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Things Happen

Chapter 13

I woke up and It was already August 19th. I go back to school tomorrow. I've always hated school. The only thing that I liked about it was that I had either Kyle, Katie or Kevin in my classes. I was never alone. But now I was. I went into the bathroom and took a well needed shower.
When I got out I put on some skinny jeans, a teal blue top with birds on it, and vans that are a really pale blue color. I braided my hair and pulled it back into a bun. My IPhone case had eyes on it. For makeup I only used mascara.
Me and my mom got into her car and went to the store. She was buying me some school supplies. I ended up getting some pencils, a few folders, a few notebooks, a couple binders, and a bookbag. The bookbag was an over the shoulder one and it was white with some markers so I could design it myself.
We got home and I started texting Katie and asking her how school has been without me and who she has in her classes.
"School sucks without you! I miss you so much. :'( I have all my classes with Kevin though :) and We have like 2 with Kyle."
"Aww poor Kyle all alone. Lol. I miss you too! I start school tomorrow and I'm scared. I don't think anyone will like me...."
"Bitch please, How could someone not like you? You're beautiful, smart, funny, and pretty fucking awesome."
"Thanks bby. I have to go! Love ya. See you soon. :)"
"Bye! Love you too!"
I loved talking to Katie because she always cheered me up. But I was still worried about tomorrow. It was like 6:00 so I started drawing. I was always the best artist at my school and now I might not be. That upset me most because it was the only thing I was the best at. I mean sure, I was good at skateboarding but Kyle was way better than me. I was good at flips but Katie easily had me beat. I was good at Basketball and other sports but Kevin was better. Art was my favorite and best. That's just how it's always been.


@I l o v e one direction

Sorry guys! I wrote it a while ago and just posted it. But thanks for the positive comments!

SarahHoran SarahHoran
@I l o v e one direction

Took the words right outta my mouth.
Is that the end?! It can't be I really like this story!