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Things Happen

Chapter 14

I woke up bright and early that morning to get ready for school. School started at 8:00 and the bus came at 7:30 so I got up at 6:00. I got into the shower and got out at 6:24. I went to my closet and got dressed in some ripped skinny jeans, a loose see through sleeveless light blue shirt, and some light blue vans. I had my normal makeup on and a phone case with the starbucks lady on it. My hair was in a bun with it braided in the back and a yellow bow right below the actual bun.
When I was done it was already 7:26 so I had to get to the bus stop. I grabbed my bag, which already had my supplies in it, and ran out the door. I made it to the bus stop right on time and got on the bus and found a seat.
My bus didn't have very many people on it so I sat in my own seat. I had checked out my school online so I knew which one to get off at and me and my mom went and checked out the inside so I knew where to go for my classes.
The bus dropped us off and I went straight to the office so they could tell me where to go and give me my schedule. There was a cute boy who looked about my age sitting in there on the bench. The office lady told me that he would be showing me around today and that I had all the same classes with him.
"Hi." I greeted him politely.
"Hello, I'm Jake. Nice to meet you." He replied sticking out his hand properly.
I shook it and we left to go set up my locker. School didn't start for another 15 minutes so the hallway was clear. He helped me set my books and shit into my locker and we got to know each other.
"How old are you?" He asked curiously.
"14. How about you?"
"Same, I'm turning 15 in October."
"Oh, I'm turning 15 in November. The 13th to be exact."
"That's funny. I'm exactly a month older than you. My birthday is the 13th."
I smiled as we finished filling out my locker just as everyone was getting there. I got out the books for my first class, which happened to be science. Jake went to his locker too to get his books and he was literally right acroos the hall. We walked together to our first class and I had to squeeze through the hallway because everyone was crowding it. Typical school.
We walked into science and since it was the first day we sat wherever so Jake sat down n the back and I sat right next to him. We went around the classroom introducing ourselves for the new students, a.k.a: me. We didn't learn anything today. All we did was get to know our teachers and in math the teacher just gave us free time to catch up. I met a few other girls anfd some of Jake's guy friends and I like Jake's friends better than the girls. The girls were just way to prepy. I'm not a preppy kind of girl. I mean I talk to Katie about EVERYTHING, but I'm not a girly girl. But the guys were really cool. They included me too, which is always good.
At lunch I didn't even eat. I was talking to much with Jake and his friends. They were hilarious. I could already tell we were going to be good friends.


@I l o v e one direction

Sorry guys! I wrote it a while ago and just posted it. But thanks for the positive comments!

SarahHoran SarahHoran
@I l o v e one direction

Took the words right outta my mouth.
Is that the end?! It can't be I really like this story!