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Josh (Josh Devine/ Niall Horan)

Chapter 7

"Niiaaall!" I screeched.
"Don't even try princess. He can't hear you."
"NIIIIALL!!!!!" I yelled again.
Josh's brother held my shoulder and punched me in the face forcing me to fall to the floor almost unconscious. Josh's brother ran up to me kicking my stomach.
"Stop. Please..." I whimpered.
He kicked me in the nose. It felt like it was broken. I was about to pass out when I heard another voice. Niall's voice.
"Get the fuck away from my girlfriend!" He yelled.
"Ah just in time. Josh told me that you had to watch as I killed her. He said it would... pain you." Josh's brother turned and kicked me in the stomach again.
Causing me to cough up some blood. Niall had had enough. He pounced on Josh's brother quickly tackling him down. Niall was only about a half the size of the big, muscly man but clearly my pain was his encouragement. I had only seen Niall this angry once before.
When he found out Josh had hurt me.
He kneeled on the man, knees either side of his waist. He pounded his face as hard as he could. He was going to kill him. I wanted him to stop. The man was already unconscious. Niall seemed to have forgotten my current state.
"Niall... Help." I said weakly as I lifted my arm, fingers stretched out at him before quickly dropping it again. I vaguely saw Niall switch his attention to me. He ran to me kneeling at my side. He lifted me up and held me in his arms crying onto my face.
"Harry!" He yelled.
Harry came round the corner and was shocked at what he saw. One bloodied unconscious man, a crying Niall with blood on his knuckles and me, laying almost unconscious in Niall's arms, bleeding from my misshaped nose and cut, swollen lip. I heard Josh's brother get up and run past Harry as he stood in shock.
"Call an ambulance!" Niall yelled to him and Harry began to run back inside but I called out to him quietly, "Harry! Don’t!" Harry stopped and Niall looked at me waiting for an explanation.
"They will ask questions of how this happened. They will get the police involved." I whimpered as Niall's hand held my bruised side.
"So?" Asked Harry.
"Think about it... What will happen to Niall? He will go to prison as well!" I said weakly.
Niall looked at Harry for an explanation. "She's right you know Niall. You could have killed that guy." Harry spoke looking at him sternly.
"Well we can't just do nothing!" Niall yelled. "She's hurt! We've GOT to do something!" He carried on, anger in his voice as he still held onto me crying.
"Niall... Just take me home." I said eyes closed. Niall just sat holding me as Harry walked up behind him.
"Come on Niall. It's all we can do." He whispered patting his back.
Niall stood up with me in his arms. "Get the boys." He said sternly as he carried me to the car.
Harry complied running inside to get them. Niall drove the car while I sat in between him and Zayn. Niall held my knee while I slept on Zayn. When I woke, I was in my bed. The room was dimly lit. I flinched as I heard something in the corner.
"Niall?" I asked.
He walked over to me and put a wet flannel on my head. "Are you ok?" He asked worry in his voice. I nodded and tried to turn over to look at him. I winced as my side hit the bed. "Don't move." Niall said concerned, dabbing my head with the cloth. "How is your nose?" Niall asked.
"It's good." I lied.
Niall wasn't convinced. "Can you move it? Is it broken?" Niall asked frantically.
I put a hand on his arm, "Niall... Leave it. I'm fine." I said with a small smile. I winced as my smile stretched the cut on your lip. He gave me a concerned look and got up.
"Do you want anything? Food? Water?" He asked.
"No I'm fine Niall. I'm going to have a shower." I relied. With that he left the room to let me get undressed.
I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, only wearing a bra and underwear. I looked at my lip, then my misshaped nose. I wiggled it to make sure it wasn't broken. My focus moved to my stomach, seeing the foot sized bruises. There were about five of them on my stomach and side. I winced as my hand brushed over them. I heard someone shift in the doorframe. I spun around quickly.
It was Niall. He walked up to me with a fast pace. He examined my body. "I'm so sorry..." He said, clearly upset with himself.
"Niall! It's not your fault!" I exclaimed.
"We should take you to the hospital." Niall said while biting his lip, but he quickly forgot the idea with my stern glare. Niall wrapped his arms around me tightly.
I tried to push him away but he clung to me desperately. "Niall you’re hurting me." I winced as he was squeezing my bruises. He let go of me frantically trying to kiss the bruises better. "Niall. Please leave? I'm trying to have a shower." I laughed as he pouted. I shoved him out the door and locked it.
When I walked out of the room in your pj's only Harry was there. "Where is every body?" I asked.
He glanced up at me, "they went to get pizza." Harry told me. "Chloe's here. She brought your stuff round." He said not looking at me.
"Where is she?" I asked suspiciously.
"She's in my room getting dressed." He said with a cheeky grin.
"No Harry. Where is she actually." I smirked.
"Ugh. She's on the toilet." Harry rolled his eyes knowing I hadn't believed his lie.
When Chloe came out, she rushed over to me hugging you tightly. "Ow!" I yelled pushing her off.
"Sorry." She said embarrassed. "Come. I need to talk to you. Privately." She said grabbing my hand and glaring at Harry, who sat quietly on the couch.
"What?!" He laughed arms outstretched pretending to be innocent.
She dragged me to my bedroom, sitting next to me on the bed. "Look Natalie. I just... I think you should break up with Niall." She said holding my hands but looking at the floor. I shoved her off standing up.
"What why?!" I yelled at her.
"Because Natalie... Look at you! You used to be safe! Now look at what you have become! It's all his fault!" She yelled, tears streaming down her face.
"Don't you blame him for this!" I yelled back at her.
"If you had never met him this would never have happened!" She yelled.
"Maybe so but I love him! So get the fuck out of our house!" I screamed.
Chloe grabbed her bag from my bed furiously and ran out of my room. When she flung the door open, I saw all the lads standing outside watching her. It was clear they had heard our whole conversation.
Niall was staring at me with a worried face. They all looked at me and I slammed the door in their faces. I jumped back on the bed crying into a pillow.
I heard the door open but I didn't turn to see who it was. The person sat beside me, stroking my hair. "She's right you know." Niall said weakly. "It is all my fault."
I lifted my tear soaked face to see Niall's crying one. "Niall... Stop..." I tried to stroke his head but he grabbed my wrist tightly before I could get to him. I looked at him hurt.
"I just... I don't want to see you get hurt again." Niall watched for my reaction.
"I'm not going to Niall!" I protested. "Just protect me k?" I snuggled into his chest.
"I will protect you with my life." He said wistfully as he hugged me back.


Stop here or keep going?

I can update again tomorrow, if I should keep going


I liked this story but it was rushed. But yours was different you rushed it but still made me intrigued. Also not a fan of them having sex every time they get back together. Other than that I think you should do a squel.

omgeez thank you!!!!!!

i havent been on for a while and when i came back i had tons of alerts and after i finished reading this i started to cry and im probably sounding like a baby but i love this fanfic and a lot of others too and i come back on and so many stories have ended but dont end this one, make a sequel to it like you said, thank you for this book

OMG you should make another story when you can xxx

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

appleseed appleseed