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Making New Imagines For You :)


If you want an imagine you have to give me some basic info first:
Name, age, what 1D member(s) you want in your imagine, what you look like, your style, makeup, hair, clothes what you like and don't like your personality and your ideas on what the imagine would be about. I don't judge or bully :) And I won't be putting in any gross sex stuff in here because it's just not my thing. Your imagine can be about anything. The imagines will be put into new chapters.


Member of 1D

Member of 1D

Your desired member of One Direction



You yourself and you


  1. Not an imagine

    I just need to add the first chapter for this to be seen :)

  2. Imagine for Kirsten

    Imagine for Kirsten and Niall

  3. Imagine for Sydney

    Imagine with Sydney and Harry.

  4. Imagine For Helen

    Imagine for Helen and Liam

  5. Imagine For Rachel

    Imagine with Rachel and Harry


    This isn't an imagine just check it out! A directioner's dream!


I forgot personality. I am a generally a caring person until you piss me off. Than i'm teh increadble hulk.
Hi i'm Cora quirk i am 13 but for the imagine can i be 18?Niall or Zayn. I have medium length blonde and maroon hair. It is straight unless i curl/crimp it. I am 5,2 my eyes change color( NO JOKE) my style would be semi fancy. I do love to dress up. But, i also love the casual look. I wear a small cats eye with light eye shadow and lots of mascara( love the long lashes)https://www.facebook.com/cora.quirk/photos_all check out my face book photos if you want. I love to eat but i don't like being fat. I love doing hair and make up. and desging/ picking out outfits. I hate mornings. I don't like my stomach. Could maybe Niall and Zayn figth over me. You can choose the winner :) thankssss
No problem! I'll work on one!
JLoves1D JLoves1D
Im Rachel Evans! I have curly brown hair ( long), hazel eyes and dimples. Can I have one where me and Harry are best friends and I have feelings for him. He overhears me telling Louis my feelings and later confronts me about it. He feels the same! :) Thanks Love x
Hiiii I'm Helen :) I love Liam <3 I have long dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes, I usually don't put anymore makeup than just mascara, I'm usually a happy nice person until someone pisses me off then I become Louis XD I have no idea.. But I like imagines that are sad but end with a happy ending :)
FutureMrsPayne FutureMrsPayne