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Things Happen

Chapter 19

Oh my god. What did I just do? I have a boyfriend! I can't be falling for Jake!?! I love Kyle!! But, I mean he has been drifting away slowly ever since I moved...
I don't know. I just wanna forget about this and sleep until i'm dead. But sadly I can't. Plus to make matters worse, I'm going to my dads tomorrow. Great.
I went upstairs and started packing my clothes and art supplies. After I was done packing, I just layed down and fell into a deep sleep.
I was being chased by a big man with a black mask down a street that I didn't even know existed. I was screaming and nobody must've heard me because no one came to help. I turned a corner and it was a dead end.
I started screaming louder and louder as he came closer.
"Hey!" Someone shouted, "Get away from her!"
The man didn't respond and he kept getting closer.
"I said get the fuck away." The guy stated then tackled him and pinned him down then started punching him repeatedly.
I took that as my chance and ran and th guy who saved me ran after me and stopped me.
I felt someone grab my shoulder.
*Dream Over*
I woke up startled. 'What the hell just happened?' I thought to myself.
I jumped out of bed and started the shower.
When I got out I changed into a white sundress with black polka dots all over it and a plain orange belt. My shoes were plain white flats with bows on the toes. My IPhone case was white with gems randomly placed on it and a black bow at the top. For makeup I only did mascara.
I went downstairs to get the door because it rang and Mom wasn't home and I figured it'd be Dad anyways.
I opened up the door to find.. Jake?
"Hi?" I meant to say but it came out more of a question.
"Hi.." He said nervously. "I wanted to know if you wanted to go see a movie tonight?"
"I would love to, but I'm going to my dad's." I said a little disappointed.
"Oh, well he still lives around her though, right?"
"He lives a town over..."
"Oh, okay. I gotta go. See you at school."
"Okay." I closed the door and slumped down. I had so many emotions right now. Disappointment, anger, excited, but most of all hate.


@I l o v e one direction

Sorry guys! I wrote it a while ago and just posted it. But thanks for the positive comments!

SarahHoran SarahHoran
@I l o v e one direction

Took the words right outta my mouth.
Is that the end?! It can't be I really like this story!