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My Brother's Bandmates

The Big Question

I’m glad I didn’t dink yesterday. The boys are all asleep, I have placed Advil and water in each of their nightstands. They will thanks me later. I make breakfast for all of us. Eggs, bacon and sausages, pancakes and orange juice. I hold back my hunger and wait for all of them to wake up to eat.

They all wake up around an hour later, I heat the food that had gotten cold and serve it. They are all so thankful. It’s the least I can do after they took me in. We eat breakfast and Niall tells us all about the girl action he got yesterday, of course I disapprove. I tell the boy how they cannot go around, but instead settle down, which makes Harry laugh out loud. I put Zayn and Louis as an example but Harry says he prefers his ways. The boys invite me to some kins of gig they had in the night but I said no. Carlos, a good friend of ours was visiting from New York, and my friends and I are going to a pub to celebrate.

I meet with the girls, in the mall for lunch and for some shopping. I had not I realized it but I needed time alone with them after being around 5 boys for so long. Bella tells us all about Matt and it looks like she is really happy. Elizabeth tells us Liam had ask her out for a drink after his gig but she instead invited him to join us once the gig is over. I’m happy for her, I just hope the other boys don't decide to join as well. Like I said, I need some time far from them before I blow up.

I buy a cute outfit for the night and enjoy being in the shops, which might as well be my second home. Don't get me wrong, dressing up is my passion, that’s what I’m studying after all. I plan to become a designer and make my own clothing line. I want to make a name of my own and stop being just Niall Horan’s little sister.

Jason picks me up four hours after I arrived home. The boys lefts around one hour ago and Liam had agreed on giving me a ride back. Jason looks extremely hot and he explains how Matt would keep Bella distracted so we can have fun. I don't like going behind her, so I suggest another thing.

“What if we tell her” I say “I don't know what we are exactly, but I don't want to do things behind her back”
“If you want you” He says
“She is the only thing stopping us from being completely together, you don't sound so sure. I thought you wanted her to know” I say
“It is just afraid that you will not be with me because of her reaction” He says
“I promise I will not leave you” I say

“Does that mean you will be my girlfriend?” He asks


I know it is short but I will update again later.
Do you want me to keep Zayn on the fanfic or no?
It really is up to you, my beautiful readers


TONS of school work, promise a double update tomor

Thanks for all the nice comments
I will update tomorrow

OMG I can't stop reading this!!

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900