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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

Chicken and Partners

“well you guys make a cute couple.” I said.
“Thanks” Bri said.
Harry POV:
We were at the Food truck. I loved the tacos here, I couldn’t believe that Karli didn’t want to try them. But then again if you think about it we don’t really know whats in it. I kept looking over at her, Niall was over there now and Karli looks like she is uncomfortable. I will go over so make it more comfortable for her. I slowly walk over and then she just keeps looking down. I wonder what happened. I am noticed that she does that whenever she is trying to think about something.
“Hey you two love birds, Niall they ordered more food if you want.” I said knowing that Niall can never reject food.
“you know I can never reject that offer” Niall said while taking Bri with her. I sat down right next to Karli. Right away she relax, that made me happy to know that she can just relax and be herself with me.
“Sooo, what’s up?” she said well turning her head towards me. “well the sky, the clouds, and that airplane” I said. she just laughed.
“I meant what’s up with you, anything new happen” she said while smiling.
“I knew what you meant and” I was cut off.
“then why did you say clouds, you idiot” she said while giving me a small smack. “because its fun to annoy you” I said with a smirk on my face.
“that’s not fair” she said while her tongue was out. “it really is” I said while putting my tongue out to mock her. We then heard that it was time to go. Finally the park. I like parks they are really romantic. The only problem was that I didn’t really have a date. We were all getting ready to go in the cars and we were driving separately. Brianna got dropped off so that means that someone would have to go with Rissa, Rissa’s boyfriend, and Karli.
“Hey Rissa, can I ride with you because Brianna would want to ride with Niall and then there isn’t enough room.” I said while hoping she would say yes so that I would be with Karli.
“Sure, no problem. The only thing is you would have to sit in the back with Karli. I hope you don’t mind” She said while pointing to the back.
“Well lets see. Walking alone by myself or sitting in the back seat with a beautiful girl, huh just a difficult decision” I said with sarcasm. I saw her face was like no shit sherlock. I just laughed and made my way to the back seat. I opened the room and I see Karli look up and she looked kinda angry that I was getting in. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked. I was confused, I didn’t do anything wrong, I think at least. Oh crap whenever a guy thinks he did nothing wrong that means that he really did do something wrong. Damn why was she taking so long to reply, was she thinking about what I did wrong. Is that a good thing? I didn’t even notice that she was talking to me.
“Oh sorry what were you saying?” I said while putting my hand behind my head like I was embarrassed.
“Oh, never mind” She said then turned away, angry again. Okay this time i knew why she was mad. I figured that if I pushed it more that I would end up getting her more angry so I just sat there in silence. Rissa put on the music when she noticed that no noise was coming from the back. Thank god, i don’t think I could have handled the silence much longer. . This was weird I was never really used to not knowing what to say. I always was the one who could come up with something to make everyone laugh but this time it was different.
“Karli, why are things so awkward?” I said that and I don’t know why I said that. That was really a stupid thing to say. She seemed a little shocked that I just asked that. “Well sorry, you don’t have to answer that. I didn’t really think when I said that.” She seemed like she was lost in her own thoughts now. I didn’t know if I should try and take her out of her trance. I decided against it. But then she turned and faced me as if to say something really important but then a car horn went off. It was Rissa, I didn’t know that she was a angry driver. We both just laughed. “wow Rissa was not be an angry driver” I said with sarcasms. She didn’t say anything to me, she just looked at Karli, next thing I know I was being slapped in the back of course. “what is this, Like universal girl stares.” I said. Once again I got slapped. “Would you stop that” I said softly hoping she would stop. Rissa and Karli shared another look then I was slapped again. “Please” I said while a baby voice and my puppy dog eyes. I was going all out.
“Oh sure Harry” She said while pinching my cheeks.
“out lets go back to the slapping, its better than pinching that’s for my grandma to do” I said. Finally she stopped slapping and pinching me. She just laughed. It’s great to see her smiling.
“Are we there yet?” I whined. I felt like a child
“Almost” Rissa said from the front. She was the mom is this situation.
“But I want food” I said while whining again.
“stop being a Niall and calm yourself” Rissa said. I think just leaned back and began to relax. I looked at Karli and she seemed really worried about something or maybe even someone. I didn’t want to ask tho because I didn’t want to be up in her business as they say.. At first I was thinking that maybe she was worried about Gray but then I remembered everything that happened, I don’t really know how I could’ve forgotten that but ok. There really isn’t anybody that I know that would try to make her worry but okay. Yah we are here. I look around and almost everyone is older than us. Good that means that we have a lesser chance of being mobbed. We walk and meet up everyone, we make a huge circle and huddle in, like we are about to make a plan to attack.
“Okay guys, I think that we should spilt up” I said. They all knotted their heads in agreement. Everyone soon linked arms. I look around and I see Karli. I come from behide her and link arms.
“What do you think you are doing” She says with a what the f look on her face.
“Everyone else already has partners” I said moving to show her the linked arms. Her face was like why him. I didn’t do anything to her, why should she hate me. Maybe she doesn’t hate me, just highly dislikes me. I don’t know if that is any better.
“Fine, where do you want to first?” she said
“Anywhere, You can lead the way” I said, I was happy enough being with her. She hesitated but then walked ahead.


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