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Change Your Mind {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 3: Run In

Louis' P.O.V.

I walked in the school, knowing that I'll be picked on. I don't even really get high school. Why are there popular kids, nerds, emos, etc. All we do is come here to learn, or at least half of us do.

I bet I got you thinking, who are the populars? Nerds? Emos?

The Populars, or Brats: Harry Styles, annoying as heck! He's so homophobic that it's actually scary! Even though he's not to popular, some people, including me, consider himself one.
Then there's Liam Payne. He's not to bad, though, yet again, homophobic.
(You and I both know gays and homophobics are like England and America during the Revolutionary War.)
Justin Bieber. God, he's so annoying. Thinking he's all that just because he does drugs.
Taylor Swift. Please, just next.
Danielle Peazer. She's nice, not homophobic which I like. We were partners for a science project one and she's a greta person to talk to!
Selena Gomez. I feel sorry for her. She just started dating Justin again- for the 17th time.
(Someone's gotta keep track, right?)

Nerds: Niall Horan. I can't really say anything bad about him. He's so funny! (And cute, but that's our secret.)
Ed Sheeran. He's so talented, I got paired up in a music contest thing wihth him, and he's brilliant! I bet hes gonna make it big.
Joey Gracceffa. He's such a friendly lad! I wish I were friends with him. (Plus he's gay, but he's taken by someone from a rivalry school. Shane Dawson I think...)
Demi Lovato. I'm actually friends with her, which is a bonus, though we occasionally talk.
Bethany Mota. Amazing girl! She's so pretty and talented. If I were straight I'd go for her.
Christina Costanza: Again, same as Bethany.

Emos: Zayn Malik. I don't know if he counts that much, but seeing the way he acts and such, definite yes!
Dahvie Vanity. Trust me with this one and the next, they belong here!
Jay Von Monroe. TRUST ME!!
Christina Grimmie: Haven't talked to her, but I know that she's a nice girl.
'Kiki Kannibal'. She goes by that name. I've talked to her through Facebook and she said she only changed it, because she didn't want to be reminded of her family.
Cassie Eyre. She always complains about everything having to do with living. I've tried to talk with her about 'stuff' but she always says "I'm not suicidal!"

I bet you're wondering about the other students who attend here, but they have there own little cliques that aren't that popular, but to them it's like the best thing in the world.

Then there's me.

I practically scream 'Forever Alone' with how anti-social I am. I would love to make new friends and hang out, but since I'm gay, and I don't like to hang out with people my age (We can talk about that later.) I'm apparently the one to target.

People automatically want to either feel pity for me, or hate as I usually skip lunch. I just don't eat lunch at school, but I'm not anorexic! No, I just know that if I ever ate there something bad would happen. I don't want other people's lives to get worse because of me.

I went to my locker, getting my stuff out, before being slammed against my locker by none other than the bullies: Zayn Malik, Nick Grimshaw, Ed Sheeran, and Niall Horan. (Had to give you a reminder of whothey are.)

"So, princess, you actually came to school." Zayn taunted, making me want to punch him in the face, yell at him that he shouldn't pick on me because he has 'daddy problems', and possibly run him over with a truck.

But I didn't do the whole thing.

"Please, at least I don't have to deal with any dad issues, cause my dad commited suicide when I was 6." I bluntly replied, startling them all.

See, whenever they tease me about something I always keep my mouth shut. I never really talk unless asked a question in class, or a group project.

I quickly realized I had just also blurted that my dad commited suicide. I still remember finding him.

{Flashback to when Louis was 6}

I was playing with my little sister Lottie as I heard something fall from upstairs. I asked my mum what it was, and she just said dad was having another 'fit'. I enver understood what it was, so I cautiously went upstairs, leaving Lottie to play with my trains.

I opened my parents room, and saw my dad on the floor, blood trickling down from hsi mouth. I ran over to him, my hands shaking his arm, "Please daddy! Don't go!" I yelled starting to cry.

I heard my mum run upstairs, and she saw. She tore me away from him, saying to go downstairs.

{End of Flaskback}

I soon learned that his 'fits' where his panic attacks. He always had them, and sometimes he didn't realize what he was doing.

Not a year after my mum started dating a man named Mark, but he soon left her, leaving her wiht the rest of the children.

As soon as I was old enough she lefft for long job hours, while I was stuck at home, wiht my baby siblings.

That's why my life is as it is right now.

I soon find myself luckily in my first period, math. Yay...


I know this was short, but I just got my braces on yesterday and they are so sore! I can't even eat without thinking my teeth are being ripped out!

But I hope you guys enjoyed this! I'm planning on updating a lot more before school starts for me.

Bye beauties!

:) XX



onexdirection onexdirection
I wish you would update so we can read more of your BEAUTIFUL story! <3
MoreThanThis MoreThanThis

update soon

XavierDye XavierDye

yay update soon!

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