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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

No Escape

I made my way towards my door, slid my small hand in my bag pulling the key out and placed it in the door.
Emerson had apologized before she left with Zayn and told me if I wanted to I could barrow her car and drive wherever I wished.
I found that it was probably important to know the surrounding areas to possibly learn more about Zayn.
I knew all the facts I could possibly learn from the internet but now it was time for me to get out and learn about the place I was staying.
I took the liberty in taking Emerson’s car for a ride around the block.
Once I returned to the apartment I spent the rest of the day relaxing, listening to Emerson’s CD’s that had the boys music on it and scrolling through Tumblr.
Zayn’s face popped up quiet a few times on my dash making me curious as to why I had never heard of him before coming here.
I re-blogged one of the pictures and added a little caption underneath.
He may be beautiful on the outside but not so much on the inside.
I felt a little bit mean for posting it but no one would actually care or know what I meant by that. I refreshed my page but nothing new came up.
I glanced at the time and realized I had been on Tumblr for most of the day. Just as I was about to grab a book from my bag my phone lit up.
Emerson’s face filled the screen as the phone continuously vibrated.
I reached out for the phone and quickly answered.
“Spencer!” Emerson’s voice echoed through the phone in a panic.
“I lost him.” She said anxiously. “He asked me to get him some water at the bar and when I came back he was gone!” She sounded horrified.
I knew I had to be there for her like she had been there for me when I was on the chopping block with Angela.
“Okay, calm down. I’ll be there soon. Text me the address.” The phone line went dead.
I neared the closest bar that Emerson had given me the address off. I parked her car and entered the building.
The amount of people in the small area overwhelmed me and made it hard for me to find Emerson.
As I spotted her she was pacing and looked like she was on the verge of having a heart attack.
Her hand ran nervously through her blonde hair as I approached her.
“I don’t know how this could have happened. He was here one minute and gone the next.” Emerson pulled at her hair nervously.
“Hey listen to me.” I grabbed her by the shoulders to stop her. “I’m going to find him.” I nodded my head as I spoke to try to get my point across loud and clear to reassure her.
Luckily for me I had the whole day off to research and study about all the local clubs, bars and any place I deemed fit as a place of interest for Zayn.
I had read a little about the place we currently resided and quickly remember that the website had talked about secluded spots to get away from the loud crowd.
I boldly walked to the bar and demanded the bar tender tell me where these “secluded” spots where.
Listening to his instructions I made my way down a narrow hallway that opened up into many doors. Emerson followed me weakly.
The first door I busted open contained two people, one sort of looked like a boy but I wasn’t sure so I quickly apologized, tried to erase it from my mind and continued down the line of doors.
The second door contained to innocent teens who both looked they were about to break down crying. I apologized like I had at the first door than closed the door.
I turned myself towards Emerson whose face began to loose color.“3rd times the charm.” I smirked at her in another attempt to calm her down.
I busted the 3rd door open and to my dismay Zayn was situated under a small framed, bodily blonde girl who was barely covered by a small piece of cloth.
Zayn’s dark mischievous eyes planted on me as the girl straddled over him and continued sucking vigorously at his neck. He smiled curtly and licked his lips slowly.
“Out!” I screamed in shock. “Get OUT!” I yelled again as I rushed inside the room. Emerson stumbled in distraughtly behind me.
The small framed blonde quickly jumped off Zayn in a fright, picking her heels from the ground and rushing from the room as fast as her little toothpick legs could carry her.
Zayn observed her as she scrambled out of the room. “Hm. Ruining all my fun already.” He huffed as a small smile continued to plague his face.
“Get up.” I demanded as I grabbed Emerson’s arm for some protection; not forgetting the event that occurred earlier in the day in our frightful elevator ride.
Zayn’s face held his stupid little smile as he pushed himself from the couch. “Alright mum. I’m ready to go.” He said as he slid his hands in his pocket—the alcohol in his breath was evident so I allowed his extremely rude comment to slide.
As we walked through the bar I kept a close eye on Zayn to make sure he was following.
I kept hold of Emerson’s arm so we wouldn’t get separated as Zayn’s lazy feet drug behind us.
Once outside of the bar big men with fancy camera’s walked over to us and started bombarding Zayn with questions.
I peered back in Zayn’s direction to see his big defined hands still situated in his hands in his pockets and his head facing the ground.
“Are you alright?” I asked on a serious note back at Zayn, stopping in my tracks.
“Just keep walking.” He said roughly.
It was then I realized Zayn was following our feet as we walked towards Emerson’s car.
As we neared the car the men with the flashing cameras continued to peruse us. I did my best to ignore them but I felt myself feeling lightheaded as I strung Emerson behind me.
We all stuffed into the car, me in the drivers seat, Emerson in the back and Zayn riding shotgun.
I took a giant breath as the photographers withdrew once we were encased in the small vehicle.
Zayn let out a little snicker.
“Shut up.” I zealously stated. Zayn’s small laughter died away as his obscure orbs beamed on me. I peered over at him and his face full of disgust that I had actually stood up to him.
“You can drop me off at the office.” His arms crossed over his chest in agitation.
I ripped my eyes from his impossibly irritating ones and shoved the key in the ignition.
As I began to back out Emerson’s squeaky little voice began to reprimand Zayn’s actions.
Her scolding lasted till we drove up to the building.
Zayn scurried out of the car making a great attempt to slam the door as loud as he possibly could while exiting the vehicle.
I looked back at Emerson’s face that was heated with anger. “Emerson he isn’t worth it.” I attempted to calm her down but as the words escaped my mouth she threw her head back hard on the seat in frustration.
It was hard to see my once so confident friend so defeated
I forced my feet out of the vehicle.
“Hey!” I hollered at Zayn as he adamantly walked away from.
“Hey!” I yelled again only causing his feet to accelerate.
“Zayn!” I attempted again but his dark figure proceeded.
As we came up to a prestige car I figured was Zayn’s, I knew he would have to listen to me or run over me.
As terrible of a person he was I figured he wasn’t that brutal to run me over so I continued with caution.
My knees began to wobble as he slowed down at his car door. I cleared my throat to get myself ready to give him a piece of my mind. “Zayn!”
I yelled, his feet stopped at his door and I finally caught up to him. My body jumped as he hit his window in anger and turned himself to face me.
“What the fuck do you want from me!?” His voice roared, his accent thick.
I felt the weakness in my knees as I advanced a little closer to him. “What is your problem!?” I questioned viciously.
“You are.” He spat back
I crossed my arms to guard myself, scared he would attack me at any moment.
He had pinned me to an elevator wall so I hadn’t put it past him.
“Why can’t you just do you job?” He continued.
“What do you think I’m trying to do?!”
He let out a huff and rolled his eyes at me. “What did I ever do to you?” I egged him.
I could tell my words where having somewhat of an effect because he failed to respond.
“Just…You need to apologize to Emerson… Please?”
He didn’t enjoy my proposition—his eyes dark with furry and his muscles tense.
He took a step closer to me, filing the gap between us. “I’m 20 years old. I don’t need some girl in a small skimpy skirt who is probably the same age telling me what to do.” He snarled at me as his voice returned to a normal volume.
I took a moment to take in his crude remarks.
He began to turn back towards the door so I grabbed his arm roughly. His muscles were big—I could feel that much as I gripped his jacket.
“I’m 21…I wasn’t telling you, I was asking. My style has nothing to do with the person I am. I remember not too long ago you where pulling up a girls skirt shorter than mine.” I referred to the incident that took place only about thirty minutes earlier.
He yanked his arm from me in anger. The tension on my arm was rough and as he pulled his away it shot a small spiral of pain in my forearm.
I began to rub at the slightly strained limb as Zayn finished his argument.
“My point exactly. If stupid sluts like you didn’t wear such small clothing, asses like me wouldn’t be so tempted to take all your fucking clothes off.”
And with his final statement he was slamming his door shut before I could retaliate.

Zayn was cruel.
Ruthless and impossible.
How could someone so beautiful on the inside be so ugly on the outside?

I shuffled through papers the next morning that I had printed out the previous night.
I was determined to find out what Zayn’s deal was and why he was so vicious and temperamental.
Emerson’s scrawny legs stumbled in our kitchen as I sat on the counter crunching on some cereal I had found in the cabinet and read through some more thorough documents about Zayn. Last night was rough for her it was evident by her lack of perk in her step.
“Morning.” I uttered giving her a small smile.
It was strange to see her so crushed and struggling as much as she was.
“I’m afraid I’m going to be one of the estimated three who leave on the first week.” She cut right to the chase.
I scooped a large amount of cereal from my bowl and stuffed it in my mouth to hide the shock on my face. Emerson was the last one I had expected to leave so early in it.
I clung to her words as she scrambled around the kitchen to fix herself breakfast. I figured I should probably say something to give her some hope so I placed my bowl of cereal to the side on top of my papers as I hopped of the counter.
“I told you to call me M&M” she said lightly.
“M&M.” she turned herself to face me. I grabbed at her shoulders to get her to look at me directly.
“You are confident and stronger than this. Snap out of it and focus! You can do this!” I believed the words as they left my lips—it was as if I was giving some sort of inspirational speech in a sports movie.
“But what happens once those estimated people leave? Angela said we would get switched around. What if I get left with Zayn all alone?” She said in a panic. Her talking became fast and her breaths short.
“Hey! Listen to me.” I squared her shoulders to me as in my pathetic attempt to calm her down. “It won’t happen okay? I will make sure it doesn’t.”
I watched as her wet eyes dried out and her breath steadied. I was in the moment fully aware of what I had just promised her.
I had bound myself to Zayn. There was no escaping him now.


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez