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Sinning ⇼ Harry Styles

Chapter One.

“And now… The moment you’ve all been waiting for!” A man yelled, standing on a (turned upside down) trash can with cash in one hand and a black bullhorn in the other. He was the same man that took our admission fee. “We’re ready to start the match, so get off your motherfucking asses, get on your motherfucking feet, and make some motherfucking noise!” The crowd erupted in screams and my best friend, Roxanne, let go of my hand, laughing at me as I crinkled my nose in disgust due to the man’s horrid language. Without the comfort of Roxanne’s embrace, I felt more alone than I had before, a small shy girl in a crowd of rowdy drunks who was (now) left without even the comfort of a hand to hold. Instead, she grabbed her boyfriend, Louis’ hand and held them up as she screamed, jumping up and down in excitement. Rolling my eyes in annoyance, I crossed my arms. I’d only met the lad today, and he was already dragging me to places I’d never find any interest in.

“The time has come! All the bets are in, and we’re not accepting any more of your money without pocketing it! Before we start the match, we’ve got a few ground rules: No touching the fighters, no switching bets, and no entering the ring! If the rules are broken, you’re out on your ass without a refund! That includes the ladies! So fellas, hold onto your birds!” Before he could continue, a voice sounded from next to me.
“Get on with it, Liam!” Louis yelled, causing attention to be brought to our small group. A few laughs escaped the crowd amongst the cheering and ‘Liam’ shook his head, chuckling.

“This is CrowBar!” Liam yelled. “If you can’t handle it, get the fuck out now! It’s not meant for the weak, the squeamish, or the bitchy!” The crowd yelled, and I was jabbed in the side by Roxanne, who seemed to take no notice of me, and the other guests on the other sides of me desperately tried to get closer to the ring. “Tonight, we’ve got a new fighter! Fresh outta his cell block, 25 years old and weighing in at 77 kilos, I’d like to introduce you all to the rookie of the ring, Peterrrrrrrr Waaaaaalsh or as I like to call him… Whiplash!” I’d never seen a crowd part so magically, it was as if God himself had stepped through. They all knew what to do, forming a circle in the middle of the room as Peter Walsh took his spot, holding his arms in the air.

“And onto the moment you’ve all been waiting for! No introduction needed, it’s the vicious, the evil, the undefeated! The one who never goes home without a shag… Haaaaaaaarryyyyyyyyy Styles!” As if it were possible, the yelling got louder as the tattooed boy walked past the girls who were dying to touch him and into the circle, raising his arms while his hands clenched into fists. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as I watched him turn around and flaunt his body to everyone. More deadly screams sounded. He had masking tape wrapped around his knuckles and his damp, curly hair was piled into a mop on his head.

“Gentleman, fight fair… Or don’t! I don’t give a fuck! Just remember, the odds are in your favor!” Liam stepped back, holding the bullhorn above his head and sounding a loud buzzer. As soon as he did, Harry’s fist came in contact with Peter’s stomach. The crowd erupted, pushing me away from my friend as they rushed to get a closer look.
“Roxanne?!” I panicked, searching for her frantically. “Rox!” I tried to yell over the crowd. All I could think of was the definite outcome: Mum’s going to kill me. “Roxie!” Just as I shouted, I saw a bright red head of hair bounding up and down, shouting with the rest of the crowd. Elbows were jabbed into my sides and it was difficult to avoid being hit in the face due to my short height. Leave it to Roxanne to find a boy with an absurd idea of fun that could kill me if they brought me along. She always goes for guys who definitely don’t deserve her, and I hated her for that because I was always put in the most uncomfortable situations.

As I was about to reach for her hand, I was pushed further away and found myself at the edge of the circle, front row, and staring in a mortified shock as Hary beat the boy up with ease. A punch to the face, and Peter was on the floor. Harry gave him a moment to recover, glancing around the crowd, his eyes locking onto me. His chest slowly moved up and down while he breathed; his bare chest glistening with sweat, though he seemed to be getting no work out at all. Peter, on the other hand was staggering to stand, drenched in sweat and panting heavily. Harry’s dark, hooded eyes found my bright blue ones again. He smirked, eyes running down my body and focused back on Pete. With one swift move, Harry punched Peter square in the nose.

Blood sputtered out, landing both on my (favorite, mind you) baby pink cashmere sweater and on my flushed face. I gasped in horror, unable to move. None of this was a good idea. Even being Roxanne’s friend had become questionable at this point. I should have just stayed home. Liam attempted to raise Harry’s hand, but he pulled away, darting his eyes to me and walking calmly in my direction. I held my breath as he got closer, in fear of what he may do to me. He took the washcloth handed to him by a stranger. As the crowd engulfed me, a large man pushed me forward to congratulate Harry. Just as I was about to fall forward, Harry roughly grabbed me. He stood only centimeters away, holding my arm so I couldn’t move.

“Back up off her!” He commanded, the crowd dispersed in fear of the fit man. He tossed the cloth to me, leaving me to catch it in surprise as I carefully wiped the blood from my face with shaking hands. “Sorry about that…” His eyes travelled to my bird necklace. “Dove,” He smiled, dimples deepening as he stared into my eyes. “A small girl like you doesn’t belong here,” He growled as if he was angry at me, I held my breath, unable to move. “Shame about that sweater, though,” He grinned again. “It looks good on you,” With that, he stalked back to Liam, collecting his money and disappearing into the crowd.

“Jesus, Eva!” Louis yelled, grabbing my frail body by the waist and yanking me out of the deadly crowd as a small squeak left my throat.
“What the fuck?” Roxanne hissed. “You were supposed to stay by me!” She scolded, her eyes finding the blood on my cardigan as she pursed her lips. “I told you we shouldn’t have brought her here!” She said to Louis as if I had disappeared from the embarrassment I held. “Her mum is going to ask about that blood and she’s going to tell!” The group of Louis’ friends eyes darted to me, glaring.
“N-No… I-I won’t I’ll just… Throw it away,” I promised, my small fingers finding my cross as I squeezed it tightly for reassurance. “I swear,” She nodded slowly, trying to read my eyes. Her brown ones widened as if she’d come up with something. Before she could enlighten me, a voice silenced the group I was standing with.
“So it was Roxanne who brought the bird,” We turned to see Harry glaring down at Roxanne as she held my hand.

“So what?! What about her?!” Although her tone was tough, I felt her hand shake in mine. Louis cut her off and Rox released my hand as if she witnessed him get out of control with Harry before. I’d assumed it wouldn’t be much of a fight if Harry was involved, considering how well he’d held himself in the ring.
“It was me, Harry. She was with Roxanne when I went to pick her up and I wasn’t thinking, so I invited her along,” Louis took the heat so Roxanne wouldn’t get into it with Harry
“I’ll make sure to put that on the police report,” He bit. “She could have got hurt,” His voice lowered to a growl.

“But she didn’t,” Louis spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. Harry rolled his hooded eyes.
“She would have if I wasn’t there to catch her from falling!” He yelled, slamming his hand on the bar. I jumped slightly, causing Harry to glance at me, his eyes softening as if he felt bad. I immediately looked away from him and to the rest of the group: They seemed far too used to Harry’s outburst, and I wondered if they feared him as much as I did. “We are running a secret fight club down here, Louis! If she would have gotten hurt, she’d have told her mummy and we would’ve had the feds on our arses!” He yelled.
“Well she’s fine now-” Louis spoke calmly until Roxanne cut him off.
“She has a name!” She shouted over the music, making her presence known. “Her name is Eva. Stop talking about her like she’s a dog,” Rox growled, not cowering from Harry’s gaze.
“Take the dove home,” Harry said, a threat hiding in his voice.
“She doesn’t want to go home!” Roxanne yelled.

“I don’t care! Take her home now!” His voice boomed, reminding me of the Beauty and the Beast scene where Belle had refused to come down for dinner, and the beast roared his response, terrifying me—both as a child and now.
“No,” I could see fear in her eyes.
“If you don’t take her home, I’ll take her there myself!” He threatened, glaring down at Roxanne.
“She wants to stay! Ask her yourself!” The focus was removed from Roxanne and Harry; all eyes beamed at me.
“Do you want to go home?” Harry asked softly, recovering quickly from his anger. I glanced around the group, at a loss of words. Roxanne’s eyes told me to stay, but everyone else’s told me it would be best to leave before this got out of hand.

“I-Um-I-I-Yeah,” I whispered, staring at my shoes. A satisfied smirk formed on Harry’s lips.
“I’m not taking you home,” Rox stood her ground. “She doesn’t want to go, she’s just scared of you!” I pinched my eyes closed. Oh no, this isn’t happening. Why is this happening? I felt like I was on the verge of having a panic attack… Or bursting out in tears… And I wasn’t sure which was worse.
“Come,” Harry ordered, holding his hand out to me. “I’ll take you home,” Roxanne wouldn’t look at me, giving me the impression that she was actually letting me decide on my own—which is something I’ve never been able to do. I looked at Louis for reassurance. He gave me a slight nod; careful not to let Roxanne see. With a shallow breath and shaky bones, I set my small hand in his large one. Without hesitating, he closed his around mine and pulled me out of CrowBar.

“Hop on,” Harry smiled as we approached a motorcycle. My eyes widened as I stared at the machine I was being offered a ride on.
“I-I-” He cut me off before I could stutter more.
“It’s not that bad,” He encouraged, his green eyes lit up when he smiled, handing me a helmet.
“I-I can’t,” I mumbled, looking at the concrete I stood on. I sensed a smile in his dark tone.
“Sure you can,” He paused, lifting my face with his index and middle fingers, his green eyes beaming into my blue ones. “I won’t let anything happen to you, dove,” He promised.

“Okay,” My voice faltered as he placed the helmet on my small head and clipped it in place. He stuck sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, hiding his eyes. I was shocked that I’d agreed to ride on this… Thing. It was like I melted once his voice softened. Maybe that’s how he gets so many girls, like the Liam guy said.
“Get on,” He ordered, his voice quiet. When I didn’t answer, he sighed and grabbed my waist. Without hesitation, he lifted me onto the motorcycle. An involuntary gasp left my lips, causing him to darkly chuckle. “It’s okay,” He rasped with a crisp british accent. Before I knew it, he climbed on the bike and kicked the kickstand up as the engine roared. In a nervous panic, I looked around the bike for a handlebar, a grip, something. His large hands grabbed mine once more and he wrapped them around his hard torso. He was still sweaty from the match and I could feel his fit body through the fabric of his black t-shirt. “Hold on tight,” He ordered. My arms automatically clung to him tighter, as if I were hugging a friend I hadn’t seen in years and missed terribly. But he wasn’t a friend, he was just a terribly scary man giving me a ride.

“Don’t let go,” He spoke over the engine. “If you do, you could fall off and get hurt,” I gasped slightly, causing him to turn his head. “Then what kind of promise would I have made?” Before I could reply, he sped off, slowly stopping as we came to a street light. My arms held him even tighter, like he was a pillow and I was in tears, I couldn’t help but wonder how tight my grip actually was, he was quite fit and I’m… Well let’s just say I could have tried harder in gym class. My eyes were squeezed shut as I slowly breathed in his scent, taking everything in from his sweat to his body wash and shampoo. “Where’s your house?”
“714 Follier Lane,” He hesitated for a moment before speeding down the street. I buried my heavy head in his shoulder, pinching my eyes shut and praying to God I wouldn’t die tonight. I only wished to hold my cross, like I’m prone to do when I’m anxious. Before I knew it, the engine stopped and Harry sat up straight. My eyes still squeezed shut, my arms tightly gripping him and helmet slid further down my face.
“Dove,” He cooed in a soft voice as if he knew I could break in a second. “I know you want to hold onto me for a bit longer, but we’re here,” My face flushed as I ripped my hands away, removing the helmet, further messing up my braid.

“I-I-Sorry!” I gushed, preparing to hop off the bike.
“Be careful!” He warned a bit too late; While I jumped off the bike in utter embarrassment, my leg rubbed against the exhaust pipe, causing me to scream and nearly topple over. As I was about to hit the ground, Harry grabbed my arm, proving his reflexes once again, and pulled me back on my feet with ease. As I met his eyes, I noted he was glaring down at me with his hand still harshly gripping my arm while the tips of our shoes touched.

“I told you to be careful!” He growled, running a hand through his curly hair. “Can you stand?” He asked in a lighter tone, gently releasing my arm.
“It-It hurts,” I whimpered. He raised his eyebrows, placing his sunglasses on the V-Neck of his nicely fitted tee. I noticed small patterns of ink lining the exposed area of his chest, but before I could make out the tattoos, his voice startled me.
“That’s what happens when you don’t listen!” He barked, causing me to gasp. I opened my mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again, realizing it was a bad idea. “Well?” He prompted, like an angry father trying not to yell at his child in public. I felt like a child, my face red and on the verge of tears. I wasn’t used to being yelled at by anyone… Especially not someone with such an angry, booming voice.

“I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered, letting a tear slide down my cheek. He lifted my face with his index finger, his glare softening.
“Why are you crying?” He asked with a hint of guilt.
“Y-You’re yelling at me…” His lips pursed before he sighed loudly.
“You live with your mum?” He assumed. I nodded slightly, wiping my nose with the back of my hand. He nodded slowly. “Is she home?” I shook my head, causing him to sigh deeply and rub his dark eyes. “Fine. Let’s go,” I shot him a confused look. “To clean the burn!” He snapped.
“Oh… No… You don’t have to!” I protested.

Rolling his eyes, he leaned down and grabbed my small hand, pulling me toward my house. As we reached the door, he dropped my hand. His intimidating height towered over me and caused me to cower.
“Thanks-um-for the ride and everything… But I-I have to go!” I spoke fast, my face flushed as I quickly unlocked the door and snuck in, closing it on Harry and sinking to the floor, trying to catch my breath. It was only a few minutes later that I heard his motorcycle speed away—to my relief. I picked myself up off the floor and had, what felt like, the longest shower of my life.



Yeah I totally get it haha, was in the same position a few weeks ago and literally neglected my story for like a month :') good luck with your finals :)

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Omg thank you so much! I'm currently working on finals at college so I'll update when I can, but I'm super busy atm!

Okay I made the mistake of reading this because I needed something to feed my obssession with your other story and I literally hate myself because now I need more of this the same way I do with Pretty Girl! You are such an amazing writer like legit too many feels for me to cope...

Prinny1321 Prinny1321


I hope your mom gets through it!!!!