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My Brother's Bandmates

Jokes on me

I lay in bed, thinking, thinking and thinking. What are we? What do I want us to be? Take things slowly… we have been taking things slowly the last year but I cannot just jump into a relationship with Jason. Niall enters my room and I sight.

“So good to see you too” He says sarcastically
“Going through a lot” I state, like it wasn't obvious
“Tell me about it” He says
“I would prefer not telling you” I say
“Well, wanna go out?” He asks “Get distracted, have fun”
“Sure, where to?” I ask
“Common I know the perfect place” He says

Niall takes me to the ice cream shop he worked before he was famous. Some people recognized Niall and asked for autographs, but most of the time he was incognito. Being with him cleared my mind but I could not resist asking about his fight with Harry

“Will you tell me the truth” I say
“Why did you got on a fight with Harry?’’ I ask
“You didn't hear him. The way he was talking about the moment you shared the other day on the party, like he had won a bet, I don't know, it seemed disrespectful and I just wanted him to shut up” Niall tells me
“I can take care of myself” I tell Niall
“That doesn't mean I have to hear all about your butt dancing against him” he says and I nodded quietly. He was right. I needed to talk to Harry about my drunk mistake, at least that is what I believe it was.

Once we were back home, Niall went to his room and I went to look for Harry. I go to his room and knock before entering. He removes his headphones as he lays in bed, wearing only exercise shorts. I try not to look at his bare chest, instead I look into his eyes.

“May I help you” He says emotionless
“The other night” I start but I am cut off
“Was just a dance, didn't mean anything to me” He says
“Okk then, just wanted us to be on the same page” I say and look around his room, simple but sophisticated.
“What’s up with Jason?” He asks right when I was about to leave
“Nothing” I say
“Common, you calling that nothing” He smirks
“Are you just in for the fun, because I can please you as well darling” He says
“The fuck Harry, I’m not some slut” I scream and walk out of his room

I go to my room and spend the rest of my day watching The 100 on Netflix. No one bothers to call me for dinner. Around 2 a.m. I go downstairs to grab pizza but instead I find Harry and a blonde doing some nasty things.

Guess Eleanor was right.



TONS of school work, promise a double update tomor

Thanks for all the nice comments
I will update tomorrow

OMG I can't stop reading this!!

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900