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Josh (Josh Devine/ Niall Horan)

Chapter 16

At that point I heard fast footsteps running down the basement stairs. "Don't you touch her!" Niall yelled as he sprinted to Greg.

The tape had fallen slightly off of my mouth allowing me to speak. "Your screwed." I stated, laughing slightly as Niall punched Greg in the face. Greg stumbled backwards but didn't fall over.

"You've beaten me to many times Horan. Not this time!" He said, running at Niall. He managed to tackle Niall to the ground.

I could see Niall was struggling. "Luke!" He yelled. Luke came quickly down the stairs and pried Greg from Niall.

Luke was much bigger than Greg. He could obviously beat him. Luke punched Greg in the face and continued to beat him up while Niall kneeled in front of me, undoing the leg ropes. He took off the mouth tape and then my hand ropes.

"Niall!" I collapsed into his arms and hugged him warmly.

Niall buried his face into the crook of my neck. I peered over Niall's shoulder to see Greg laying unconscious on the floor. Luke stood panting next to him, trying to wipe the blood from his hands onto his trousers.

"Luke... Can we have a moment alone?" Niall asked, gesturing to me.

"Sure." He smiled, dragging the unconscious Greg up the stairs, by his wrists.

"What did he do to you?" Niall asked frantically.

"He slapped me a few times and..." I trailed off.

"And what?!" Niall questioned, searching my eyes for an answer.

"He... Touched me." I said sadly.

"Where?! Where did he touch you?!" Niall's voice was getting louder by the second.

"My boobs and... Inside my pants." I whispered. It was quite an awkward subject. Niall cringed. "It's ok Niall. He's gone now." I stroked his fringe off of his face.

"I can't stand the thought of someone touching you who isn't me." He almost growled.

"Well that's good because no one else ever will." I said softly.

Niall's head shot up. "Does this mean... You'll take me back?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes Niall. If! You stop the drugs... And the violence. Please?" I pleaded with him.

"Anything for you." Niall said and leant in to kiss me passionately.

We were kissing when someone cleared their throat from behind Niall. I looked over Niall's shoulder to see Luke standing awkwardly on the stairs. "Do you mind if I have a private moment with Natalie?" Luke asked hopefully. Niall gave him a glare and I stroked his back.

"Just a minute Niall." I said pleadingly. He nodded, kissed my hand and walked up the stairs, glaring at Luke as he passed him. Luke walked towards me and I stood up from my chair. "Luke I..." I was cut off by Luke's lips pressing to mine in a desperate kiss. When he pulled away I stood there staring at him with my mouth half open.

"I just wanted one last kiss." Luke whispered.

I hugged him and buried my face into his chest. We walked up the stairs together and I ran to Niall, jumping on him.

"Thanks Luke. Thanks for everything. You’re a lad." Niall saluted him and carried me to his car.

Luke called the police and Niall drove me to his house. On the way, I texted El and told her I was moving back in with Niall. She objected to the idea at first, worrying for my safety, but once Niall had spoken to her she agreed.

Before I left, Luke came up to the car with a girl clinging to his side. "Who's this?" I asked amused.

"This is Ashley... She's coming home with me." Luke said with a wink.

"Have fun!" Niall winked and I giggled. When I got home, I noticed Niall's bandaged hand.

"Niall? What did you do?" I asked, worried that he had cut himself again.

"I... I got worried about you and punched my car window..." Niall said awkwardly.

"I wondered why you had no window." I giggled as Niall poked me in the stomach. "But seriously is there glass in there?" I asked. Niall nodded. "We need to get that out." I took Niall's uninjured hand and pulled him over to the kitchen, where I told him to sit on the counter. He obeyed and looked at me confused as I rummaged through a drawer. I found what I was looking for and pulled out a pair of tweezers.

"Oh ok. This is going to hurt isn't it?" He asked, backing away slightly.

"Only a little. But it's better than having an infection." I said with a smirk.

Niall sighed and held his hand out to me. I gently plucked the first bit of glass out of his flesh, leaving a small speck of blood. Niall winced.

"I'm sorry!" I whispered. He laughed and told me to carry on, so I did.

Every time I pulled a piece out, the skin would hang on to it until, finally, the glass would come free and the skin would bounce back to Niall's hand. "There." I said after I had dabbed his hand with a wet, warm paper towel.

"Thank you." Niall whispered and kissed me lightly on the lips. I looked up at him and watched as he hopped down from the surface top. I laid with Niall on the couch and cuddled into his chest, while watching Marley and Me.

"I missed you." I whispered, my voice quavering with tears.

"I missed you too, but are you crying?" Niall half laughed as he saw my tear soaked cheeks. I nodded sadly. "Why?" He asked worriedly.

"This movie is so sad!" I almost yelled, turning around and sniveling into Niall's chest.

"Why is it sad? I've never seen it before." Niall admitted.

"Just wait." I whispered sadly into his warm flannelette shirt. The movie finally got to the part where Marley dies. I cried even more and sniffed into Niall's shirt. "Actually, that is quite sad..." Niall trailed off, sadness in his voice.

A few seconds later I looked up at him, to see a few tears roll down his cheek. "Aww Niall your so cute when you cry!" I said in delight. Niall obviously didn’t want me to see him crying.

"I wasn't crying. I had... Sand in my eye." Niall said matter-of-factly.

"You so cute though!" I tapped his nose with my finger.

"I'll show you cute!" Niall growled, flipping me over so he was on top.

Niall grounded his hips to mine as he sat on top of me. He bent over and attacked my neck with his lips, while continuing to grind into me.

"You’re still cute," I struggled to say, as I held back moans of pleasure.

Niall put a hand either side of my head and held himself up, smirking at me. "You want me babe. Admit it." He almost growled.

I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest. Niall laughed before attaching his lips to mine in a hungry kiss. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and began grinding his hips again, whilst kissing me. I began to feel his bulge growing in his trousers, pushing into my leg and I couldn't take the teasing anymore.

"Ok Niall I want you!" I yelled loudly.

Niall froze with my words and lifted himself up by his hands again. He smirked at me. "You do?" He asked almost child like.

"Yes Niall! I want you! I want you more than anyone has ever wanted anyone before!" I yelled.

Niall laughed, biting his lip and staring at my covered breasts. It was only a few seconds before my shirt was on the floor. Niall massaged my breasts through my bra as I tried to take off his shirt. After it had been flung across the room, I began unbuckling Niall's belt. I threw it across his shoulder as he kissed my neck. I slid down his trousers, freeing his bulge slightly.

Niall sat on top of me, half naked and stared. "You’re so beautiful", he said quietly. I giggled and traced my left pointer finger over his abs. He watched me intently. When I noticed him watching, I looked up at him.

"Lets get you out if those clothes", he whispered cheekily. Niall made me stand up and he waltzed around me, before sliding down my trousers. As soon as they were off, he ground his hips to mine and held my head into his shoulder.

"Niall..." I moaned in pleasure. Niall threw me on the couch and quickly slid a finger inside of me. "Niall!" I moaned loudly as I griped his hair. Niall placed another finger inside of me and began pumping faster. I couldn't help but moan his name constantly. "Niall I'm gonna..." I trailed off in pleasure.

"Oh no your not." Niall stated before pulling his fingers out of me. I stood naked for half a second before Niall had shoved me onto the couch once more. "I'm going to fuck you so hard! Then you will never call me cute again!" He said loudly. Niall clambered over me, letting his naked body rub against me. "You ready?" He asked, aligning himself at my entrance. Niall didn't give me time to answer before he had slammed into me.

"Niall!" You yelled in surprise to which he chuckled.

"Natalie..." Niall moaned as I tugged at his hair.

"Niall..." I moaned loudly.

He hit my g-spot every time. "Your so tight! We better fix that!" Niall almost yelled. He slammed into me a few more times before I came all over his penis. I lay motionless as Niall finished coming inside of me. When he was done he slid out slowly and laid down.

"You're amazing. I love you." He said quietly, kissing your forehead.

"I love you too... But your still cute," I giggled as Niall shot me a jokey glare.

There was a nock on the door and Niall shot up like a bullet. "Hold on!" He yelled as he hurried to put his trousers on. He left his shirt off, allowing me to gaze upon his toned abs.

Niall smirked when he saw me staring. He quickly chucked my clothes and ushered me into the bedroom, before spraying Lynx all over the living room. I shut the bedroom door and began putting on my clothes.

I heard voices on the other side of the door and when I finished putting my clothes on, I walked out to find the boys squished on a small chair.

I wondered why they weren't sitting on the couch when I noticed Niall sprawled out on it, trying to cover up traces of his sperm. I hurriedly sat on a small white patch, hiding it and conversing with the boys.


I'm sorry that Chapter 16 is late. I added more to it, to make it longer! It's 7 pages in Word.

I will try and update Chapter 17 later today! The last 2 days have been very busy.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, 2 comments and I will focus on Chapter 17 and update again today!



I liked this story but it was rushed. But yours was different you rushed it but still made me intrigued. Also not a fan of them having sex every time they get back together. Other than that I think you should do a squel.

omgeez thank you!!!!!!

i havent been on for a while and when i came back i had tons of alerts and after i finished reading this i started to cry and im probably sounding like a baby but i love this fanfic and a lot of others too and i come back on and so many stories have ended but dont end this one, make a sequel to it like you said, thank you for this book

OMG you should make another story when you can xxx

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

appleseed appleseed