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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 24: Good or Bad News?

June’s POV:

Liam and I haven’t said a word to each other since the night at the hospital, and surprisingly I didn’t care either. I just waited for the news that Harry was awake.

My life went back to normal, I didn’t stay at their hotel anymore, and I was back to my job at the music store, which I got quite an earful by my manager. The only thing different was my everyday visit to the hospital.

Some days I would run into the guys and it would be that awkward silence, other days it would be peaceful by myself. I did enjoy the days that only Niall visited, he would joke and play around, never accuse me of anything. He was sweet, and I appreciated his quiet kindness.

Today though, I was by myself, “Hello Harry. It’s me June. I hope you are having pleasant dreams today.” I smiled sadly at his motionless body. They placed a tube down his throat, not knowing when he would wake up. The sun danced playfully amongst his face, giving golden streaks in his gorgeous chocolate curls.

“Today is your concert. You were supposed to be on the tour bus making your way to California.” I wiped some tears away from my eyes, placing my hand on his, “You have amazing friends, they refused to leave you here for a day or two to explain things, but I don’t know what will happen to One Direction. If they break up and you never wake up, they won’t forgive me; neither would you.” I squeezed his little hand.

I distracted myself by looking out the window, watching the clouds stroll lazily by as birds chirped happily, “It’s beautiful today. I wish you could see it right now Harry, you would love it, probably be your obnoxious self and do something stupid.” I smiled to myself, thinking of the things that used to piss me off for the little bit of time I was with him.

I gazed at his small lips, the tube blocking most of it. I had been wondering the past few days if I kissed him, would he be his usual self again, would he wake up.

My hand lingered over Harry’s face, when a loud cough broke out through the room, I slammed my hand back to my side, as a swiveled in my chair to the new person in the room, noticing Liam leaning against the wall exactly like the one night, “What are you doing?” he raised a brow at me.

I looked nervously away from him, “I-uh…nothing…” I blurted out, cursing myself for sounding completely suspicious.

“Right.” Was all he said and waltzed his way over to Harry’s bedside, not meeting eyes with me at all, “Hey Harry, it’s me Liam. How have you been today?”

I watched as Liam spoke quietly to his friend, the sad smile spreading on his beautiful face, as I felt it was not right for me to be here. I pushed out of the chair I was sitting in and got up, I felt a tug at my hand, noticing Liam stopping me; I could feel he didn’t want to be left alone with Harry.

I quietly sat back down, as he let my hand go, he kept continuing with what he was saying, “I have some bad news for you Harry.”

I shot my eyes up at that, was he going to pull the plug so early?

“I know how much you love singing, how happy you were that we were given another chance on the X Factor, how we became One direction. I know how much you love your fans, and sing for them with all your heart. I know you love it all, I know you love us so much.” Liam clenched the bed sheets, knuckles going white with the amount of pressure he was putting forth.

He dropped his head on Harry’s small chest, as if he was listening to his heart beat, “I can’t choose One Direction over your life, and I can’t do what those horrible people suggested.” I could hear his hiccupped cries as he lay there resting on Harry, he buried his head into his chest, making me look away from this raw and pure emotions, “You’re my mate, and the rest of the guys believe that too. We’re putting One Direction away for you. You’re coming home Harry, we’re going home where you belong.”

“What?” I shouted out, covering my mouth quickly.

“He doesn’t belong here June, he belongs with his family.” Liam mumbled against Harry’s chest.

“Oh.” I looked at Harry, quiet and silent, oblivious to everything around him, squeezing his little hand. My time with the famous boy band was over, I should had enjoyed it more, but there was too much going on, I could at least walk away saying I kissed three of the five.

I shook my head at myself, that’s something I shouldn’t even be thinking about; Harry is in front of me and in a coma, he is more important than my stupid fan girl moments, “When are you leaving?” I whisper to him.


“So soon?” our eyes meet, I couldn’t read the expression he was giving.

“Yes. Harry will be somewhere safe immediately and that’s all I care about.”

“Oh.” I understood now. I moved from my chair, dropping Harry’s hand, “Bye Harry, I can’t visit you anymore, but please promise to wake up.” I bent down and kissed his soft cheek, walking out of the room silently.


No One’s POV:

The wind stirred violently in the quiet and cold hospital, no one was around to witness anything, except for the night sky, the silent observer.

The old lady walked quietly to the boys small bed side, “You are a fool aren’t you little boy? Holding on to what you never wanted to see, you were so close stupid boy, so so close.” She shook her head, always disappointed in human actions, everyone was the same, once they got close to the breaking of the curse, they hid in their shells, too afraid to confront what was in front of them, the thing they needed most in their life.

She placed her old wrinkling hand on his forehead, the boy stirred to the leathery touch, “Fools will only walk away with sorrow, before it’s too late, catch your little butterfly, and wake yourself up, for I have another curse to put on thee. Until you face your fear, you won’t live in your memories anymore, you will be a new clean shell.” She bent down, blowing into his ear, “Blow away little memories, and wake up.”

The old lady disappeared amongst the wind, as the full moon watched the little boy open his eyes for the first time.


I know this story was a shorter one and I apologize for that, but the next section will be longer, I hope you will continue reading the next story, called Always with you, no Matter What Curse.
I’ll post one last chapter on this giving the link to it, but for now it is not up yet.
Thank you for all the support guys!



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

bananabreeana bananabreeana

I Love One Direction <3