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Without The Love (Liam Payne/Larry Stylinson)

This Is How It Goes

Chapter 2

Amelia looked around at the crowds, as Louis took his place on the carpet with his band mates. He was a natural, they all were. It was hard to believe how far they had come in the space of three years. Sometimes, she wanted to burst with pride for them. They had left X Factor and proved everyone what they could do if they worked hard enough.

Niall looked back at her, giving her a discreet wink.

That was his code. Reassurance, she guessed… She always knew no matter what happened Niall would have her back. Over the last few years he had grown to be one of her closest friends and biggest ally’s. Something she had definitely needed.

She watched as Louis circled the crowds, signing autographs and posing with fans who had no doubt been there all day waiting for their favourite band.

"Can I have a photo taken with you?"

She spun around. A small girl of around twelve or thirteen, in glasses, smiled up at her, “You’re really pretty."

"Thanks, hon," Amelia replied, “So are you."

"Can you sign this please?"

"Sure," Amelia replied, taking the pen and scribbling on the girls notebook, “Do you want Louis’ signature too?"

"No it’s cool," She shrugged, “I came here for you."

"Me?" Amelia couldn’t help but smile.

"Yeah, you’re so cool!" She gushed, “When I’m older, I wanna be just like you…"

She felt a pang of sadness in her chest.

"Hey Amelia… can I have your autograph too?!" Another girl piped up from behind and soon there was a crowd of young girls asking her…


A few hours later, Amelia found herself being pushed through crowds of adoring teenage girls. A security guard flanked each guy while she struggled behind.

Hot salty tears rolled down her face as she felt her hair being pulled mercilessly, or a hand grab her elbow.

"Everything okay, Meli?" Niall asked, reaching out his hand. She grabbed it and he pulled her through, where they finally reached two waiting cars.

Louis turned to her, “I’m going out with the guys. You’re okay to make your own way back to the hotel, right?"

"R-Right," Amelia nodded, “Cool."

"Great," Louis shrugged, “We booked you into the luxury suite. You can relax and have a manicure or a facial or something. Ed will drive you back."

She nodded once more, mutely. Louis took a glance around and moved forward kissing her briefly, “See you tomorrow at 12. Don’t be late getting up."

And just like that, the boys left her, standing in the middle of the pavement, with only Ed for company…


Come midnight, Amelia couldn’t sleep. She never could when Louis went out. It sounded completely bonkers in her head but she worried about him. She always had done, ever since this arrangement had started.

You see, Louis wasn’t a party animal. When they first met, he had been happy to stay in and have a night in watching DVD’s and eating food, which was her favourite thing to do. But over the last year, he had grown considerably wilder.

It was like a switch had flipped inside of him and he wanted to enjoy his new celebrity status.

For an outsider, looking in, anyone would think he was being a normal red blooded boy, going out and dancing with pretty girls, getting their numbers, hooking up with them (It was hardly a secret that celebrities were hardly the most faithful so a tell all wouldn’t have really shocked anyone, to be honest.) but she knew the truth.

She knew the only reason she was going out all the time was so he could be closer to him.
Harry. The object of his affections, and also his band mate.

You see, Harry and Louis’ ‘bromance’ was why she was there in the first place. She had been employed by Modest Management to act as Louis’ girlfriend. Her full time role included going to every gig the boys played, doing public events, concerts, press conferences. You name it, she did it. There were perks as well as downfalls. The perks were she’d done quite well out of the job. She’d scored a small modelling job just from being who she was. She also got to hang out with the other guys and knew their backstage team out of the back of her hand. The downfalls were stacked up higher though. Tonight being one of them - that no matter how hard she tried, desperately, she would never get Louis’ affection or love.

She was pretty sure he hated her.

"Knock knock…"

She jumped up, eyes wide as the door opened slightly, “You should really learn to lock your door."

"Niall…" She smiled, "…Liam. What are you guys doing here?"

"We’ve come to hang out with you," Liam replied, “And we don’t want to hear any excuses about you wanting to be alone, and how Louis wouldn’t want us hanging with you… cos we are. So you can like it or lump it."

Her smile grew wider, “I’d love to hang out with you."

"Awesomesauce!" Liam bounced on her bed, “So… what films do we have to watch?"

"More importantly… where’s the room service menu? I am… famished!" Niall gasped…


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