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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Do Your Job

As we advanced down the hallway the sound of Zayn’s feet dragging lazily made me irritated. My heart rate accelerated and my blood rushed through my veins.
I rapidly pressed the elevator button and paced as we waited.
I briefly glanced at Zayn who was still transfixed on his phone— he took small brief gazes at me giving me outlandish looks.
As the elevator opened on our floor I made no hesitation to step in. Zayn sluggishly stepped in after me, situating his self in front.
I quickly pressed the button and stepped back behind him.
“You probably shouldn’t be so careless considering it’s your first day.” Zayn directly said as he slid his phone into his back pocket.
“W-what?” I cleared my throat while stuttering in attempt to cover up how extremely nervous I was.
It was the first time I had actually heard him form a complete sentence.
There was no time to say anymore before he had me pinned up against the back wall of the elevator. My heartbeat accelerated tremendously as he trapped both my wrists up against the wall.
His body somewhat pushed up against mine and held it in place. My eyes squeezed closed in a wince.
“Do your damn job and we won’t have a problem.” The harsh tone of his voice made me incredibly scared of him. His tall figure towered over me as my breathing became uneasy.
Before I could say anything, he had released me and turned his head towards the front. The doors opened only moments after and he stepped out in confidence.
I was taken aback by his actions— even if I had time to say something I couldn’t think of what I would have said.
I followed behind him towards a seat where he quickly sat down and pulled his phone out again.
His actions angered me and made me want to slap him across the face but I knew that wouldn’t be very professional so I stood by him, crossed my arms and made faces at him.
“You know, you should probably stop staring at me. I’m not going to sleep with you.”
I huffed at his inappropriate statement.
Angela had told us about the boys trying to entice us and mess around with us but this is not nearly what I thought it would be like.
A sort of smile lingered on his face making my blood boil. I tapped my foot in agitation at him as he continued to scroll through his phone.
I finally decided that the only way this boy was going to learn was if I stuck it to him and showed him that just because I was working for him didn’t mean I was some sort of object he could just throw slurs at.
As I took a huge breath in and pulled up the courage to howl at Zayn the clacking of heals resonated behind me.
I watched as Emerson cruised towards us. “What did I miss?” She asked in a bubbly voice.
“Nothing.” I scoffed as I crossed my arms and broke my harsh gaze at Zayn.
The room began to fill with people and eventually all the interns along with all the boys where scattered about the room.
Without hesitation Zayn got up from his seat and walked away from us.
“You see what I mean? Complete ass.” Emerson buzzed faintly in my ear. She crossed her arms in anger as her bouncy fun-loving attitude ceased to exist.
Angela entered the room looking attentive and dismal as always. She quickly hushed everyone and began to talk. “You will all go to lunch together and sit with each other. I will not accept any boys sitting next to each other. Than I will give you your next assignment which will outplay all day.”
As her little speech was over she walked out promptly and the room began to fill with noise once again.
“Lets go retrieve our dog.” Emerson said to me as she rolled her eyes and tugged me along behind her.
We didn’t find Zayn till we made our way into the café where everyone was eating.
He was set in a chair with an open chair next to him and another across the table. As we drew near him he didn’t give us a single glance. “Girl who talks a lot, you can sit over there.” He pointed for Emerson to sit across the way.
The fact that he wanted me to sit by him put me on edge—I wasn’t quiet sure why he insisted she sat on the other side when I was the one who messed up.
“My name is Emerson.” She demanded “And until you learn that I’m not going to listen to you.”
Zayn scoffed as he looked up at us. “Fine. Emerson. Go sit over there.”
Emerson trumped over to the other side of table and sat down. I watched as she made herself comfortable and slung her bag off her shoulder.
She was so witty with her remarks, which made me jealous of her.
She always knew what to say and she knew how to think on her feet—something I should probably learn how to do.
“Are you going to just stand there or sit by me?” Zayn scowled at me as he looked darkly into my eyes.
I quickly pulled my chair out and sat as he told me too.
Before throwing my bag to the ground I pulled my phone from it. The screen lit up in front of my eyes and I unlocked it. I took a moment to open my twitter app and read through some tweets before my attention was broken by Zayn’s rough voice.
“Are you going to look at your menu or just sit there on your phone?” He snarled. I rolled my eyes than narrowed them at him.
“I’m not hungry.” I shrugged him off coldly.
“Order or I’ll order for you.” His tone held a hint of irritation.
I furrowed my brow at him. “I’m not having another one you damn stupid girls starve yourself to look good… As if anyone cares what you fucking look like.” He snorted.
His tone of voice hindered my anger.
I was no longer nervous about being around him.
He was an ass and he was rude and ruthless.
His deep brown eyes made me want to see something past his hard exterior but it was seemingly impossible.
I tried to ignore him by gearing my face towards Emerson who was already in conversation with all the people surrounding her. Her lively personality returned and resonated as she talked with everyone. As they all broke out in laughter I found it impossible to get invested in the conversation.
“Don’t have any friends?” He asked coldly.
“Excuse me?” I faced him as his harsh eyes looked vigorously at me.
“Why don’t you just get back on your phone? I liked you better like that.” I continued. For once I was able to talk back and sound clever.
He chuckled dryly and briefly. “I was told it’s rude.” He rolled his head around causing it to crack in multiple places.
I watched as his muscular hands brushed through his jet-black hair.
“You’re staring again.” He stated dryly as he let out another deep chuckle. I looked down at my fingers rounding around each other to hide my flushed cheeks.
Zayn was gorgeous and his words made me insecure. He was fully aware of his effect on me—it pissed me off. Just like everything else about him.
His shadowy eyes burned holes in the side of my head. I noticed as his eyes scanned me from where I was sitting to my face. “You should invest into buying some more clothes.” He stated coldly.
I wrinkled my face as I looked at him again hoping he would clarify.
“You can see way to much of your god damn body. I could easily see up your small skirt.”
I turned away from him in embarrassment. My cheeks still held a crimson color on them as my face burned firmly.
As the waitress came over I felt his gaze falter on me so I swiftly picked a small appetizer of the menu and ordered it.
Zayn didn’t make a lot of sense to me.
He was extremely rude at the office but as we got to the café I noticed a difference in his attitude. Although he was still rude he wasn’t as rude.
Someone must have talked to him on the way over because there was no way that drastic of a change could have occurred due to a small change of scenery.
After waiting twenty minutes for our food I actually started to feel a bit hungry.
My appetizer was placed in front of me and I scarfed it down within a minute or two.
It wasn’t till than that I realized I hadn’t eaten since yesterday.
Zayn’s dark chuckle reverberated in my ear. “I though you weren’t hungry.”
I began to circle my thumbs but quickly stopped myself and looked to him.
“I wasn’t, but I am now.” I snarled back.
As I took a sip from my water I found myself wanting to spit it out at the sound of Angela’s voice.
“Alright interns, the boys will pick one of you to spend the rest of the day with them. This way you can learn more about them and whatnot. If you aren’t chosen you are dismissed for the day; but I suggest you do some more studying because you are obviously doing something wrong”
It bothered me how she always said whatnot. Like I was supposed to know what whatnot entailed.
It also bothered me that some of us wouldn’t be able to go with the boys today.
There were five boys and eight girls meaning two of the girls already had a guaranteed spot.
Zayn got up from his chair. “Hey, annoying girl. Come on.” He pointed to Emerson.
Her beady little eyes fixed on Zayn in confusion.
“Come on, get up.”
And with that I realized that I had lost.
Emerson had won.
I had failed.


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez