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Josh (Josh Devine/ Niall Horan) - Comments

I liked this story but it was rushed. But yours was different you rushed it but still made me intrigued. Also not a fan of them having sex every time they get back together. Other than that I think you should do a squel.

omgeez thank you!!!!!!

i havent been on for a while and when i came back i had tons of alerts and after i finished reading this i started to cry and im probably sounding like a baby but i love this fanfic and a lot of others too and i come back on and so many stories have ended but dont end this one, make a sequel to it like you said, thank you for this book

OMG you should make another story when you can xxx

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

appleseed appleseed

there has to be more than 17 chapter because this story is really amaZAYN ballz and it seems so unreal like your explaining some of what you would want to happen in real life and its just so magical I know I sound like a 12 year old talking about ponies but im dead serious its really good you should never stop writing

Please make this story longer it's so good xxx

yah! cant wait to read them

Alyssa_Horan Alyssa_Horan


Chapter 16, I'm going to try and make it long. I have Sunday and Monday that I will be writing, Tuesday, I will be editing it and then posting. xxx

candycrusher candycrusher

write don't get distracted. make long chapters

Alyssa_Horan Alyssa_Horan


I'm working on it right now. If I don't get distracted, I will have it up in about 2 hours xxx

candycrusher candycrusher

cant wait for you to update

Alyssa_Horan Alyssa_Horan

Please keep updating!! Xxx

nathaliereyes nathaliereyes

Everyone comment on this amazing story xxx

o.m.g. Harry its belieable but Niall im crying because of this story. this is really good though. i cant wait till you update again

You're amazing at writing, this is a really good "book" and since we have to wait for you to update the story you always leave a huge cliffhanger at the end.keep on writing and update soon can't wait

Niall and Harry get of the drugs NOW ! And love the chapter xx
Omg Harry and Niall being bad boys
Naughty Niall and Harry and love it xxx