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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Jealousy Bites

Zayn strode from the bathroom with confidence towards his dresser, diligently picking out a t-shirt and pants and moving back into the bathroom. My eyes followed him coldly hoping he would look at me and notice the frustration and anger in my burning eyes but I had no such luck.
As he emerged a second time I gave up on my harsh gaze and watched as my fingers made small circles around each other. I felt his eyes burn through me as I sat shyly on his bed. “You know that kiss meant nothing, right?” His voice hummed.
“Yea.” I looked up and nodded at him making sure he knew I was aware it was just a stupid mistake.My focus wavered back towards my twirling fingers.
“Alright.” He said through a cough. “Let’s go.”
Zayn rushed from the room, I followed shortly after.
We didn’t speak on the car ride over. I was sure it was because Zayn was not looking forward to spending the night with all of his best mates and having me tag along— but tough NUTS! This was part of my job and I wasn’t going to get fired just to please Zayn.
We arrived at a small pub not to far from Zayn’s house. Thank the Lord there was no one following us with a flashing camera as we walked from the car towards the small building.
Zayn roughly grabbed my forearm and drug me in after complaining I was walking to slow.
He let go of my arm in irritation as we came up to an excluded booth in the corner with four other boys. Boys I had seen before but never really conversed with. Zayn fell into the booth by the boy with the curls. “Mhm, who’s your friend Zayn?” His friend growled as Zayn sat next to him.
“She’s um-“
“I’m Spencer.” I cut Zayn off, shoved him over to make room for myself in the booth causing him to bump into curls.
“Feisty one eh?” Curls grunted as he edged to the side.“I’m Harry.” He rumbled on.
I gave him a curt smile as the rest of the boys introduced themselves to me. Harry seemed to stare at me a little longer than everyone else and I couldn’t help but look back and blush as his bright emerald eyes peering up under his long lashes.
As Zayn caught onto Harry’s and my eye-play he snapped me out of it and scolded me for starring, telling me it was a bad habit and being a dickhead like he always was.
“Zayn, I’m not so sure staring is much of a habit.” Liam added in. As he spoke my head whipped towards him, he seemed to be a lot more level headed then the other boys in a way.
“Yea, but its creepy and she does it to fucking much, it’s annoying.” Zayn bellowed.
“You can stare at me all day love.” Harry grunted out in a sexy way. I instantly became self-conscious due to my cheeks flushing red.
“No, you can’t.” Zayn’s head flipped towards me as he scolded me again like a puppy.
I crossed my arms and quirked my eyebrow up. Who was Zayn to tell me who I can and can’t stare at? My eyes where free to roam wherever they god damn well pleased.
“So Spencer, where are you from?” Liam asked as every head at the table stared at me.
“Oh-um-I’m from New Jersey, in America.” I smiled trying to not look at nervous as I actually was.
“Love your accent babe.” Harry winked as his deep voice pierced my ears.
Niall spoke next, his accent a bit different from the others. “Harry you are going to scare the lady, for the love of-“
“Drinks?” A tall, brunette waitress questioned as she stood at the head of the table—she was just as perky as Emerson.
“Yea, a beer- 5 bears. Spencer you drinking?” Louis asked as he ordered a drink for everyone. I hadn’t yet gotten out to drink, I hadn’t gotten out really at all to drink since I turned 21. Embarrassed that everyone else was drinking, I nodded my head and Louis ordered me a beer.
“You drink?” Zayn mumbled.
“Sometimes, what’s it to ya?”
“Just didn’t take you for the type.” He shrugged, crossing his arms and turning his attention towards his mates who were bickering about the best types of beer. I felt out of my element and an amateur as they began a conversation about alcohol.
I allowed myself to zone out like I normally do but it wasn’t too successful as my name was called from across the table.
“Spencer? What do you prefer? Rum or Vodka?” As Liam asked me everyone’s eyes glue to me and seemed interested in what I had to say.
Too bad I had no idea which I liked better because I didn’t have nearly enough experience with alcohol to be able to pick favorites.
“Is there a difference?” Wasstupid for asking?
I could tell by the way they all cracked out in laughter, Zayn especially.
“What did I say?” I defended.
“Oh Spenc! You are so adorable!” Louis squealed out as they all continued laughing.
After there fest of laughing at Spencer finished Niall spoke. “Oh babe, there is a very distinct difference.” He smiled.
Thank the Lord that was the last thing they said on the topic of alcoholic beverages because this sort of small talk was not my cup of tea.
Once the waitress came around with our beers the boys made no hesitation to get the bottles popped open. I watched attentively as Zayn’s muscley hands used the bottle opener to pop his tab then leaned over towards my drink to open mine for me. He flashed me a slight smile as he brought his drink towards his lips and took a big gulp of it. “Cheers.” He tilted the bottle my way as he took another chug.
My fingers awkwardly fumbled over towards the beer. I eyed it for a good minute before clasping it my hands. Zayn’s stare peer pressured me into taking a giant gulp.
“That-a girl.” I kept my eyes fixed on my bottle as Zayn’s rouged voice whispered into my ear. His voice against my ear made my cringe, damn him.
“How’s it taste Spenc?” Liam asked.
“Great.” I winced and shot him a slight smile, maybe he would believe me if I added the smile. I’ve never been so fond of beer so this wasn’t much better.
Note to self. Being surrounded by beautiful men does NOT make the taste of beer any better.
After the first beer, I was done. Everyone else had at least three or four but I felt a little sick after the first given I hadn’t eaten much all day.
“Lovely, I insist you try this. Its delicious.” Harry reached his beer towards me but I shied away.
“Come on babe, live a little.” Zayn mumbled at me.
I crossed my arms crossed over my chest as I let out a large huff.
“More for me!” Harry moved his beer back towards himself and poured it down his throat. “So will you be going on tour with us in a week?” Louis spoke.
“Um. I don’t know… they haven’t really told us yet.” I shrugged.
“That would be cool. We could all hang out again.” A blond headed Irishman said.
Niall was adorable, so adorable that I couldn’t hide the smile that spread across my face. “Yea Spenc! You are fun. Zayn-y has been hiding you.” Harry sort of shouted over Zayn, pretty sure Harry had a bit more than 3 or 4 beers.
Harry’s beautiful eyes hit mine sending shivers down my spine, his eyes where something else, from another world.
“Shut up Hazz.” Zayn growled.
“You are so gorgeous.” Harry went on. Zayn’s dark eyes darted towards Harry. His eyeballs wavered on Harry but it wasn’t long before they were glued on me.
“We are leaving.” He stated sternly while forcefully grabbing my arm. I tried my best to shove him from my arm but he was already pushing me up out off the booth and pulling me. “We’ll see you guys later.”
He shoved me away from the table and towards the door, dragging me from the door into the car.
As he went to his side and got in I huffed in anger.
“What?” He asked in response to my loud obnoxious sigh.
“I just don’t understand you at all!” I rose my voice because the situation deemed right.
Zayn was a moody one. Nothing he ever did made sense. He was an asshole and he was reckless and he just drove me crazy. Not even a week and I could never stop thinking about him, not in a sexual way, EW NO. I just couldn’t help but think about the way he acts and the reasons he acted so strange, especially around me.
One minute he was kissing me, which don’t get me wrong, it was great but the next minute he was yelling at me, grabbing my arm and acting like a jealous freak. He was a mystery alright, one I just wanted solve.
“What’s there to understand babe?” Zayn seemed to be genuinely confused, as if he hadn’t just walked out on his best mates. He calmly put the car in reverse and began to drive.
“Everything!” I sighed loudly throwing my arms up in a sort of dramatic fashion. He let out a soft dry laugh.
“I don’t know…well to start… you kissed me-“
“I told you that meant nothing.”
“Right. But, then you yelled at me and called me a slut-“
“Because you are.”
“Than we go out with your mates and you basically pull my arm off dragging me out of the pub.”
“Hazz was irritating me.” Zayn’s tone was cold and harsh, shut of from the world like he always was.
“That’s not good enough!” There was no denying he was dodging everything I was saying.—cutting off my every sentence
Frustratingly enough I woke up in the morning exhausted and not wanting to move. Emerson had to walk in and yell at my lazy ass to get out bed three times before I finally rolled out of bed.
Today marked the day, the first week had ended. Thank the Lord.
Just as Angela predicted, 3 girls had packed up.
The first left on the third day, she explained that it was family complications and there was no way she could stay; the second and third actually left last night not able to handle the pressure—hurray, time for reassignments.
There were only five girls now, and there are only five guys. The one that left for family problems was with Louis so someone was to get assigned to Louis. One of the others was with Harry and the other was with Niall. So Emerson was going to be reassigned—because I had made her a promise, I had tied myself to Zayn.
We reported early in the morning, Angela announced that we had the next two days off for doing such a great job this week, but there was a catch. We were in fact going on the tour in a week so our job for the next two days was to get prepared for that.
Apparently the tour would be a great experience for us as managers in training.
“Reassignments. Layne, you are with Niall.” NO. NO. NO.
“Actually…” I couldn’t believe I was about to do this, I was about to fight to get Zayn back. “I think Emerson should get Niall, I mean she has worked really hard but Zayn- doesn’t like her-and-um- he requested that I kept on his service.” It all came out a bit in a vomiting format. I had never done this before.
“Alright, Emerson is will Niall and Howe, you are with Tomlinson. That is all I need from you ladies so have a great day, don’t forget to pack.”
“Emerson, you owe me.” I was deciding what shirts were appropriate to bring on tour, Emerson was sitting on my bed typing diligently on her laptop.
“Hm?” she hummed, too focused on her screen to even glance at me.
“Oh right.” Emerson brushed me off as her eyes remained glued to her laptop.
“I’m going to get some air.” I announced, which didn’t seem to get her attention either. Walking out of the apartment in a bit of anger that Emerson wasn’t paying any attention to me or even thanking me for taking Zayn, I accidently slammed the door into a small petite curly brown haired girl. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!” I apologize— today was not my day.
“Oh no need for an apology, my heals are rather tall today.” She said brushing herself off and standing up, I noticed a slight accent in her soft voice. “You’re Zayn’s girl right? I mean the loony one who fought to keep him?”
My cheeks flushed red as I pushed my hair behind my ear. “Oh-I- yea. I’m Spencer.” I offered a hand in her direction but she didn’t take it. “Shaking hands is for business partners.” She explained with a great big smile on her face.
Without that smile I think I would have been offended.
“I’m Aubree. The loony one who stayed with Harry.”The grin on her face only made me feel like grinning, so I did. I giggled a bit at her remark.
I had met Harry the night before.
I couldn’t understand how she had the will power to stay.
Not only was he a major flirt, he was majorly attractive, which made it extremely hard to get any work done.
I was impressed.
“I guess we are both mad.” I added.
“Well, it was nice to meet you. See you round?”
“Yea.” I nodded my head watching her stomp away, I took a great big breath in and walked towards the elevator.
As I walked out of the apartment and towards the office building I noticed a familiar car pull up towards the building.
A familiar darkness filled the air as a dark figure stepped out of the car.
He walked towards me but took no time to acknowledge I was standing there. “Hey! What are you doing here?” I followed him as he walked past me.
“They told me they had some changes occurring, I was in the car already so I just stopped by to hear what it was.” He explained.
He looked different today, more mysterious. His shades covered his tender brown eyes, he seemed a bit sluggish and his hair was pushed sideways as if it hadn’t been brushed in days. “They took Emerson off!” I spat out.
Not sure why I felt so inclined to tell him but I couldn’t help but tell him.
I wanted to see his reaction.
It wasn’t much of a reaction though. He just sort of shrugged his shoulders slightly.
“So what does that mean?”
“It means, she doesn’t work for you anymore, it’s just you and me Malik.” I nudged him causing him to flinch.
“Alright, well. Tell them you told me and I’ll be on my way.” He turned to walk the other way. “Wait!” I ran to catch up, he was a speed walker.
“I’m not working today. I have the day off so-“
“I-um-you can tell them yourself is all I’m saying.”
“Great. So you can come over today.” He stated as he continued power walking towards his car. It was difficult to keep up. Damn Malik.
“What?! Did you not just hear what I said, it’s my day off.” I huffed practically tripping in order to not fall behind.
He finally stopped walking when we got to his car.
“Yea, and I have nothing to do all day.”
“And I have a life.”
“Yea, a life that revolves around me.”
Excuse me!?
“You are so stuck up you know?”
“Yea whatever, come over later.” He swiftly swung his car door open and sat down.
He took the liberty of rolling down his window for one last blow at me. “If you don’t I might go out and party and get drunk. Maybe sleep with women, could make you look pretty bad, considering the other slut isn’t working for me anymore.”
“Stop calling everyone a slut!” That was all I could get out as his engine started up.
He said such cruel things.
Things people just don’t say.
Things people only think about but never have the guts to say.
“Not a slut?” He scoffed. “I got her in my bed on day two babe, I don’t think you know your friends as well as you think you do.”
There was no time to respond.
There was no way to respond.
Zayn was gone.


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
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