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Perfect Act

Love All Round

Harry's PoV
When the nurse went to get the others Bella made me get out of the bed, much to my disappointment. But I got why, it might, fine it would look like we were to close if we were cuddled like that. I sat next to her and watched as everyone piled into the room chorusing greetings.

"How are you feeling love?" Eleanor asked with a sympathetic look on her face.

"I'm doing alright. Um, do any of you know how long I have to stay here for?" Dani answered Bella.

"A week. Then they said you can go home." Bella huffed and pouted.

"Seriously? 7 full days of sitting in this bed. Fun," she rolled her eyes. I shook my head and held back a smile.

"Hey, you don't get to do that! You'll be at home with real food, normal clothes and outsideness."

"Hon outsideness isn't a word," Louis smiled. Everyone chuckled while Bella rolled her eyes and pouted, then smiled. We all talked for a while, then visiting hours were over so we all left.

The next morning when we all came back, Bella had her usual colour back in her face and was very lively. we all talked for a while then we decided to go get some food. Since Bella wasn't allowed any real food yet she made us promise to eat out, then come back. We all argued for a while about leaving her alone so in the end Zayn stayed back while Bella forced the rest of us out.

Zayns PoV
Bella and I talked for a while, then she turned on the tv to watch Friends. My phone buzzed. I looked down at it and smiled.

from Perrie<3: can't wait to see you. Only 2 more weeks :)

I went to reply but stopped when I saw Bella looking at me with raised eyebrows.

"So who ya texting," she smirked. I blushed but pretended to brush it off.

"Oh, just Hazz," she pursed her lips and nodded.

"So, if you really were texting Harry just then, have you told him that your in love with him." My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

"What?" I squeeled. I cleared my throte in attempt to get the girly squeak gone. "What?" It didnt work -__- Bella was laughing at me.

"Oh my god you have to speak like that more often!" She continued laughing, holding her stomach and biting her lip at the same time though. I could tell the laughing was hurting her, so I was glad when she stopped.

"Zayn, who were you really texting." She looked into my eyes determined for the answer and I had to look away or I was going to give in.

"No one," I mumbled. She huffed and rolled her eyes.

"C'mon you have to tell me! I almost died you should do me this one little favour." She pouted.

"Hey No fair you don't get to play that card." She huffed, then I saw her have a lightbulb moment.

"Alright, alright. You don't have to tell me." I went to talk but she wasn't finished. "But, if you Don't tell me I'll just have to tell all the others about you and your "texting buddy". Your choice." She smiled triumphantly when my shoulders slumped.

"Fine, but please don't tell the others," I pleaded. She smiled, more nicely this time.

"I won't. Pinky promise. So who are ya texting." I sighed.

"Have you heard of Little Mix?" She nodded.

"Yeah, there that girl group that won X-Factor, right?"

"Yep, well...... You know Perrie Edwards." Bella started smiling.

"The pretty blonde one?" I nodded slowly.

"Well we've sort of been dating for a while....." I trailed off. I looked up at Bella......and she started fan girling.

"OHMIGOD you two would be so cute together! And your both in X-Factor made bands! And OHMIGOD you might get married! If you have kids please can I be a godparent! Oh wow your babies would be so beautiful and-"

"BELLA!" I cut her off. "Calm. The. Hell. Down" I spoke slowly. She laughed and nodded.

"Whatever. You totally love her though." I blushed and looked down. She gasped.

"Oh my god you do, you do! Does she know?" I shook my head.

"I don't know if she feels the same way. We've been going out for a few months so-"

"Show me your phone." Bella interjected. I shook my head and furrowed my eyebrows.

"Why would I do that?" She rolled her eyes and muttered something about boys being idiots.

"Because dumbass if you let me see the texts I can tell you whether or not she loves you too." I scoffed.

"Yeah right." She just wanted to read through the texts.

"Zayn Malik I could tell you were in love with the girl you were texting from one look. Trust me, I can tell." She held her hand out. Oh what the hell. I handed my phone to her. She started scrolling through. She would smile and 'aww' every now and then. After a minute she handed my phone back.

"Yep, she loves you. You should tell her in two weeks when you see her." My heart fluttered. Two weeks. In two weeks I would see Perrie again.

"Uh-Bella." I stared.


"Well. I am going to tell the guys, but I want to be able to have some time with just Perrie before everyone finds out, I'll tell them after a few hours though. She's staying for a week. So do you think you'd be able to help us sneak out to go on a date sometime before the guys find out." I looked up nervously. Bella smiled.

"Absolutely. Do I get to meet her?" She asked with a puppy dog face.

"Yeah, you don't think I would let my girlfriend come into town and not introduce her to you." I winked and Bella laughed.


......yea I know not much really happened. I wanted to introduce zerrie into it though. Since this is so crappy I will do my best to do another update later today. So, as always lemme know what you think will happen next. Comment. Rate. Subscribe.

How do you think Perrie and Bella will get along


Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^