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Change Your Mind {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 2: Meet Louis

Louis' P.O.V.

I woke up by all my siblings- Joshua and Charlotte (they're 10 years old), Daisy and Phoebe (they're 8, and very fiesty), Charlotte (she's 12, and a social bug), Michel (he's 6 , an probably the meanest of us Tomlinsons), and Nathan (he's 4, and the most adorable little boy I've ever seen).

I bet you're wondering, why all the siblings? Well, that I don't really want to explain...yeah. But I'm always taking care of them: feeding them, clothing them, watching them, caring for them, and making sure that they don't forget their manners in public.

I'm 16 years old, I have brown straight hair that is in desperate need of a hair cut (sadly can't afford it), blue eyes (Michel and Nathan always say that it reminds them of the ocean), and tan skin from working out on the farm all the time after school, before school, weekends.

Yes, your heard me correctly, I live on a farm. My mom can't afford to buy a house in the city, so we live about an hour out of town.

It's peaceful here though, and I can really escape, when I have the time that is.

"C'mon Lou-Lou, we want breakfast!" Daisy and Phoebe said in synch, which caused me to chuckle.

I reached by the bedside table and put my rectangular black glasses on, so I could see them better. My eyesight wasn't always the best. I had contacts, but only wore them for school. Heaven forbid me for wearing glasses, it'll add another thing to the list to taunt me about for my bullies at school.

I'm bullied for being gay, the cliche sterotype, right? But also because I'm short, girly, live on a farm, etc. My bullies are Zayn Malik, Nick Grimshaw, Ed Sheeran, and Niall Horan. I heard that Niall is dating someone, but I don't know who. I see him with Liam Payne, a church goer, and his friend Harry Styles.

I've talked to Harry briefly before. All we said were 'hi' and 'oops' then had small talk. That's all I've ever had with him.

"I'll make you guys breakfast, but let me change first." I said, which caused them to bolt. I laughed, and got up from bed and got changed into a pair of black sweatpants, baggy white t shirt, and black beanie. Before heading to the kitchen I went to my mom's room, seeing the note she left, saying that she'll be home at one am, the usual. That's why I'm practically raising my siblings.

I went downstairs, seeing them fghting for what channel to watch. I rolled my eyes, knowing what to do at a time like this, "Pancakes?"

They all looked at me so happily, "Yes!" They all screamed, little Nathan coming up to my legs, wanting to be carried.

I felt sad for him, he was so cute and funny, but when it came to socializing he was just scared. Whenever we went out in public I usually carry him.

I picked him up, kissing the top of his head causing him to do that adorable little giggle of his. I laughed and went to the kitchen, where I set him on the counter before getting the ingredients ready, "So baby boy, ready for a busy day?"

"Nuh uh." He replied, shaking his head side to side in a very cute way.

I say cute a lot, don't I?

Nealy done I called Charlotte to set the table, while Joshua and Felicite watched the others. I then called everyone to the dining room, and they came in a split second. As we began eating Michel accidently burped loudly, causing us to all burst out laughing.

"Hey Woius?" Michel asked, his front tooth missing, causing him to replace the 'L' with a 'W'. I don't really know why, but it does.

"Yeah?" I replied, looking at him as I took a drink of orange juice.

"How come we don't have a momma?" He asked, making my heart break.

"You do have a momma Mitch, but she just doesn't have enough time for you I guess." I replied, trying to be as simple as possible, but then I realized I needed to add something, "She works all the time so we can have a roof over our heads, and beds to sleep in."

He nodded, his 6 year old mind still not getting it. I listened to them all talk about some gossip at their school, while I noticed Nathan looking as if he were gonna cry. I sighed, picking him up from his chair, setting him on my lap, trying to get him feed properly.

"Hey Louis can I invite some friends over?" Charlotte asked, looking at me curiously.

"Sure, just make sure not to go in my room." I said, even though she knew the rule by heart, "And Josh and Fiz, you get to watched the younger ones." I said, knowing they despised it. The both groaned, "Hey, just be lucky you have easy work, compared to me. They both nodded.

The oldest three knew I had to work for them, but the others didn't.

Once everyone was finished we all set scattered around, Charlotte watching almost everyone. I went upstairs and changed into a pair of old jeans with some holes in them, kept my white tee on, and put on some socks. (Even though I despised it.)

I went by the back door, and went to the back porch, sliding on my dirty combat boots before heading out to the barn. I went to the horses stall, starting to check their food. I noticed Lucky, Felicite's horse, didn't have a lot of water.

It was already super hot in here, so I took off my shirt, tossing it by the door. As I filled the water I heard giggling coming from the door. I realized who they were instantly, "Fiz." I warned.

I heard shushing, "If you don't come here I'm gonna cancel the internet for a week." I said, continuing to work.

"Hi Lou!" She said, walking up to me with her friends trailing behind. I noticed a couple of them checking me out, which caused me to roll my eyes.

I went to another stall, knowing that Michel's horse had super tangly hair, I started gently brushing it out. The girls followed me, sitting up on the stall walls, thick enough for us to sit on, "So is this what you do all the time?" A girl, Amy, asked me.

I turned her way, sitting nest to her, "You know, you ask that so many times I know the answer by heart." I teased, causing her to blush a deep shade of red.



I know Harry's chapter wasn't that long, but I was in a major hurry. But future chapters will be ALOT longer.



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I wish you would update so we can read more of your BEAUTIFUL story! <3
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update soon

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yay update soon!

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