiled genuinely.

"Thank you. And thank you for helping out with all of this. It was amazing, honestly. You also look really familiar, have I seen you before?" Kaylani still couldn't get the thought that she knew the man out of her head.

"Remember when you took private vocal lessons a few years back? I worked at the studio with your instructor." His face instantly clicked in Kaylani's mind. He was always listening to her during her private lessons and he would always tell her he knew that one day she was going to be famous. "Mr. Styles, have you ever heard this young lady sing?" Harry nodded in response with a smile on his face. She was amazing. "Judging by the look on your face I'd say you agree with me when you say she should be getting a record deal." Once again, Harry nodded his head. This caused the man to wink. "I told you. Anyway, here's your camera back. It was great to see you again Kaylani. Have a great night."

The couple thanked everyone in the area once more before walking outside. They noticed that the fans that were once sitting at the base of the stairs were gone, and someone from security was there instead. When they walked past him, he nodded his head at the couple before walking away to resume whatever job he had been doing previously.

Harry was glad that he could officially call Kaylani his girlfriend, and Kaylani was glad she could call Harry her boyfriend. She was happy when she was with him and it was something she needed in her life. She really hoped that with Harry by her side she would be able to finally move on. When she thought about how happy she could be and how happy she currently was, she looked up to the stars and mouthed "I love you" knowing that Ryan was looking down on her and smiling. She was finally happy and that's all he ever wanted for her.



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