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All Because Of You (A Harry Styles Love Story.)

A Day At Work

Chapter 2
Valerie's P.O.V



I groan as I slam my fist down on my alarm as I sit up stretching my soar muscles, I had to work my shift from 6 am to 3 pm at Eat&Go (A/n Made up restaurants) and I wasn't to thrilled about it. I checked the time to see its 4:30 am and I only have an hour and thirty minutes to get ready and fix Tiny's breakfast. I think I'm good.

"This is the part of the day I hate the world." I mumble to myself as I slip out of bed and into my bathroom to get ready. I shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair before I come out and slip on my clothes.

I walk down stairs and into the kitchen before I start on Tiny's breakfast, I cook her eggs and sausage then I set it in the microwave so she can heat it up when she gets up. I check the time to see its 5:20.

"I should go now." I say and head upstairs to grab my phone before leaving out to my car, once I am in the car I dial Nicole's number and put it on speaker as I pull out the drive-way.
"The great and wise Nicole speaking." I hear her voice on the other line.

"Are you ready?" I ask since we both work at the same place except that her shift starts at 7 am to 4 pm but we agreed to just ride together since we are going back to the same place.

"Hells yeah I'm ready." she answers with hypeness and I just roll my eyes at her she is always so hyper in the morning. I guess its the candy she eats in the morning.

"Ok I'm here, come on out." I honk the horn as I pull in her drive-way and soon after out comes Nicole dressed with Twizzlers in her hand.

"Hello my little fuzzy friend." Nicole smiles as she hops into the car taking another bite of her Twizzler.

"Fuzzy Friend? I swear Nicole I think you smoke drugs before you leave the house." I say with a smile as I pull out of the drive-way before pulling off to work.

"No it's just the candy speaking. When I'm not hyper, i'm you." she says the last part flatly with boredom in her tone and I glare at her playfully.

"Shut up! It's not my fault I'm not candy crazy like you." I say back and she laughs at me while taking another bite of her Twizzler.

"Whatever, I'm proud to be candy crazy. It makes my mind go crazy." she giggles again and I just roll my eyes at her.

I park the car infront of the the resteraunt at 5:50 am and we grab out stuff before hopping out of the car with Nicole on her last two Twizzlers.

"Hey let me have one of those?" I ask as I reach for one but she slaps my hand away before I could even grab it.

"Ouch!" I howl in at the sting and she smiles innocently at me while I glare at her.

"Don't. Ever. Touch. My. Food. Again." she says and her sweet innocent goes away just so it can turn to a deadly look scary me a bit.

"Okay sheesh." I whimper as we walk into the building to find it empty as usual, we walk to the work sign in and punched in.

"Another day another dollar." Nicole smirks as we put on our aprons and grab our note pads from the counter.

"But we some how still end up broke." I joke and Nicole laughs at me.

"Awww look at you pulling some jokey jokes." she giggles at me and I just roll my eyes at her.

"Morning bitches." I hear my male best friend, Troy, walk in with a strut making me laugh. He is gay but I really don't care since we have almost everything in common, he is VERY funny and very attractive if you ask me.

"Whats up bitch?" Nicole smirks before holding out their hand and they do their signature hand shake which I find very confusing.

"Whats up Val-gal?" he asks with a smile to me and I roll my eyes at my nickname, only him.

"Nothin much Bow-wow." I say back since he does look a little bit like him, in my opinion he does.


"So did you guys here?" he asks us as he throws on his apron and grabs his note pad.

"Hear what?" we ask and he sighs at us.

"That the shop is closed for customers because some celebrities are coming here to eat."

"I wonder who they are, I hop it's Robin Thicke." Nicole smiles in a day dreaming way, she has HUGE crush on Robin Thicke but we all know she can't have because hes married.

"Hes married. LET IT GO!" I say in her ear and she glares at me while Troy lets out a chuckle.

"Well one day he is gonna leave her for ME!" she exclaims with a wait-and-see face and I roll my eyes, man I have been rolling my eyes alot today.

"Yea the same day Justin Bieber admits hes a girl." I say to her with a smirk.

"Well there has been-"

"Nicole!" I squeal and she laughs at me along with Troy chuckling himself.

"I'm just saying, there is a 50/50 chance that he might have a-"

"Nicole!" I squeal again and put my finger to her mouth, shushing her.

"You guys are so retarded." Troy laughs and I throw him a death glare along with Nicole.

"Well-" before I can say anything the door open followed by the sound of the door bell jingling and in walks the last group I really didnt expect to come.

One Direction.

"Oh. My. God. Hide!" I squeal and I jump to the ground behind the counter.

"What are you guys doing?" Troy and Nicole whisper as they lean over the counter to look at me but I try to shoo them off.

"I'll tell you guys later. Trust me." I yell/whisper at them and they shrug before hopping off the counter just as I hear the boys walk into the room, I cover my hand over my mouth to stay quiet when I hear their voices.

"Nicole what are you doing here?!" Niall says and I could practically hear the smile on his face.

"I work here."

"Cool, so are you our waitress?" I hear Zayn ask.

"No actually my best friend Troy is."

"Hello." I hear Troy say in his normal deep voice.

"Best. Friend." I hear Niall say and I can't help but notice the disappointment/jealous in his voice but I just shrug it off.

"He's gay so there is no need to be jealous." Nicole tells him and I hear Niall give out a sigh of relief.

"Yep oh and if you guys see Big Sean tell him I said hey." Troy says in a weird way I can't help laugh but I quickly cover my mouth with my hand.

"Who was that?" I hear Harry's deep voice say and I feel my insides melt again but I just shake it off.

"What was what?" Troy says and I know he heard me to but being the great person he is he plays it off.

"That laugh, who did that. It sounded like Valerie's." he says and I'm surprised he remembered my name I mean he must have hooked up with a lot of girls last night so how could he possibly remember me.

"I didn't hear a laugh." Nicole says and must I tell you that Nicole is TERRIBLE at lying no matter how hard she tries. You can tell she is lying because her voice rises 4 octaves and she tenses a bit.

"Okay." Harry says and I could tell he was unconvinced I mean who wouldn't be.

"So why don't you follow me so I can show you to your table." Troy instructs after a moment of awkward silence and so when they pass by I quickly go around the corner because if they glance to the left they would surely see me.

After a couple of minutes of waiting I start feeling my butt fall asleep and so I sat up on my knees so I can think of a place to hide until they are gone, because I really don't wanna face Harry right now.

"I could make a dash to the girls bathroom and wait them out there." I say to myself while plotting a plan in my head, I nod my head in agreement at the bathroom idea.

So I slowly crawl to the other end of the counter and pear around to see the boys looking deep into their menus,Troy and Nicole are standing there with their back turnt to me. Good.

"Ok on 3. 1. 2. 3!" I yell/whisper to myself and I start crawling as fast as I can down the hall toward the bathroom which is on the other side of the building. I feel joy leap in me as I am only a few feet away from the door. VICTORY!

"Going somewhere?" I hear a deep voice say behind me and I freeze in my tracks and my heart drop all the way to my feet.

"I'm really liking this view right now just so you." Harry says bent down with his mouth next to my ear, sending shivers running down my back.

"Uhhh." I say as I scramble to my feet accidently knocking my butt into Harry's shoulder causing him to fall back a bit, I blush when I hear him chuckle at me.

"S-sorry about that." I squeal while taking a couple of steps back from him and he just chuckles again.

"No it's okay, the hit was actually quite ... soft." he smirks and I feel my face heat up like a tomato at what he meant before I get kinda mad.

"Pervert." I scowl at him with my face now red with anger and he just smirks in response.

"Your cute when your mad you know, really sexy." he flirts taking a step forward to before reaching out placing his arms around, I shiver when I feel him lick the shell of my ear while his hands go down to be placed on my arse. That's it!

"Look I really should get going and ... do stuff other than this." I say not trying to be politely as I push him back then walk past him with my shoulder bumping roughly into his.

"Oh come on don't be like that, I know you want me. Just like I want you." he grins following me around and its really annoying.

"Look I don't know who you think you are-"

"Im Harry Styles." he interrupts me with a smirk and I growl at being interrupted.

"BUT I'm not just some girl you can have a one night stand with, so if your gonna try and actually win my attention then your gonna have to do better." I growl looking him dead in the eye and he stands there shocked for the second time since I've met him, I smirk and turn to leave making sure to duck so the others won't see me.

I check out early since Nicole and Troy seemed to have it under control and I'll be back to pick up Nicole when she's ready but until then I'm trying to stay as far away from Harry as possible.

"Valerie wait!" I hear a familiar voice say and I turn back with a groan as I see Harry running over to before I could walk out the door.

"What?!" I say rudely to him taking him back abit but he just ignores it.

"Let me take you out on a date, tomorrow night. Me and you." he smiles, not smirk, and I actually think he means it but I don't fully believe it.

"Let me think, no." I say as I turn to leave just for him to pull me back.

"I won't leave you alone until you say yes?" he says with a I-promise-i'll-do-it face and I grumble some how believing him.


"Yes!" he grins happily and I roll my eyes at him.

"Tomorrow at 9 and don't be late." I warn him and he nods, I give him my number so he could call me to find my address and he happily takes it.

"I can't wait for our date, love." he winks at me before running off to the table where Nicole and Troy are looking at me with a thumbs up along with the other boys smirking at us. I roll my eyes once again before walking out of the place.

Just great now I can't stop thinking about the date.


That was chapter TWO!!!! Round of applause if you may, so thanks for the comments on the first chapter. They really mean a lot to me, so I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and please comment and all that other crap that gives me positive views.

Thanks, oh and here is a funny gif: What I think about messy buns...


I loved it!!!
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Damn Gurl Thats my name. Valerie
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Update soon? Its good (:
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