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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 16: Interrogation

"This is unbelievable." Kaylani had let out a huff of frustration before falling onto the couch in the living room of her aunt's house.

"What's unbelievable, babe?" Harry had a feeling he knew what she was going on about, but he wanted to hear her say it for herself.

"They picked on me instead of you! I'm not kidding when I say that every single time one of my cousins brought their boyfriend or girlfriend to a party they would always interrogate them to an annoying and embarassing extent. Of course with my luck they would pick on me."

"So do you think they liked me?" Harry was glad he had finally met everyone and got the awkward first impressions out of the way. He had actually found it very amusing when Kaylani couldn't say his name because one of her younger cousins screamed it out first. She actually had quite a few younger cousins that were fans of his, but he was glad none of them ran up to him and started hugging his leg. For the most part most of her family didn't really know who he was but he was grateful to be treated like a normal person.

"Of course they do. I never bring a bad guy to meet my family." Kaylani was simply poking fun at Harry. She had remembered the way her family acted when they finally met. They all knew exactly who he was because they had seen the posters on her walls before she redid her room, so to say they were surprised to see him in the flesh was an understatement. They were kind of skeptical at first because of the fact that he was famous and they all thought he would be arrogant and stuck up. After talking for a while they were all proven wrong and she knew that they were glad Kaylani was finally happy again so they didn't interrogate Harry as much as they would have with anyone else.


Kaylani and Harry were sitting in the living room when the rest of the boys showed up with Alanis and Jake. They all looked at Kaylani expectantly. She knew they wanted to know how the introductions went. "It went fine. They were skeptical at first, but they warmed up to him and now I'm pretty sure they love him more than me." Kaylani put on a fake pout which only caused the boys to smirk.

"Well, now you get to go through that all again because you have to introduce the rest of the boys to them!" Jake and Alanis were planning on helping her with the introductions because they knew she had just gone through it all with Harry and they weren't that mean.

Kaylani let out a huge breath of air and let her head fall back against the couch. She had literally just sat down and now she had to get back up to go through more introductions. "Let's get this over with already so I can sit back down!"

Kaylani sat up and pulled Harry with her. If she had to go introduce the rest of the guys she was most definitely going to drag Harry with her. They all made their way outside to the back yard when they noticed that by this point more people were staring at them. She decided to ignore it and walk back over to her main family at the same table they were sitting at before.

"Dang Kaylani. How many boy toys do you need?" One of Kaylani's uncles was cracking up at his own joke. When Kaylani walked up he noticed she now had four more good looking guys with her - and they were all part of the same band she once had posters of on her walls.

"Ha, ha. You're so funny!" Kaylani rolled her eyes and didn't try to hide the sarcasm in her voice. "Guys, you already know Alanis and Jake. This is the rest of One Direction. Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall."

Kaylani pointed to each of the boys as she introduced them. Her family muttered out a series of hellos to which the boys waved and said hello in response. They continued to stand in front of her family for a few moments before she decided it was getting a little too quiet. "Well now that you met, we're gonna go find everyone and hang out with them. Bye!" Kaylani couldn't help but notice the way her family was staring at the boys. They looked like they were all deep in thought about something.

"Wait! We want to talk to you all for a little while." Kaylani literally face palmed herself before sighing and taking a seat. As she did so the rest of her friends followed her lead and did so as well. By the time they were all sitting down they were arranged in a half circle facing the group of adults.

"So, which one of you is Alanis's boyfriend?" Kay's mom knew that Alanis was dating one of the boys as well. She had known that Kaylani was dating one of them too but she didn't know which one because she never got a formal introduction due to work so when she finally met Harry she wasn't surprised he was the one with curly hair and bright green eyes. He was the same one that Kaylani had more posters of on her walls. Before she redid her room her walls were plastered with pictures of One Direction, single posters of Harry (and some of Niall), Justin Bieber, and Cody Simpson.

Liam smiled before speaking up. "That would be me." He and Alanis had only made their relationship official as of yesterday.

"I'm guessing you're Liam then. Al would never shut up about you." Kay's mom was doing this on purpose. She loved to pick on the girls because she knew how much of Directioners they were. This caused Liam to chuckle and wrap an arm around his now blushing girlfriend.

"Hey Kaylani. You must be really, really happy right now?" One of Kaylani's aunts had spoken up this time. She had a devious look in her eye. She was definitely up to something.

"Why?" Kaylani was a little worried about what she was going to say. She knew her family all too well so she knew it would be something embarassing.

"You finally got your wish. What was that statement you told me? 'I like my men like I like my tea. Hot and British with a shot of Irish Creme'?" Kaylani instantly felt her cheeks heat up. She had a feeling someone was going to bring up her infatuation with One Direction. She would be lying if she denied it.

"Oh my gosh that's my signal to leave. Boys, you're on your own. Bye!" Kaylani instantly jumped up out of her seat and ran away. She could hear the boys laughing hysterically behind her. She was so embarassed, she didn't even want to face any of them ever again.

"I should probably go check on her." Harry thought what Kaylani's aunt said was cute. He liked that she was a fan of their music, but he also liked that she treated him like a normal person.

"Nope. We got it. She's not gonna wanna talk to any of you boys for a little while." Jake and Alanis decided they had better check on her because knowing her she wouldn't want to talk to any of the boys now that her aunt said that. She would be too embarassed to face any of them. They both got up and made their way to where Kaylani was before any of the boys could object.

"So boys. Now the interrogating begins." The boys could tell the mood in the area had just shifted dramatically. This was the part Harry was nervous about earlier. He knew that if he wasn't interrogated earlier by her family he would be eventually. He took a deep breath before turning his attention back to the family members that sat in front of him. All he could think to himself was, "Don't say anything stupid, Harry."


Jake and Alanis had found Kaylani sitting in her cousins room on her phone. She was looking at her Twitter feed and was mindlessly drumming her fingers against the bed.

"Kay. Come back out with us. We should probably go save the boys from their impending doom with your family." Alanis knew that the boys were most likely currently undergoing a series of 20 questions between all of Kaylani's aunts, uncles, and parents.

"No. They can suffer for a little longer. My aunt called me earlier asking if I was bringing anyone so I told her about the boys and of course you two. I specifically asked her to interrogate the boys for my own personal pleasure." Kaylani was laughing and smirking deviously as she layed back onto the bed. She had this all planned out, minus the jokes aimed at her, and so far it was working perfectly.

"You're evil!" Jake jumped on top of Kaylani on the bed and started laughing as she squirmed under him. "But I think we could get some valuable information out of it so I'll let it slide. We'll give them about ten minutes."

The three best friends started to laugh hysterically as they thought of the possible emotions running through the boys minds right now. None of them had any idea what they were getting themselves into and Kaylani knew that her family would do a great job of torturing the boys. She was definitely going to enjoy hearing about this later on.


Every time I would start writing this chapter I would get halfway through and then my computer would shut off on me and I'd lose everything I wrote. :( I'm sorry it took a few days to update. <3


Hey hey,don't you wanna update?pleaaaaase...????this story is AMAYZAAAAAYYYYN!!!!!!!!you really are a talented writer. I understand it could be hard to update with all this school and stuff you have to deal with in life,but I guess you could find a tiny time to write,right????? :))))))) pleaaaaaseee

Omg!! Thankfully u will update I was waiting for your update .. Amazing story . Love it

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You are not the worst auther ever. You are one of the best I have found on here. I was reading one story on here almost a year ago and they haven't updated in a year. I think they are still really good even if they haven't update because I know people have lives other then writing a fan fiction. Take your time on writing because normally when it's longer to write a song they are one of the best chapters ever even if they are short. The size of the chapter doesn't matter it's the contexts that's in the story that will get to people. That stands out and make people want to read and makes them love the story that talited authers like you have and can make. Never stop believe in yourself you are doing great. Update when you can. I love the story just the way you have it. Hope to see a update soon. :-)

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