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My Brother's Bandmates

Drunk Words are Sober Thoughts

He just stares at me

“Harry” I scream and bring him out of his trans
“Hey” He says quietly
“Will you get out, weirdo” I say
“I need to talk to you” He says
“I’m practically naked” I say
“Doesn’t seem like a problem” He says with a big smirk plastered on his face
“Jerk” I say
“I’m sorry for what I said the other day, and right now” He says and I just stare at him
“I just can’t help it, I mean you are so hot and I am used to making this kind of comments” He says
“That doesn’t make it any better” I say looking at him seriously
“I know but I will try my best to stop” He says and gets up to leave
“Are you coming to the party?” He asks
“What party?” I asked confused
“Maddie’s” He says normally
“The same Maddie that is Liam’s ex?” I ask
“The same Maddie that is my cousin” He says
“I don’t know” I say
“You can invite Jason, if you want” He says with a reassuring smile
“I will think about it” I say and Harry opens the door but before he leaves I thank him for the invitation.

I go downstairs to talk to Niall, ask him if he is going to this party. He tells me all of them are going. Liam against his will, but management said it would look best if it seems that Maddie and him remained friends after the breakup. I text Jason about the party but he can’t go. That sucks but I already told Harry I would go. He V.I.P two persons, I may as well ask Bella to join me.

Bella seemed happy to join me. At seven we started getting ready. I was wearing your typical little black dress while Bella wore a crop top and a long skirt. After hours of getting ready, Niall call us to say the drivers are hear. Drivers, that means we can all get drunk, no worries about driving back home. Niceee

I ride with Liam, Niall, and Bella. While, Zayn drives with Perrie, Louis and Eleanor. Harry is supposed to meet us there with a date. Once we arrive, I noticed there is even a red carpet. What does did girl does for living? I walked on the carpet with Bella. Niall and Liam just a few steps behind uf us. As photos are taken I remember to smile and have fun.

Once inside we see Elizabeth. Didn't know she was coming. She explains that Maddie is the host of a talk show and works for the same publicity agency, therefore she was invited. The three of us go to the dance floor. I have a mental debate of weather or not I should drink. I decided it would be best not to. I notice Harry arrive with the one and only, Kendall Jenner. He looks around for someone, but fails to find the person. As I look around, I see Liam alone drinking a beer. I tell the girls to continue having fun, that I was going to go sit down, and I make my way to Liam.

“What’s wrong” I say and he nods towards a couple, the girl with so many of Harry’s features, Maddie and the boy, I believe he is a soccer player.
“You are better” I say and sit next to him
“Then, wouldn't she be with me” He says
“Liam, you cannot compare yourself to that guy” I say and he just looks away
“You are way to good for her” I say “You could have any girl at this party”
“I cannot have her” He says
“Come dance with me” I say, standing up and grabbing his hand, but he makes no attempt of getting up
“You cannot resist the Horan charm” I say
“What’s the point” He says
“I will introduce you to one fine lady” I say and finally get him to stand up and follow me

I introduce Liam to Elizabeth and then leave them alone. I go sit down with Bella at a booth only to have Harry join us.

“How are you enjoying the party so far” He says looking at me
“Fine” I say with no enthusiasm
“Why so tense” He asks and I stare at him blankly, he is drunk
“You need a drink” He says and leaves to get me one
“Em, I’m sorry but I gotta go” Bella says and she goes when Harry is back. He sits were Bella was sitting and hands me a cup of champagne
“I’m not drinking” I say
“Why not?” He asks
“Remember what happened last time, I would prefer to stay out of the spotlight” I say
“Who is Liam talking to” He says and points to Elizabeth and Liam
“A friend of mine” I say
“She is hot” He says without thinking
“Don’t you have a date?” I ask looking at him
“Kendall?” He asks and I nod
“It is just publicity for both” He says and I hand him back the cup
“You sure you don't want that” He says
“Sure” I affirm but he is already drinking from the cup before I finish
“You know you are really pretty” He says and I just hear him
“There is just something about you that make me want to be this better person, only for you” He says. I know he is drunk as fuck but I remember what they say about being drunk.

“Drunk words are sober thoughts”


Thanks for commenting. I know the last part is kind of cliche but don't we all need a little bit of cliche in our lives


TONS of school work, promise a double update tomor

Thanks for all the nice comments
I will update tomorrow

OMG I can't stop reading this!!

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900