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Anyone Looking For a character?


Hey! Yeah, So I really love being in stories so I was wondering if any of you are looking for characters for your stories? I have put my character below in case any of you are looking for a character. I would be happy to play any part in any story :) If I'm a character in your story I will ALWAYS read it and give feedback. Id also definitely subscribe :) If any of you need a character just message me, would greatly appreciate it :) x


Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans

Rachel is a crazy, bubbly outgoing girl. She's very rarely serious and loves to mess around. Shes the randomest person you can meet and is always making people laugh with her crazy nature. She loves animals and is a vegetarian. Shes very cheeky and flirty and at first likes to play hard to get. She tends to get along with people easily and hates being alone. She spends most of her time on the piano and guitar or hanging out with her friends. Music is everything to her. She plays any instrument she can get her hands on and loves singing.



I wanna be harrys girlfriend http://data.whicdn.com/images/75839176/large.jpg this is me , iam flirty , caring and crazy and outgoing , I would love to be in this lol wtv , I love food my fav. Is tacos , I like one direction and yeah that's it :)
Can I be Zayns gf? I'm Victoria, kinda shy but really out going once you get to know me, I play the violin and I sing. I've been told that I do have a sense of humor. So um I guess if u use my character thanks and if not that's okay.
abcdefghi abcdefghi
Can I be Niall girlfriend ? I'm Jennifer I'm sassy,fun,laid back,and fashion forward.I play the guitar piano and I sing.
Jenny _girl Jenny _girl