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Perfect Act

Little Talks

Zayns PoV
Eliza left early the next morning claiming that it was bad enough sleeping under the same room as us five guys and she didnt want to spend another minute with us. Bella dragged herself out of bed and hugged her goodbye. The fact that she actually got up at 8:30 to do so showed me how close they were. Bella had breakfast and them got in the shower coming out wearing clothes that told you she wouldn't be going anywhere soon. Somehow she still managed to look amazing though. I needed to figure out when to talk to her about the other night. We barely spoke yesterday. I knew it couldn't just be a bad dream because no-one crys like that if it was just a dream. When the others went out to get some food for lunch I decided that this was probably my best opportunity. Bella was just sitting on the couch reading so I sat down next to her. She looked up.

"Yeah?" She said in a cluless voice. I decided to just come out and say it.

"What exactly happened the other night? And don't just say it was a bad dream because we both know there is more to it." It came out a little harsh and I did not mean to say it like that. Bella looked a little stunned.

"Well that's all it was, a bad dream." She said defensively.

"Common Bella cut the bullshit." I regretted saying it as soon as the words came out of my mouth.

"You have no fucking right to say that. I had a bad dream. 5 words. Is it really that hard to comprehend?" She hissed. I sat there shocked. "Could you just like, forget it ever happened coz it wasn't anything big so- yeah." She went back to reading and I decided that I wasn't going to get anything else out of her.

"Fine." I huffed and stood up.

"Zayn wait!" I turned back around. "Please don't be mad at me." My face softened when I saw the real worry in her eyes.

"I'm not mad at you I'm just worried. You never talk about your past or you family or anything. I don't think it was just a dream but if you really want I will let it go. I'm just worried." She looked down at the ground and took a deep breath.

"Thanks but, I'm fine" she smiled softly and went back to her book.

Liam's PoV
"I'll take two large meal deals with choc think shakes as the drinks and an Angus burger for the burgers. Also a happy meal with six nuggets and a thick shake. Ok what do you all want." We all shook our heads at the food Niall had ordered and told the employee what we wanted. I also ordered for Zayn and got a frappé for Bella. Thankfully there was almost no-one in this McDonalds and the workers seemed to only be guys. We got back to the car 100% unnoticed and went back to the apartment building. When we walked inside we found Bella completely engrossed in her book, not even noticing we were back. Louis had a devilish smile on and I new this couldn't end well. He snuck up behind her, put his head right next to hers and shouted.

"BOO!" Bella screamed and hit him of the head with her book before realising who it was.

"Louis William Tomlinson what the fuck were you thinking!" She shouted. Zayn had ran into the room when he heard her scream but was now laughing along with the rest of us.

"What the fuck was I thinking?! What the fuck were you thinking! That book is like a rock!"

"You deserved it!" They both rolled there eyes and we all sat down still laughing and got out our food.

"We got you a drink," I handed it to Bella. She smiled and thanked us. After lunch me and the boys started getting ready for our first interview in Australia. This morning we had tweeted that we were staying in Australia with a friend. We talked to Bella about telling the fans who we were staying with and agreed that for now it was best to not mention her name or let anyone see pictures of her. None of us had said anything this morning, but we had all been thinking about the questions the interviewer might ask. No matter how many interviews we did the nerves would never completely go away. After the interview we were going to the recording studio for a few hours and Bella was coming too. Niall had said that she had loved music when she was little and knew she liked it now. So did Jamie actually, he wrote his own songs and everything.

As always I was ready about 20 minutes early so it was just me and Bella.

"Uh Bella." I had wanted to talk to her about something for a while but never got a good chance to.

"Yeah," she smiled.

"Um about ky," her face fell immediately and she looked at the ground,

"What." She muttered, letting her hair fall infront of her face to hide her discomfort. I sighed. This is why I hadn't really wanted to talk to her about it. She had been through a lot to do with him and probably didnt want to be reminded.

"You said that your friends helped you with him when you were dating. Did you tell them what happened the other night." She hesitated then shook her head.

"How am I meant to tell them that. It's not like I can just casually say 'hey, oh remember ky, my abusive ex that you managed to scare off. Well he came back into town the other day and raped me, just though I'd let you know'. What they don't know won't really hurt them so Im not going to tell them." I took a deep breath, taking in what she said. I understood why she didn't want to tell them but they were her best friends. How could she not tell them?

"Ok. Well if you ever need to talk to me about it you know I'm here for you." She smiled at me and pulled me into a hug.

"Thank you Liam."

Zayns PoV
I stood with my eyes wide open. I was definitely not meant to hear that. I understood what Bellas dream must have been about now and why she didnt want to talk about it. I couldn't tell her I knew, she would get so mad at me and I really did not want her to be mad. But why did Liam know? Why him and not any of us? Does Eliza know? Does Luke know? Does Jamie know? All I know is that, for now at least, I can't tell Bella I know.

"Boys we need to go," Liam called out. I waited a few seconds so he wouldn't know I was eavesdropping then bounced out of the room.

"Let's go. It's not a long interview so we should be back in under 2 hours to pick you up and we'll head over to the recording studio." I smiled at Bella. She hugged us all goodbye and we left for our interview.

Harry's PoV
The hug ended way to quickly for my liking. I caught a final glance of her smile before the door closed.


"...and we're now here with British boy band One Direction!" We were met with screams as we sat walked on stage and sat down. The interview begun.

"So boys. You got to chose one country for ten months and you picked Australia. Don't get me wrong we're honoured, but why us?" She leaned forward.

"Well," Louis begun. "We though back to all the countries from our Up All Night tour and we all just decided that we really wanted to go back to Australia. It's beautiful here, and we're very exited to have a hot sunny Christmas later on in the year. A thought it is weird that its June and winter."

We went through the typical questions. Who was single (me zayn and Niall), What was up next for the band etc. then came the questions we were all hoping she might forget about.

" So, if you don't mind me asking. What exactly are you living arrangements." Niall answered this question.

"Well one of my friends lives here in Australia and she very kindly is letting us stay with her while we're in Australia." He smiled charmingly.

"I'm sorry, did I hear correct. Your staying with a girl?" She was obviously shocked.

"Yes but to keep her privacy we aren't going to tell you her name or anything so yea sorry bout that." Zayn shrugged.

"So your living with a girl. Three of you are single. Anything going on there." She raised her eyebrows suggestively and I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes.

"Um no she's just a friend. Smoking hot though." I smirked while saying that last bit so if Bella was watching she would think nothing of it. Really, I wasn't lying. We all knew it. She was beautiful. My comment earned a laugh from the interviewer. We finished our interview and got back in the car to pick up Bella. She met us down at the car in skinny jeans and a short top that said 'don't let anyone dull your *sparkle* '

"Naww you have plenty of sparkle," Louis joked. Bella smiled and rolled her eyes at Louis.

"thanks but i dont need anytone telling me that." She winked and we all laughed.

Once we got to the studio we told Bella we had to do a few things but we told her where and when to meet us, then we headed off.


What do you think? Not getting many comments or subscribers so I'm not sure if anyone is actually reading this.........

title is 'Little Talks' by of monsters of men


Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^