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Everything I want, Nothing I'll ever have (Liam Payne fan fic)

Say What?

Natalie's POV

Blinking to clear my head I look him in his eyes. Did he seriously just say that? He likes me?

I could tell that he became nervous when I didn't say anything. His body standing and his arms pulling me into him as he say, "Nat, please don't freak out. I just had to tell you." I could feel him bury his face in my hair.

My arms wrapped around him with my hands resting on his shoulder, my fingers curling over them, "I like you too Liam."

His shoulders rise suddenly and I find myself at arm's length when he asks, "You do?"

His face, quizzical and doubting, made me laugh out loud. Suddenly he shoves me away runs off down the hall. Running after him I see him slam the bathroom door. I reach it and with my hands resting on the wood I say, "Liam! Liam open up! I didn't laugh for the reason you think I did! Please!"

Through the door I hear him mutter, "Sure you didn't...."

Placing my hands on my hips I huff out, "Liam Payne, I laughed because the face you made was cute. I like you! I'm not joking around! I wouldn't dare do that considering how long I've waited to hear you say those words to me!" I could feel tears forming at my eyes.

The door timidly opens and I see his doubtful eyes look at me, taking in the sight before him. Opening the door fully, his eyes turn from doubtful to adoring as he takes hold of my hand. Bringing it up to his lips he kisses my knuckles, "I'm sorry for over reacting Nat."

Smiling up to and rushing into his arms when he opened them for me I say, "I'm sorry for laughing when I did."


"AH!" Hayleigh screamed out. Everyone in the store looked at her like she sprouted three extra heads.

"SH!" Sammie and I shush her with apologetic looks to the store clerks.

"You kissed Liam?" Hayleigh asked me as her hands shook my upper body back and forth.

Sammie stopped Hayleigh from shaking me as she said, "Yes, this tale I must hear!"

We took our items to the changing room to try on and chat a bit more privately. The store clerk recognized us as friends of One Direction an offered us the VIP Changing Room. It was large and had a little curtain to pull for privacy to change. It was a cute little room and I thanked her as we made our way in.

Sammie being the first to try on her dresses she listened as I recounted the story. "And then he kissed me, really slowly, filled with passion." I ended my re-counting.

Hayleigh lunged at me in a hug and said, "So you're dating Liam?"

Sammie came out from the changing curtain and was gorgeous white dress with polka-dotted sleeves, "You better be dating him missy! How do I look?"

(Sammie's outfit: http://images05.nastygal.com/resources/nastygal/images/products/processed/25767.0.zoom.jpg )

Smiling, "It looks so cute! Get it Sammie!" I avoid the question.

Hayleigh hops up to try her dress on next and says, "Nat, don't tell me you aren't dating!"

I plop back down on the cushions in the room and rest my elbows on my knees, "No it's not that... It's just..."

I look to my right to see Sammie just stripping her dress off in front of me. I laugh out at her shamelessness and then say, "No, it's just we both don't know how the fans will react."

Hayleigh pops out from behind the curtain in a gorgeous peach colored dress and with her hands on her hips say, "You've got to be kidding me. You are going to let a man like Liam slip from your fingers because of his fans?"

(Hayleigh's dress: http://images01.nastygal.com/resources/nastygal/images/products/processed/31843.0.zoom.jpg )

I look at her bewildered, "No!" And we all laugh as I begin to tell them what Liam and I discussed:

Leaning into his hold I hear him say, "Nat, I want you to be my girlfriend."

Stiffening in his hold I lean back to see him, "You mean it?"

He lets out a chuckle, "Why wouldn't I mean it Nat? I can't stand you with other guys unless it's with the lads. Cause then I know they won't do anything. I don't think I can handle not being your boyfriend anymore."

I jump up to reach his lips and we kiss, him holding the undersides of my thighs as I wrap my legs around him. When we part I say, "Yes Liam!"

He walks us to the kitchen and sets me on the counter, still standing between my legs, "Nat, I just need you to keep quiet about it for now. Management will want to handle this the best way they can so you don't get hurt. So... even though I want to scream it from the roof tops can we keep it quiet for now? I need you to be safe baby."

I know that I didn't hide my disappointment well as I slumped and pouted out, "I understand."

Looking back to the girls after I finished I could see them smile at me, "You know, he's just looking out for you. He just wants to keep you safe Nat. Harry and Niall are the same way." Sammie says.

Hayleigh picks me up and shoves me behind the curtain, "Come on girl! Change, I wanna see if that dress is a sexy on you as it is on the hanger!"

Modeling the dress I see Sammie and Hayleigh run to the door and get the clerk's attention, "She'll take it!"

I laugh out but when I see my reflection I blush, I looked stunning.

(Nat's dress: http://www.forever21.com/images/main_productpg/74628272-02.jpg )


Liam's POV

We had been recording all morning. I was so happy, I had told the boys first thing when I got to the studio. I smiled as they all made kissy faces when I was up for recording. I finished somehow and when I exited the booth I chucked my had at them, "Knock it off fellas!"

"We can't help it mate! You've got a girlfriend!" Zayn sang out to me. I laughed with him as I sat on the couch.

Niall was up next but before entering the booth he said, "You know man, Nat's bee there for you for so long, it's a wonder what took you so long."

I chuckled and said, "I don't know, but I'm glad no one else came and stole her from me."

By the end of the day we were listening to the finished version and it rang out so well. I remember asking to tweak a verse and when I heard the finished product I was glad I had.

Said her name was Georgia Rose,
And her daddy was a dentist!

Georgia Rose was the name of a character in Nat's favorite book. I couldn't help but put her in the song somewhere and where better than my solo? I felt a whack to my back and saw it was Louis, "You're love sick aren't ya mate?"

I blushed as I nodded my head, "Yeah Lou, I am." And I'm proud to be.


Sorry it took so long peoples!! Vacation can do that!! Hope you all enjoy this chapter!!!!



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Yea I understand. I just made a one-shot called How Could You. You should check it out if you want. :)
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