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Perfect Act


Harrys pov
I was so glad that Mum and Gemma liked Bella. Not that it would change anything if they didnt, but the fact that they both love her is great.

"Harry walk more quietly!" Niall hissed. I rolled my eyes. They boys had convinced me to evesdrop on the girls (Bella Eliza El and Dani) with them. I 'walked more quietly' towards the door of Louis' room where the girls were. Instantly I heard giggling. Why do girls giggle so much?

"I have a question." That was El I think. "How would you want a guy to propose to you?" Girls....

"I wouldn't want something big. Just something nice, weather it was out to dinner or while watching tv, I wouldn't care, as long as I loved him." El laughed at Bella response.

"Oh Bella my dear. You only get one proposal, hopefully. You seriously don't care?" I could practically see Bella shrugging.

"I sound really bad for saying this after what Bella said, but I want my guy to go all out with it." Dani's voice. Louis snickered.

"Better get saving up Liam," Liam rolled his eyes.

"Shut up!" Louis raised his hands in surrender. We heard a slight pause from the other side of the door, but only for a second.

"I have a secret." El.

"Really? Spill!" Bella.

"You have to promise not to tell any of the guys," El.

"Ok, as long as you promise not to tell them what I tell you after," Dani.

"Yeah I have a secret too," Bella. Wow that's 3/4 girls that have a secret. Glad I agreed to listen in.

"Ok well.." El paused. "I think I'm gonna break up with Louis." I froze, I looked at Louis who had frozen aswell.

"What? Why!" The other girls all whined.

"I just don't love him anymore. Honestly I'm getting sick of him. He's really immature and quite franctly very annoying!" I could see tears pooling in Louis' eyes.

"Dani you have to tell us your secret now." El said.

"Ok, well." Pause. "I was also thinking of braking up with Liam." Liam's face instantly paled. "I just can't trust him." Liam looked down guiltily. "Anyways, I can't really trust myself either, I mean I've been cheating on him for what, 6 months now? Honestly I'll probably break up with Liam for Oliver." Who the hell is Oliver? The guilt on Liam's face had been replaced with pure anger and betrayal.

"Since we're sharing things.." Bella trailed off. "I think I'm in love." Oh my god, was she going to tell them. The boys and I all leant into the door even more. "You know how a few weeks ago I met that guy at the shops?" Huh. "Well we've been going on heaps of dates, I think I love him." WHAT???

"Oh my god Bella yay I'm so happy for you, and he is really cute," All the girls squeeled. By now us five all were leaning our full weight on the door.

"Im still not sure what Perries gonna do. I mean when she was here she slept with Niall, and she said she really felt something, but shes still not sure about whether or not to break things off with Zayn," Zayn looked like her was about to rip someone's throat out, more specifically Nialls throat, Niall eyes were so wide. Maybe evesdropping wasn't such a good idea.

"I realised something the other day about guys....." Eliza trailed off. Suddenly the door opened and we all toppled on top of each other.

"They are really bad at eavesdropping." The girls all burst out laughing looking at us. While they were practically rolling on the floor laughing, we were groaning and starting to stand up, completely confused.

"What?" Louis was the first to speak.

"Oh my god your faces!" Eliza had tears in her eyes she was laughing so hard.

"That was like, the funniest thing ever!" El squealed. Okay someone better tell me what's going on.

"Ha look how confused they are," Bella laughed.

"Ok. What the fuck?" Zayn demanded.

"We realised you guys were evesdropping, so we decided to have some fun." They smiled.

"Wait, none of those things were true?" They all shook there heads.

"So El you still love me?" Louis asked

"To the moon and back babe! Especially your immature side!" She giggled.

"And Dani you trust me? And you havnt been cheating on me?" Liam questioned.

"I'd never cheat on you Liam. I love you. And yes I forgave you." She gave a relieved looking Liam a hug.

"And Perrie never slept with Niall?" Zayn asked.

"Of course not! You know how much she loves you." Bella smiled.

"And Bella, your not in love?" Niall asked.

"I'm not in love with any guy I met at the shops." I smiled at the way she didnt actually deny being in love.

"You know that was really mean." Niall pouted.

"You were evesdropping. You deserved it." Eliza defended.


"Niall just leave it." Zayn was smiling. "We've learnt our lesson." We all laughed and went back down stairs.


"Ok, who wants a beer," we all put our hands up immediately. Bella drowned her beer instantly and grabbed another one.

"Woah, might wanna slow down there," she smirked.

"I know what I can handle." She winked while opening another bottle.



"No we always play that," Bella whined.

"We'll fffine, whatt do youuuuu want to playyyyy," Niall slurred. Bella was as drunk as Niall and it was frinken adorable.

"I got it!" She squeeled clapping her hands. "Hide and seek. Lets play drunk hide and seek." She looked so happy with her idea. We all nodded.

"Bags not being it!" Bella, Niall, Eliza, Dani, and Louis all yelled at the same time. In the end Liam ended up being it.

"20...19...18....17....16...15...14-" we all ran out of the room. I followed Bella who ran upstairs and hopped into the bath behind the curtain, giggling. I sat down next to her making her squeel.

"I didnt see you there Harry!" She continued to giggle.

"Do you know how adorable you are when your drunk?" I told her. She Giggled. "I love you so much Bella," Giggle. "Are you always like this drunk." Giggle. Eventually she stopped giggling.

"There are like a magabazilion different drunk me's. This is giggly me! There are sooo many more drunk meeeee's" she hiccuped and started giggling. I couldn't help but laugh myself, she's just so damn cute. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Shhh Bella you have to be quiet or Liam's gonna find us," she giggled again.

"Liam. That's a funny name. Leeeyumm. Hehe his name has yum in it! Li-yum! But its not as funny as your name Styles. Like what are you, a hair product-" I cut her off by smashing my lips to hers, she responded instantly while I heard Liam pass the bathroom. I broke the kiss but stayed very close to her.

"Well. That's one way to shut me up," She whispered seductively before giggling again. I smirked and leant back in, pressing my lips to hers. Suddenly I heard the door start to open so I pulled away and leant back more behind the curtain.

Liam's PoV
I walked past the bathroom, towards Louis' room, but them heard giggling. Bella giggling more specifically. She hadn't stopped giggling for like an hour. Honestly it was pretty cute. I snuck back to the bathroom door and opened it it quickly. I could see Harry and Bella trying to hide behind the shower curtain of the bath. It looked like they were.......no. But before I came in were they....no. But I swear I saw.....no. Just no.

"Harry I think he found us!" Bella whispered, well at least she tried to whisper, it was very loud. Harry chuckled.

"Yes I think he did." Harry was obviously finding Bellas drunken state very funny.

"If gonna try and sneak out and maybe he won't see me!" Bella stood up "snuck" past me. Me and Harry took one look at each other and burst out laughing. I creeped up behind Bella and lifted her up and spun her around while she squealed like a little girl.

"Found you." I simply state, still not putting her down.

"Harry he has me but its not too late for you, go run!" She waved her hands in the opposite direction trying to get Harry to run away. I turned around to face Harry.

"Found you Harry." I finally put Bella down.

"Noooo Harry!!!" Bella whined. "You should have run when I told you too, he wouldn't have found you!" By this time everyone had come out of there hiding spots.

"Why is Bella yelling?" Eliza looked so confused I had to smile.

"Harry could have escaped Leeee-yum but he just stayed there! And them he was found-ed-d. It's not fair." Bella pouted. We were all laughing and smiling at how cute Bella and Eliza were being. As if on cue there heads both shot up to each other. They both smiled.

"Are you thinking what Im thinking B1?" Eliza asked. Bella nodded,

"I think I am E2," And with that they disappeared downstairs into Bellas room.

"Does anybody know what just happened?"

Harry's PoV
We left the two girls alone for about 40 minutes before they re-emerged from the room.

"Mr. Hair-product, do you know where my iPad is?" Bella asked smiling innocently. I laughed and handed it to her.

"You ready Eliza?" She practically skipped back to her room. We all followed confused. Bella was putting on her iPad and was on the camera app.

"Umm....what are you two doing?" Niall asked, now more sober then before but still very much drunk.

"Recording a song." She smiled.

"Huh?" Zayn spoke on behalf of all of us.

"Remember how I told you there were heaps-es-s of drunk meeeee's Harryyy? Well sometimes when me and Eeylaza get drunkk we write a songgg and record it-" she giggled. "-coz we don't remember the next morning." Cue more giggles.

"Wait, you've been writing a song?" Bella nodded. "And now your recording it because you won't remember tomorrow?" I clarified.

"Yep yep yeppidy yep!" We all scattered ourself around the room, knowing the two were too drunk to think about kicking us out. I had heard Bella sing but none of the others had. Bella looked around the room as if searching for something. Her eyes lit up when she saw something near El.

"El can you be a doll and pass me them pwetty pweese?" El looked confused but passed Bella what she had asked for.......drum sticks? The iPad was sitting on the bed and Bella and Eliza were facing the iPad, meaning facing us too. Bella clicked the record button on the iPad then started doing a really complicated pattern with the drum sticks on the edge of the desk, but she looked as if she didnt even realise what she was doing. ((A/N Please listen to 'something that we're not' by Demi while/ before/ after reading this)) Then Eliza started singing.

I shoulda known when I got you alone
That you were way too into me to know
This isn't love boy, this ain't even close
But you always think we're something that we're not
And now you call me every single night
I only answer cause I'm too polite
We happened once, or maybe it was twice
Yeah you always make it hard for me to stop
But you always think we're something that we're not

She looked more carefree then I had ever seen her. After Eliza finished singing she looked to Bella who smiled and started singing. Her voice was phenomenal, honestly I'm surprised she can still sing this well so drunk.

You wanna be more than just friends
I can't go through this again
Stop trying get inside my head
Don't wanna do more than hookup
It's getting stupid cause
I shoulda known but I forgot
That you think we're something that we're not

The others all looked so surprised. None of them knew that Bella could sing, let alone sing that well. If she wanted to she could have made a career out of singing. Bella and Eliza sung the rest of the song together. Jumping up and down and laughing. I watched in complete awe along with the others.

I hear you're telling every one you know
That I'm the one like you cant let me go
And you just keep on blowing up my phone
Cause you never seem to know when you should stop
Don't introduce me to any of your friends
Delete my number, don't call me again
We had some fun, but now it's gonna end
But you always made it hard for me to stop
Now you always think we're something that we're not
You wanna be more than just friends
I can't go through this again
Stop trying get inside my head
Don't wanna do more than hookup
It's getting stupid cause
I shoulda known but I forgot
That you think we're something that we're not
Something that we're not
You think we're something that we're not
Yeah, you think we're something that we're

Not gonna happen dude

You wanna be more than just friends
I can't go through this again
Stop trying get inside my head
Don't wanna do more than hookup
It's getting stupid cause
I shoulda known but I forgot
That you think we're something that we're not
You think we're something that we're not
Something that we're not
You think we're something that we're not
But you think we're something that we're not.

After they finished Bella started giggling again.

"That was fun!" Eliza nodded in agreement.

"Dude we're soooo nottt ganna remember dis tomorrrow! Hehe!" And with that they left the room.

"Ok, since when can Bella sing like that? She's fucking amazing!" Niall slurred.

"Yeah, did any of you guys know she could sing?" Zayn asked. We all shook our heads.

"You reaken she was not telling us on purpose?" We all shrugged.

"Whatever the reasons she didnt tell us I don't care. She's amazing."

Eliza PoV
I moaned into the pillow. My head was pounding so badly. Damn I must of had a shitload to drink last night. I wish I was like Bella, I don't think she's had a bad hangover ever. I forced my eyes open. Baaad idea. The light was blinding. Slowly, very very slowly I sat up and looked at my surroundings. I was on the floor. My legs were draped over Bella's back. Bella was sleeping with her head face down in a pillow, her hair spread around her head like a flower. I think we're in Liam's room. Or Nialls. Maybe Louis'. Ugh I have no idea. I used the edge of the bed to pull myself up. Yup, Nialls room. I sighed and walked downstairs with my hand supporting my head because I honestly felt like its just gonna roll off my neck. As I entered the kitchen Louis smiled brightly at me.

"Good morning sunshine!" He beamed and I instantly covered me ears and squeezed my eyes shut. I opened them when I felt his hands guiding me towards one of the seats at the bench.

"How bad?" He asked, referring to my hangover.

"I feel like someone's standing next to me continually bashing a hammer on my head,"

"So very bad." I groaned in response.

"Bella mentioned something about a super hangover cure drink thing. She said she left the ingredients list somewhere, any idea where?" He asked. I kept my head on the cool bench top with my eyes closed.

"Probably taped to the top of the freezer in a container."

"Alright..." He trailed off and I heard the freezer open and him fiddle around with something. I winced when he closed the freezer loudly.

"Sorry love, but you were right. I have the recipe here, I'll make some." I mumbled a thank you. I knew the recipe he was talking about. After Bella's first hangover she chucked a bunch of stuff in a blender and it turned out to end up being the first amazing hangover cure that tastes good. For about five minutes I could heard Louis fiddling with things. Suddenly I felt him helping me off the seat and towards the couch, my eyes still closed.

"I'm gonna turn the blender on so you might wanna cover your ears, Kay?" I nodded weakly, lying down on the couch with his help. Why is Louis acting so nice all of a sudden. Like a week ago he was still being a complete ass but now he was actually being sweet. I pressed my hands into my ears more when I heard the sound of the blender. Finally it stopped.

"Here you go," Louis helped me sit up and brought the cup up to my mouth helping me drink. I smiled.

"Thank you Louis."


I thought I'd end this chapter on a nice part. Not much drama this chapter, but just you wait ;)

please let me know ur thoughts in the comments, I LOVE reading them. 59 subscribers!!!!! Yay you guys are awesome.

I can't think of any questions but what do you think will happen next?

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Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^