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One Hit Wonder


Sylvia Harris, Ivy Gray, and Adelaide Collins have been life long friends. Each of them loves music with all their hearts'. One day, they had the courage to become a band, and write one song. Though fame was the last thing of their minds when the girls posted their song on the Internet. Before the girls knew it, their video was viewed 10 times, then 1,000 times. It kept growing each day. The girls didn't know what to think of it. Especially, when they got a message from a music producer to publish their song!

But, with fame comes a price. Will all the girls pay the price? Or will they learn the hard way? And who helped them get produced in the first place?

Co-written by WishingOnDreams and ChocolateStrawberries.

[One Direction Fan-Fiction]



OMG this is soooo good
@One_Direction_Perfection Thank you! I'm really glad you are enjoying it. :)
I really like your story! Please check my story out and leave me some feedback! :) thanks Xoxo
Teehee. <3 :3