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Perfect Act

Should be me

Zayns PoV
"Niall it's like 4 in the afternoon. We are not ordering pizza." I said. He scoffed.

"We can have dinner now and a second dinner later," Niall smiled at his 'brilliant' idea.

"Niall if you want pizza just go order pizza." Bella told him. Niall bounced up and down like a little kid.

"This is why she's my favourite," he gave her a hug before grabbing the phone.

"Does any one else want some or am I just ordering for me?" He asked.

"I actually have to go, I only came to be here when Bella came home." Eliza said.

"Me too," Jamie and Luke said at the same time. They all gave Bella a hug. But of course Eliza didn't leave without speaking to the rest of us.

"Make sure she's ok. If something goes wrong call me straight away. If she so much as coughs take her to the doctors. Don't let her do too much, make sure she has a lot of water-"

"Eliza." Louis cut her off. "We've got it. She'll be ok, I solemnly swear to take good care of Bella and notify you if needed. Go, do whatever you need to, we'll be fine." He spoke with a sincere tone. Eliza smiled.

"Thank you Louis." Then they left.

"So......pizza?" Niall questioned. Bella shook her head.

"Not for me, I'll eat something later." Dani and me also declined while the others all gave Niall their orders. He came and sat back down. An awkward silence fell upon the room. For about a minute the 8 of us just sat there.

"Anyone wanna watch tv?" I asked. Bella grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. The screen turned on.......Greys Anatomy.

"Guys can we-"

"Shut up Zayn!" Niall yelled at me. What the fuck? I looked at Bella who watched the tv for a few seconds and gasped.

"Oh my god this episode no I can't watch this one again its too sad." She covered her face with her hands. I reached for the remote and went to turn it off, but Bella slapped my hand.

"What are you doing? Don't turn it off!" I shook my head and leant back into the couch. El Dani and.....Niall all crowded around Bella watching the tv intently. Some girl covered in blood trapped under what locked like part of a plane talked to and older guy in blue who looked like crap. They were both crying. Whatever.

I took out my phone and scrolled through twitter. There were thousands of posts about Bella, asking why she was in hospital, was she ok, and things like that, barely any bad things. After about a half hour the episode of greys anatomy ended. The four who were watching looked like they were about to burst into tears. I don't know why, the only other part I saw was near the end, two people in the woods sharing gum.

There was a knock on the door (the pizza I'm guessing) surprisingly Niall didnt jump up, he just continued to look at the empty tv screen. I stood up and went to the door, paying the guy and bringing in the pizza. We all ate (not me Bella and Dani) and then we put on a movie. About an hour into the not very interesting movie, all of us but Niall were on our phones. Bella was leaning on me, and I was able to see her phone. She was scrolling through twitter. About 95% of things were 'get better' like messages. She stopped scrolling when it came to one particular tweet from yesterday.

@Directionerforlife: @AussieBellaRamos I hope you die in that hospital. You don't deserve to live, your an ugly slut who just wants One Direction for the fame. Do us all a favour, Go Die Bitch!

My eyes widened. Fuck some people were really nasty. It disgusted me that this girl said she was a Directioner. Was the world so fucked up that girls were telling Bella to die when they had never even met her. I guess so. Bella turned her screen off and put the phone back on her lap. I turned my head and whispered in her ear.

"Don't bother even reading those types of comments. Girls like that are just jealous of how amazing you are, if they met you Im 99% sure they would like you." She looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

"What about the other 1%" I smiled at her.

"I am 1% sure they would drop down on one knee and propose, but I figure my other hypotheses is more likely." She laughed quietly.

"Thanks Zayn," I smiled and she leant her head back on me. I kissed the top of her head softly before returning my attention back to the tv screen. I noticed Harry glaring at me from the other side of the room. I attempted to make eye contact with him but he looked away. What was his problem?

After the movie finished we put in a more interesting one. Half way through Louis and Eleanor went back to El's hotel room. Dani and Liam went back to Liam's room. Bella was barely keeping her eyes open, it wasn't drasticly late but I knew she had less energy than usual.

Harry's phone rang so he left the room.

Harry's PoV
Once in my room I looked at the caller ID and answered.

"...hey Simon." I was not looking forward to this phone call.

"Harry would you like to explain to me what happened today." I sighed.

"I didnt call Paul to help me with Bella when leaving the hospital, but I should have because there were hundreds of pap."

"That's not what I'm talking about." I could hear the annoyance in Simons voice.

"Harry you yelled and were rude to Paul, you know he was just trying to do his job. I want you to apologise next time you see him." I nodded, then remembered he couldn't see me.

"Ok, I'll apologise."

"Good, may I ask why you got so mad?" I sighed.

"I don't know," I mumbled.

"Apparently you got quite worked up when he was questioning your judgement over protecting Bella." His voice was knowing and stern.

"Yeah....." I trailed off.

"Harry, I don't have time for this conversation now, but we will finish this another time." With that he hung up. Ahh fuck. I left my room and went back to where most of the others were. I had to restrain myself from screaming at what I saw. Bella was lying between Zayns legs with her head resting on his chest, asleep. Zayn was on his phone. They looked like such a couple. That should be me laying with Bella on the couch, not fucking Zayn. I was her boyfriend, not him. Zayn looked up at me and frowned.

"You okay Hazz?" I smiled stiffly.

"Yup," I walked in to the kitchen and made some tea, something to distract myself from the fact that my girlfriend was lying on top of another guy.

Bellas PoV
I woke up, and could tell I wasn't in a bed. I thought back to last night. I must have fallen asleep on Zayn during the movie. Whoops. I reached for my phone and checked the time 4:30am. Hmm. Carefully. So I didn't wake Zayn, I stood up. I noticed Harry and Niall on the other side of the room, both asleep. I quickly checked my phone for any notifications, just a bunch of things on twitter. I saw one from Zayn. It was a picture of me asleep from last night.

@zaynmalik: Naww how cute does she look ^__^ having a good sleep @AussieBellaRamos

I rolled my eyes and walked into my room, deciding to go for a run. I changed into some running shorts and a tank top and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I grabbed my phone and headed out the door. Thankfully there were no paperazzi just yet. I ran to the park nearby. It had a bike track coming off it so I decided to run along that. At 6:30 I decided to head back. I got back to the building at about 8:30, so I used the back door to avoid press, I didnt need a picture of me all sweaty circling the Internet. As I walked through the apartment door 5 heads turned to me (Louis wasn't there but Dani was).

"Where were you?" Zayn demanded.

"I went for a run."

"How did you manage to get up so early?" Niall asked. "I was up at 7 and you were already gone." I shrugged at him.

"I used to go for a run in the morning all the time, but then I got to lazy to get up so early. I woke up at 4:30 so I decided to go for a run." Harry's eyes widened.

"You've been running for about 4 hours!" I nodded.

"That's why I am about to go have a shower. I went into my room to grab some clothes, then went into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I tuned the water on, and let cold water run over me, refreshing me. I should go for runs more often, like I used to. Why did I ever stop?


First thing I must say, I couldn't think of a chapter name, when and if I come up with a better one I will change it.

Secondly, AHHH OM MY FRICKIN GOD THE CONCERT WAS BLOODY AMAZING THEY CAME SO CLOSE LIKE LESS THAN 20 METERS IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! When they all left the stage at the end I was practically in tears because they were just... gone. this morning I woke up and just sat up in bed for ten minutes straight, processing that I actually saw one direction, but now they r gone and I may never see them again (hopefully I will though)

Ok, back to the story. As always lemme know what you think and what you think will happen next. Comment, rate, subscribe. Especially rate, I'm trying to get it back up to a 10.0 :)
and comment, I love the comments, they are like my favourite part of having a story on this site :D love you guys xoxoxo


Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^